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"CSI" - "Doctor Who" - May 13, 2010

A reporter from New York, Heidi Custer, turns up dead in Vegas and it turns out that Langston knew her from his previous life when she was investigating the "Angel of Death" killings at his hospital.

In her purse are photos of the Dr. Jekyll victims so they figure she came to Vegas with a lead. It also turns out that Ray has been investigating the case on his own time and that ruffles some CSI feathers since he hasn't been sharing what he's learning.

Later, even though Ray says he didn't see Heidi, Archie turns up video of the two of them going into the same casino bar around the same time.

Robbins examines her and finds no evidence of rearranged organs or special message so they believe that Heidi might not have been a planned kill but a rogue one when she got too close to Jekyll.

When her husband comes to identify the body and hears that Ray Langston is a CSI on the case he becomes upset and says Langston is a murderer. He says Langston was a helpful source to Heidi at first during her "Angel of Death" investigation but it turns out that as the pathologist on the case he missed the manner of death over 20 times. Heidi was going to write a story about this, alleging that Ray was aiding the murderer, but the story was killed. Catherine and Brass defend Langston and say he's been dogged in his pursuit of Jekyll.

Catherine and Eckley confront Ray about the video. He swears he didn't see Heidi there. Eckley doesn't care if it's a coincidence and he takes him off the Heidi Custer case. Ray immediately goes to look at the file and Nick busts him. Ray figures out that Heidi was following him and worries that she led him to Jekyll and got her killed. He wants to investigate, Nick tells him to back off and trust the team.

They start mistrusting him though when Wendy shares with Hodges Ray's refusal to share his DNA on one case and another time she saw him studying the genetic code of someone with violent tendencies and he got snippy about it.

When Catherine and Nick check out Langston's alibi for the Custer murder, he was doing a solo investigation of a burglary, there are some unanswered time issues.

Greg and Sara find Heidi's car but no trace of her notes, laptop, or camera, in which her Jekyll research might reside. They find a bloody print on the steering wheel and some elsewhere in the car.

Ray retraces his steps wondering how he might have led Heidi to Jekyll. Heidi's husband attacks Ray on the way out of one locale. (One where Ray might have found surveillance of Heidi). Brass and Catherine reprimand him for getting in trouble and using his work time for his own Jekyll investigation. She tells him to take a sick day.

He goes home and starts angrily ripping down all his Jekyll notes. Nick comes to visit and ask Ray about his Jekyll notes. Nick is a little freaked out by his crazy "wall of Jekyll." Nick wonders if Heidi homed in on any of Ray's nuttier leads. He figures it's possible. Nick assures him they're a team.

On the back wall Nick notices a wall dedicated to Ray's family and his elusive, violent dad. Nick says they all have violent streaks and how they deal with it determines what kind of men they are.

Sara and Greg show up with soup, bagels, and trace evidence. Thanks to bat feces on her tires they determine Heidi went near specific places one called Lobo Flats. The place was tipped to Ray by a barista at WLVU who thought he saw something at Lobo Flats. He went but found nothing and figured the guy was a kook.

Nick gets a team to go check it out. He heads in on his own to look around. He finds blood in a back room. They also find prints on a toolbox used to hurt Heidi. There is no match.

They bring in the guy who tipped Ray to talk and, as suspected, he told her about Lobo Flats and took her there. He claims the toolbox fell on her head. They suspect that he killed her. He says he didn't do it, that Jekyll must have finished her off. He wants to talk to Ray. The guy's prints don't match so they move on.

They go back to the casino surveillance and zoom in on a suspect dude and compare it to a suspect dude they saw at the scene where Langston was assaulted. They match.

Brass brings in a kid who tried to pawn Heidi's necklace. Turns out he worked for the first nutjob with the Lobo Flats tip. He saw Heidi give that guy money so when they returned from Lobo Flats he got in her car and robbed her and then "accidentally" strangled her.

Later at a casino, after determining that Heidi's murder had nothing to do with Jekyll, the gang realizes that Jekyll was following Langston, not Heidi.

Ray gets a call from Nate Haskell, his "favorite serial killer" who claims he knows who Jekyll is.


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