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Factual errors 

At 11:18 in there is a information screen that pops up stating "Espresso Machine invented in Milan, Italy in 1901". Actually the first coffee espresso machine was developed in France in 1822. Mr. Louis Bernard Rabaut had an idea to brew coffee quickly by passing pressurized steam and water through a filter lined with ground coffee beans. In 1855, Mr. Edward Loy Sel de Santias brought his advancement of the espresso machine to the Paris Exposition. While entertaining the crowds at the Exposition he was able to brew 2,000 cups of this foam coffee in one hour. In 1901, Luiggi Bezzera of Milan, Italy received a patent for his coffee machine. The machine was a simple machine, but with the added advantage of a boiler, that forced boiled water through fresh coffee beans; this machine, clearly being an improvement to Louis Bernard Rabaut's original invention.
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