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MPAA Rated R for violent content and pervasive language

Sex & Nudity

  • A young man and a young woman are seen lying in bed together, the woman cuddles up to him while talks on the phone, he then gets up and gets dressed, his bare back and chest is seen.
  • A young man is seen lying in bed in his boxers, he then gets up and gets dressed, his bare chest is seen.
  • A young man in a car says to a young woman "You want to have sex?", she says "No" and he then pulls a gun out and tells her to take her pants off, she unbuckles her belt but is interrupted by the other young man opening the door opposite her.
  • A young man walks into his mother's room and sees her lying on her bed with a man on top of her, when she sits up and when the man gets up she is seen wearing a t-shirt and panties.
  • A young man takes off his t-shirt and wipes a steering wheel with it and is seen shirtless when throwing it over a fence and when in his home.

Violence & Gore

  • A flashback (which is shown a couple of times) shows a young woman in the back seat of a car lying her head on another woman's knees covered in blood, it's revealed she was shot in the side of the head.
  • A young woman reads a text from her boyfriend's phone and sees it's from another girl, she then throws the phone across the room in angrier.
  • When backing up her car, a young woman accidentally drives forward and crashes into a tree parked in front of her car, she is unharmed.
  • A young man gets a bottle of alcohol at a gas station, when the cashier asks for his ID the young man gets angry and points a gun at him because he called him "Son" and the young man yells to him "I'm not your son!" which leads to the young man having flashbacks and after that we then hear a gunshot, it's later revealed that the young man didn't shoot the cashier, but instead fired a shot to scare him.


  • About 26 F-Words, many uses of shit, a couple uses of Hell and exclamations (shut up.)
  • The "N" word is heard in rap music and in dialogue.
  • Name calling (man-whore, asshole, idiot, pussies, bitch, smart-ass, old man and hoe.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Gangsters are seen smoking at someone's front porch.
  • When a young man is at a gas station, he gets a bottle of alcohol but is stopped but the cashier who asks for his ID (see Violence&Gore section.)

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This movie is inspired by true events, meaning that this kind of stuff happens all the time in America.
  • The scene when two young men drive into a tunnel with two young women is intense.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A young man walks over to another car to try a steal it, young woman and her friend are walking to the woman's car, she unlocks the car which attracts the young man and he points a gun at them to get in the car, the young woman does but her friend starts panicking and the young man ends up shooting in the side of the head (as seen in the flashback.)
  • When in a tunnel, two young women are forced to lay down against the wall and are about to be shot when a young man says "Can I do it?" and the two men start to argue which makes one of the young women to run, but is shot in the head while running, she is later seen alive.

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