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Cute film, families will like but, merely good, not great

Author: Amy Adler from Toledo, Ohio
27 April 2011

Sondra (Anya Benton) is a type-A weight loss consultant who lives in the Los Angeles area. Therefore, Hollywood stars are sometimes her clients, as well as other folk. But, personally, she has big problems, mostly because she focuses on herself 95 percent of the time! Her fiancé is fed up with her and so is her long-suffering personal assistant, Jeannie (Renee Pezzotta) who puts up with stuff to save her job. Jeannie, a widowed mother with two young children, also has a darling chihuahua, Bella, who she is hoping will become a therapy dog through training. One day, Sondra is impossible and soon after, she receives a visit from an old school friend. Though they were once close, this pal hardly recognizes Sondra and decides to do something about it. Through magic, she puts the diet lady's mind in Bella's head, while her body goes into a coma at the hospital. From a canine's perspective, will Sondra see the error of her ways, especially her treatment of Jeannie? You bet! This is a cute, pleasant film for families but never goes from good to great. The stars are fine, with Benton a very pretty actress and Pezzotta quite touching, while the supporting actors do nice work, too. But, its obvious from the start that the movie is a more low budget affair, with the camera work very average and the script, costumes, sets, and direction nothing to write home about either. However, since the darling little dog Peanut plays Bella to perfection, the film moves along and charms in a small way. If your loved ones are animal-movie fans, they will like this one just fine.

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DVD review of Chihuahua

Author: astrajetair from United States
13 May 2011

I was sent a copy of the DVD as a screener only, to possibly show on our new airline on long trips to Hawaii.

This film although done as a low budget, has some great writing and a great message. The characters were well developed and Bella was of course adorable and very talented. Her little costumes were so cute and the children inter-acted with her well.

The adult characters were well mixed, with some romantic, mystical and heartfelt traits to enhance what might have turned out only to be a children's film.

By the end of the story, my emotions kicked in and there were tears in my eyes. I'm a true romantic and everyone deserves a second chance.

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Great family film with a wonderful message

Author: peanutandpixie from Irvine, CA
22 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is a great family film with a wonderful message. There was no profanity or violence of any kind in the film. The cast appeared to play very well off of each other. It was a good cast without the big names. But do not let the lack of big names sway you from seeing the film. It didn't need them. I even found myself with a tear rolling down my cheek at one point during the film. Bella, the Chihuahua, was cute as could be and appeared to have soulful eyes. It was also great to have a film show a bit about therapy dogs and the visits they make to children at a hospital. A little side fact: the Chihuahua playing Bella is a much loved family pet in real life and this was the pups first film.

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Unintentionally awful & awkward, like bad porn without the porn

Author: deadthelma1 from United States
26 April 2014

I gave this 2 stars because my 5 year old twins liked the dog. This movie is awful... Not just low budget, but truly terrible. The acting is so bad, there are these awkward moments where it starts to feel like softcore porn with dogs & kids in place of porn.... I'm not sure if peanut the Chihuahua was in charge of makeup but that's really the only explanation I can offer for the over done smoky eye + dark lip color (porno) look that appears to have been applied with a paw. There's a duet featuring two of the most unpleasantly peculiar voices I've ever heard, set to a montage of clips that have nothing to do with the song and only offer to confuse viewers even more, as though trying to follow the plot weren't bad enough. If you appreciate a great bad movie, this one does not fail to deliver. Chihuahua: The Movie is equal parts unintentionally awful, creepy and weird. Emphasis on awful.

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Great movie for young kids. Don't Mistaken for Disney movie.

Author: noy-phongsavan
17 July 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Earlier reviews stated that this was a Disney movie, but it's not. It is a lower budget movie so if you can get past the setting and rookie level acting, then sit down and watch it with the kids. Bella the chihuahua is cute and very well trained. Her outfits were cute as well. This is a great movie for young children with a great message about the treatment of other people. Sondra is a self absorbed medical consultant who switch places with Bella. Sondra gets a whole new perspective on herself while being Bella. She also learns more about people around her that she never took the time to get to know. Peanut who plays Bella did a very good job of acting. My kids thought Peanut was the cutest thing ever. I would recommend this a good watch for kids. My 12 and 8 year old enjoyed it.

