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Urban Explorer
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Reviews & Ratings for
The Depraved More at IMDbPro »Urban Explorer (original title)

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20 out of 27 people found the following review useful:

Good baddie

Author: kosmasp
4 March 2012

This movie isn't really that much different from some other "pycho" on the loose movies. Even if some try to tell you different. Though I am excited for you, if you really liked this movie, giving this the approval of "masterpiece" is more than a far stretch. You might think it's really good, but don't go around throwing big words like that, they never tend to stick and do more harm than good.

Having said that, the movie isn't half bad (if you can overlook some bad OTT acting and some flaws in the screenplay). Also there are strands left in the dark (no pun intended), which shows that some scenes only made it into the movie for superficial reasons. The good thing though is that you have a really bad guy as "baddie" and this guy is good at what he does best! Some good effects round everything up. A nice little horror movie with a psycho touch.

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10 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

A smidgen above the usually humdrum slasher

Author: movieman_kev from United States
19 June 2013

A group of people take in an underground tour of the tunnels beneath Berlin. All is going relatively well until their fairly enigmatic guide suffers an unfortunate accident. If being lost in these deep, dark, endless maze of tunnels weren't bad enough, they also happen upon a deranged nut-case/former border guard.

I thought I was in for yet another low-budget, badly acted horror flick of little real value, but as the movie wore on, I found, much to my surprise, it to be fairly well done. Highly derivative, but well done nonetheless. I actually found myself caring if these characters survived or not, no small feat as most of these type of films have such one-dimensional cardboard characters that I usually can't be bothered. Which I guess is also true here to some extent, but I was drawn into the story regardless.

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6 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Much more Urban Explorer than Depraved.

Author: fxdx4
3 January 2014

I think this could have been an engaging flick. It has some good character development and an interesting premise. The acting is acceptable, and the filming/directing is solid. With that said, this movie does suffer an identity crisis – even the title shows the problems in the movie. The Depraved – Urban Explorer says it all. The movie is not really either, but a poor cross of both. This is not the traditional slasher, gore fest circa Hostel or Turistas. Nor is it an adventure film with Nazis and underworld crime, rather it is a blend that does not succeed in either genre.

The movie starts as a group of tourists is lead into an underground tunnel system under Berlin. There are plenty of interesting red herrings, and exciting action as they descend deeper and deeper under the city. This goes on successfully for nearly 2/3s of the movie, and I was engaged enough that I forgot that something 'depraved' was going to happen. It does, and when it does it is pretty lame.

The movie then turns into a cliché horror with all the classic conventions – girl getting tortured, cell phones dying at the right (wrong) time, the 'is he dead?' bad guy. However, there is nothing overly interesting or unique about the depraved or the situation. I kept wishing they would get back to the interesting tunnel system to explore.

As in all slasher movies, the ending is underwhelming, but by then I had pretty much tuned out. This movie could have been pretty entertaining, and starts off enjoyable, but can't decide what it wants to be. I would have been happy with just the Urban, keep the Depraved to yourself.

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5 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

I don't know about yours, but mine had English subtitles.

Author: Christine_Plymouth_Fury1958 from Last house on the left
5 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A lot of reviews said they gave it a lower rating than they would have because the movie did not have subtitles, but the one I watched did, so don't be put off from seeing it, since it's a film horror fans wouldn't want to miss. It reminds me a bit of Wolf Creek, except for the contrast in setting, obviously.

The male protagonist of the story would irritate you to no end on the choices he makes, but you might find yourself rooting for him, all the same. One female, the one with the camera, will make you want to push her in a ravine on one scene, because their unfortunate circumstances started due to her utter stupidity. Just had to get that off my chest. Heh.

I must say, you'd think, in the beginning of the film, that the villain would be different, but as the film progresses, it will prove you wrong. He actually surprised me by his evil-ness, although the torture scenes were not as bad as what I've seen in other gore-themed movies. And I actually liked that they toned it down a notch and didn't make it out to be like another Saw or Hostel movie. I'm not much of a fan of those, though I have seen my share.

The characters will make you go bald from pulling your hair from its roots,because you're frustrated as **** with the choices they make. It won't make you stop from sitting at the edge of your seats though. You'll be able to watch this to the end, because it's the kind of movie that compels you to do so, even if you know it might not be categorized into the same level as some of the greats.

Watch it. It's worth your time, especially for a true horror fan.

