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MPAA Rated R for disturbing violent content, and language

Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • A pregnant girl is attacked by the Hoods and stick a syringe into her abdomen. We see the girl has blood on her head and later when she is brought into the hospital a strange yellow liquid is coming out of her mouth, implied that she has been poisoned in some way. We learn later that she is in a coma, but her baby is uninjured. She is later pulled off life support.
  • A woman is killed by being beaten in the head with what appears to be a pipe, we see a brief blood splatter but it is from far away so it is not very clear exactly what happened.
  • A man is killed offscreen. We just hear shattering glass and his screams. A few seconds later another man is killed offscreen, all we hear are his cries and we briefly see the Hoods attack him before the camera cuts away. We see a puddle of blood slowly forming down the aisle.
  • The main character is briefly cornered by the Hoods and the attack him with pipes, we see blood spray and his face cut and bruised. He passes out, but isn't killed.
  • A man is cornered by the Hoods and they gang up on him and beat him to death (we only see their shadowed outlines as they attack him and hear him screaming).
  • We see dead animals, and other bloody body parts in the tower, one of the Hoods appears to be eating one of them.
  • The main character gets in a fight with one of the hoods, he hits it with a crowbar, they struggle, the Hood bites him and it ends with the main character slitting the hood's throat with a shard of glass, blood sprays as we see this happen.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One scene shows wine in glasses in a character's apartment, but drinking isn't really featured. No smoking or normal drug use, however creepy syringes are shown often. We see two characters at an office that are clearly drug addicts.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The film slowly builds an intensity that could be frightening for many viewers. The main character, who suffers from a paralyzing case of agoraphobia, and his baby girl are in constant peril (as is a blind boy). The hoods themselves are quite disturbing, portrayed as somewhat inhuman. Not for the faint of heart or children!
  • The film is also highly emotionally intense and deals with a lot of complex social issues (single father parenting, poverty, drug addictions, missing children, the effects of living in a ghetto, etc.) Definitely a film for a mature audience.

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