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Half Asleep Grandpa with alzheimers, on pain meds loved it

Author: koalabearsoup
8 July 2012

My grandpa put this on via the internet media box I bought him for his TV, and he just loved it.

As for me, it was painful to watch. I felt I was becoming stupider by watching it, I could barely stand it.

It was so horrible, and not even the kind of horrible that is funny.

I would have to agree, children might enjoy watching this, or old men who poop their pants all the time.

Low quality camera. Bad acting. Bad dialogue. Bad music. Bad story.

I am not sure I will ever be the same after having been forced to watch this.

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Engaging for the KIDS

Author: cdgarner27 from United States
19 November 2011

Sometimes wavering between ER and the Three-Thirty Movie, it has it's redeeming qualities: Yes, it's low budget. No, it's not a blockbuster.

However, it was thoroughly engaging for the kids. Not adults. KIDS. CHILDREN. MIJOS y MIJAS. It has a good message that kids need to hear. It was a nice change from the hyper-produced movies they see. More real-life stuff than iCarly or Judy Moody.

If you're kids are running wild and need a sit down for a good message that they won't get from you, rent this movie.

They could have edited the music video; but, it only lasts about a minute.

Truly, it's awful as a movie...


I would recommend it for KIDS. Really. I can't believe I'm saying that! And I don't even like chihuahuas.

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It's awful.

Author: eagibz
21 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie. was. terrible. It's like a bad student film. I imagine a professor being like "Here is a cheap camcorder. Produce a movie with an obvious moral. Oh and it has to have a dog." and BAM some student popped this out. Horrible camera angles? check. Looks like a bad home video? check. Horrible script? check. Bad acting? check. Weird 10 seconds of viewing disgusting teeth way too close? check. Awkward moments? check. Bad voice-over? check. The dog had the best acting. The good part about this movie? The main character got changed into a dog and her body was in a coma, so we didn't have to watch her struggle through her parts.

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Like a porno w/no porn

Author: Ineedsun from United States
26 February 2012

Wow....I felt as though I was watching porno actors, sans the porno. If you are looking for a good laugh, at the actors expense, this is it. The dogs outshone the acting 100 to 1. This movie is beyond bad but dang, the dogs were awfully cute. I suppose it might be appropriate for a 5 year old but even a child older than that would recognize how bad this movie is I think. How do movie makers make a movie like this, sit down to screen it and then think it's good enough to release? It's a mystery.

I bought this in the $5 bin at Wal-mart and it promptly went in the trash after viewing. In fact, my husband wanted me to cut into bits so there was no chance of anyone else seeing it!

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Ow-Chihuahua: the Movie

Author: everywordYouspeak from United States
15 July 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Recently, I had the rare privilege of coming across the unrated of this film, and I must say: the director's cut is one of the more subtle additions to filmmaking's canon. The opening scene sets the tone as a gritty, emotional psychological thriller, as the main character Sondra sits in a colorless room as an anonymous doctor speaks her worst fears to her, in a suitably dark psychological metaphor for the ill feelings the main character has for herself. These themes flow throughout the film as Sondra faces the true question of life: how do I define my identity? If I am a dog, am I still myself? Sondra comes to terms with not knowing the answers to her questions and decides that whoever she is, she is going to be better than she was. And by God, with the help of an uplifting and catchy original score, she succeeds.

The film is magnificently acted, joining Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo and Orson Welles' Citizen Kane as Oscar's greatest omissions. In fact, with such glaring absences, such as this masterpiece, in their roster, I'm surprised the Academy Awards retains any credibility at all. Anya Benton's scene where she first discovers and subsequently comes to grips with the fact is now a chihuahua is pure Oscar bait. I hate to keep going about this, but I can't believe the Oscars overlooked this gem.

In conclusion, Chihuahua: the Movie was smartly written, sharply acted, and inspirationally directed, providing an intelligent allegory for our tumultuous economic and political crisis. Ten stars.

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