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19 out of 33 people found the following review useful:

Dare to watch it

Author: hauman from Germany
22 November 2011

Urban Explorer is a film who - like it's overwhelmimg monster - doesn't tolerate "opinion": you either escape from it or it hunts you down. It got my attention due to some priggish reviews while - at the same time - winning LA Screamfest's "best film". Having looked at it in a midnight show in a German cinema (that was left by several audience members because they simply freaked out) I found that this film uncannily wormed itself into my cerebellum. There's little gore, it is more what one doesn't see, therefore increasingly fears and imagines that causes the devastating experience of this movie. It's a film one cannot recommend with easy conscience because one does not want to be held responsible for the harrowing fingerprints it leaves on its viewers imagination (comparable at best to the documented effects of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre in the 70ties...)

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22 out of 39 people found the following review useful:

Not a lot of innovation but it gets it right on so many levels!

Author: sinoir from Montreal, Canada
24 July 2011

I had the chance to watch this movie at the Fantasia festival in Montreal and it blew me away. Urban Explorers biggest let down came in the introduction and story telling that up to a certain point it followed a bit too closely the usual scary movie blueprint down to the usual characters archetype (the cool guy, the wannabe hero, the scared girl, etc.).

I said up to a certain point because the movie really start to shine once the exploration truly begins. I was sucked in the gritty atmosphere created by the amazing locations Urban Explorer was filmed in enhance by the actors who manage to really make you feel uncomfortable.

All in all this movie is going into my library once released as a must see for fan of the genre.

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10 out of 16 people found the following review useful:


Author: dusan-22 from Serbia
10 March 2012

My opinion on this movie is kind a selective. Good thing about it is superb directing, scary camera and very good acting. It is as good as in the best horror movies of that kind. So most of the conditions to make a good movie were fulfilled. Still, from my point of view movie is not good for its great downfalls. The greatest one is a pretty bad script full of holes. I am not going to go step by step in naming these holes as I don't wanna spoil your fun. Scenario is also very dry, there are some scary moments mostly due to the clever camera, but the plot is kind of sterile and uniformed. This is because the movie is not involving us on the basis of the clever plot composition, but on the separate scary events. I also found insisting on grouse effects pretty unnecessary. I love European horror movies and among them German very much, but this one looks more like a B class Hollywood movie pattern.

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22 out of 40 people found the following review useful:

I loved it - and it has nothing to do with Hostel

Author: bouzirid from Munich, Germany
17 October 2011

I loved this movie! As an Frenchguy, I usually say: German movies, especially psycho films, are very bad. This time I changed my mind: Urban Explorer is an good Horror-Thriller with explicit gore scenes.

I saw on some comments that the film feels like Hostel. It does not at all! Hostel is an absolutely other type of movie. It only wants to shock with "ultra gore and splatter". Urban Explorer does not, but is also very bloody.

The biggest difference between Hostel and Urban Explorer is, that the psycho factor is much more realistic in Urban Explorer: When you watch Hostel, you only see some "perverts" who have no real psychopathic personality.

In Urban Exploerer, the killer is really insane and I really feared him as I think that some of those guys really exist in our world. The ones of Hostel do not.

In some points, the film might be unrealistic, but it' s straight in his handling and if I sum all the together, I can say: It' s more an psycho film with some horror elements and not the opposite.

Some people just don't get the psycho factor and refer the movie to B-movies like "scram" that has nothing to do with this master piece.

I loved it!

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Fun and violent slasher

Author: GL84 from Los Angeles, Ca
11 February 2014

Agreeing to accompany a friend into the underground Nazi bunkers beneath Berlin, a group of ravers find themselves stalked and mercilessly killed by a deranged border guard upset over the German reunification and must find a way to stop him and get out alive.

This was an overall enjoyable and entertaining effort, though it does have some flaws present. One of the biggest ones here is the fact that there's just no end to the stupidity running rampant through the characters, which really takes a lot out of the film. The fact that there's a series of signs prohibiting their continually journey throughout the underground yet continuing to press on forward, failing to recognize the unstable psychopath in their company is a deranged lunatic, continuing to stay in one location that allows the killer who knows the facility quite well and is able to get the drop on them numerous times over to get the upper hand and the irritating feature of continuing to stay in the facility rather than escape after having momentarily knocked him out yet fail to finish him off makes for a series of rather stupid sequences which do hold this one down somewhat. As well, the beginning is a little all over the place with an excruciating set-up to get them to the bunker as they stop every five minutes to tell a story about the Nazi's or to discuss why they're down there which gets old after a while, as well as the pointless encounter with the hunters underground hiding out that just eats up time needlessly. The fact that these don't really hamper the pace of the film nor the overall enjoyment, though, is a great plus and manages to keep this one from becoming quite painful to sit through as once the group gets to the bunker, it becomes all the more enjoyable with a non-stop series of tense stalking scenes, unbelievable brutal kills and a demented, deranged streak throughout that serves it well and really generates a bleak, hopeless future throughout that any good slasher really employs where it's going to be nearly impossible to escape that this taps into incredibly well, as the subsequent chase through the subway station really shows quite well. These make the film feel a lot better than it's troubled start and gives this one it's best features.

