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Rob Lowe voiced Captain Marvel for two episodes. His brother, Chad Lowe voiced the rest.
Aqualad/Kaldur'ahm was created for this series. Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis liked the character so much that they subsequently adapted him for the DC comic books (with dreadlocked hair and the alter ego Jackson Hyde) debuting in Brightest Day #4, In DC Universe Rebirth #1 (2016), He was re-introduced and revealed to be Gay
Was renewed for a third season due to huge demand on November 7, 2016.
Fairly early on in development the decision was made that this was going to be a young DC universe, where the heroes haven't been around that long. Once that decision was made, producer Greg Weisman decided to use Dick Grayson and Wally West as Robin and Kid Flash because he felt that rather than be a strict adaptation of the comic Young Justice, which used Tim Drake and Bart Allen, they were really working with an entire history and legacy which were critical to the story.
One of the deciding factors on how the producers chose the main characters (Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian and Artemis) is that they wanted to have adults that the kids viewed as mentors or as parental figures.
The Producers went into this series with two goals: to capture the interests of not only the youngest kids but also the older crowds and to make the show feel as realistic as they could with animation.
In this series, Artemis is portrayed as a biracial (half-Vietnamese) vigilante heroine who is mentored by Green Arrow unlike the comics where she is depicted as a Caucasian supervillain.
Lead character designer Phil Bourassa and producer Brandon Vietti made a conscious decision to try to handle the Justice League with a little more of a classic design sensibility than the Young Justice team. They did this to try to visually show the difference between generations since the series is all about that dynamic.
This is the first DC comics based animated series in over 20 years to NOT be voice directed by Andrea Romano.
This series uses the same character designs as Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (2010) and Justice League: Doom (2012) which were done by the lead character designer, Phil Bourassa.
There was a spin off comic based on this series. Even though it's based on the show, the creative team wanted the comic to have it's own continuity that runs alongside the series and be interesting in its own right.
On November 7, 2016, Warner Brothers Television announced that the show would return to production after a three-year absence.
Although it's adapted from a combination of comics from the 1960s Teen Titans run through the 1990s Young Justice run, the series mostly draws from the Teen Titans vol. 3 comic run.
It was hinted that Black Lightning would be the official mentor for Static in the future seasons. However the show was cancelled after season 2.
It took months to have this series get the green light, because Warner Brother and Cartoon Network and DC are all part of the same Time-Warner family, so getting them to communicate with each other takes a long time. In October 2009, the series finally got the green light.
The Young Justice team is similar to the Impossible Missions Force from "Mission: Impossible" with teenage superheroes. They operate from the abandoned Justice League cave, are supervised by the android Red Tornado, trained by Black Canary, and given their covert assignments by Batman.
The show was renewed on November 7 2016 for a third season after being canceled in 2013.
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Black Manta appears to be of West African heritage as he sports a slight accent and owns many tribal masks and artifacts.
Garth, who was the original aqualad in the comics, references his alias of Tempest. He also resembles his appearence in Teen Titans where he is Dark Skinned with long black hair and wears blue.
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Most of the cast from Greg Weisman's previous series "Gargoyles (1994)" play small or recurring roles in this series; including Jeff Bennett (Owen/Brooklyn - Red Tornado), Thom Adox-Hernandez,(Lexington - Klarion the Witch Boy), Bill Fagerbakke, (Broadway - Big Bear), Edward Asner, (Hudson - Kent Nelson), Marina Sirtis (Demona - Queen Bee), Brent Spiner,(Puck - Joker) and Keith David, (Goliath - Mongoul). Notable exceptions include Salon Richardson, (Elisa Maza), Frank Welker, (Bronx), Brigette Bako, (Angela) and Jonathan Frakes (Xanatos)
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Jesse McCartney (Robin/Nightwing) and Mae Whitman (Wonder Girl) both voice fairies in the animated Tinker Bell movies.
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In the episode "Coldhearted," one of the schools that is said to be closed by Iris West is Spisak Middle School. Kid Flash/Wally West is voiced by Jason Spisak.
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Danica McKellar and Jason Mardsen share the same birth date: January 3, 1975.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The "Hello Megan" theme song, seen later in the first season can be heard on Captain Marvel's uncle's TV at the end of "Alpha Male."
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In the finale of the episode Secrets, the title's namesake is revealed to be from a magic shop called Abel's House of Secrets. Fittingly, Abel's House of Secrets was the name of a mystery/horror anthology series published by DC from 1956-1978.

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