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Coming home
jotix10023 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Ben and Cam are seen having a blast in Tokyo. Their merchandise went well over there, so now, they must return to reality. The trip to the Orient was an eye opener for the guys, who saw a different scene there in comparison to what they are used to seeing in New York. They have come back with ideas about the new Crisp line.

Rene, who is still peddling the Rasta Monsta drink, mounted a big ad campaign all over the Lower East Side. One big poster in a corner shows the gorgeous Debbie in a photograph that shows her from the back. Her curves were enhanced for a better effect. Debbie throws a fit seeing her image hanging high on a corner building. Rene must appease her with flowers and an invitation to an event given by Cam and Ben.

Ben and Cam go to see Lulu, the owner of a trendy boutique to see if she will have their design in her shop. Lulu regrets to tell the enterprising duo she is the sole distributor of another designing group that is hot at the moment, so no, she cannot showcase her merchandise at Lulu's.

Ben has been seeing Julie. They are seen having sex. Ben likes to slap her in bed, something that Julie does not mind at all. Unknown to Ben, Rachel has come back to New York after her stint in Africa. She has no clue of what her former boyfriend is doing.

Cam and Ben decide to stage a pop-up party at a downtown location. For that they go to an Asian girl dance group to see if they agree to be part of a fetish themed event, where they would be the star attraction. At the party, Rene, having arrived with Debbie, and his posse. He is pleased by how his lady is enjoying the extra attention, but when he tells one of the guys to take care of one man that felt his date, the body guard draws his gun and fires a shot, creating pandemonium.

Cam and Ben, heading to their pop-up party, run into the rivals at a corner. They are smoking pot and Ben is offered a toke, which he takes. At the subway, their train takes a big delay between stations. Ben, feeling sick after what he smoked take effect, thinks he is having a heart attack. In a panic he jumps into the tracks, followed by Cam. They get too late to their own happening.

The second season premiere was written its creator, Ian Edelman and directed by Julian Farino. It is a fast moving half hour that shows the energy of New York at its best. Ben and Cam are headed for success, no doubt, even though things get a bit confused as they try to impress their friends and possible buyers. The principals are in place. Victor Rasuk, Bryan Greenberg, Lake Bell, and the amazing Luis Guzman.
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