Rated Unrated/R: Extreme Graphic Violence, Graphic Language and Brief Nudity.

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Surprisingly creepy (and don't let the German language scare you off!)

Author: johannes2000-1 from Netherlands
23 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I liked it. It's of course in no way original, we've seen it all before: long and dark subway tunnels with creepy inhabitants lurking about, and young people getting subjected to sadistic tortures by some psychopathic maniac. Imagine something like Hostel meets Meat Train. But with that taken into account it's all done in a surprisingly convincing and effective way, this movie is actually very scary and although a tiny bit over-long, it has a good pace and keeps you guessing until the end if someone will make it alive.

Four youngsters (a love-couple and two other girls) pair up with a German guide to make a nightly tour in the dark catacombs under the city of Berlin. When their guide has an accident, they are on their own and have to survive some unexpected terrors. The start of the movie made me cringe a little (the awkward foreign accents, some hints of bad acting, the preppy girls and the angelic boy), but as soon as we leave the pandemonium of the club-scene, walk down into the basement and the iron door locks-up behind the group, the whole movie sort of collapses into a totally different mode and it gets more and more entertaining and creepy.

A lot has been said about the German language that is used in parts of the movie. To me this added very much to the realism of it, all the more since the German speakers were native German actors and not, as so often, American or English actors painfully trying to come up with some foreign lines. The setting in these tunnels (be it real or make-believe) was great, and I loved the photography that gave everything an unnerving and very creepy feel.

The acting turned out to be fairly good too. The two kissing girls didn't have much to do, but the third girl did a good job portraying someone frightened totally out of her wits and in the end on the verge of hysteria. And I was especially impressed with Nick Eversman as the hero in-spite-of-himself. His boyish appearance didn't promise much heroism, in fact that role seemed to be in the hands of the blond German guide, but after he falls in a pit, Eversman is the only man in the house and has to take over the part of the leader. I really admired the way he convincingly showed all the emotions that came with this involuntary role, trembling with fear, cowardly hiding away when he witnesses the brutal torture that his girlfriend undergoes, forever hesitating what to do, until he almost reluctantly takes a stand and tries to confront the tormentor. I had SO much granted him success, but alas…..

The biggest role (also physically) is of course the subterranean psycho. Klaus Stiglmeier makes him almost larger than life, on the brink of too much (and the risk of turning it into a parody), but he (as well as the direction of course) succeeds in keeping it within the boundaries of realism. And boy, is he a big and mean and menacing bugger!! I liked the way in which in the beginning he wears this mask of harsh friendliness (he had ME fooled too!) before the insanity breaks through. These two sides came to a wonderful climax in the scene in the subway-train where he poses as a ticket-controller while our cornered girl is the only one who knows what he's really up to.

There is gore, but it's more cleverly suggested than really graphic. With the exception of one very confronting and awesome scene, which of course I won't give away, but thumbs up to the special effects people!

The end of the movie is not so satisfying. The resurrection of the original guide was a bit too much and not very necessary for the story. It could have ended some 15 minutes earlier. And why the open ending? Was the discovered body dead or alive? Did it lead to the arrest of the psycho? If not, why bother showing it at all?? Anyway, we don't get to know. There are some other flaws too in the script. The neo-Nazis that they stumble upon in the beginning don't have any function in the rest of the story. As do the Nazi-relics they find on the walls (beautiful drawings by the way - could they be real??). And how someone can call himself a "guide" and then risk the lives of clueless tourists by leading them totally unprepared and with no other protection than flashlights into an evidently dangerous abyss where he himself at times is baffled by unexpected barriers (like a stone wall that had to be broken down! Did he have to do that over and over on every tour?!?) is beyond me.

But these are relatively minor flaws in an otherwise surprisingly good and effective horror movie. I rank it 8 out of 10.

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