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Lazy and unoriginal

Author: film-expert from United Kingdom
20 December 2011

Yes, there were high expectations. We hoped that, although unlikely that Gervais and Merchant would match their previous excellence, at least the same effort would have been applied in creating something original and funny. An effort worthy of their previous perfection.

What did we get? Warwick Davis doing a David Brent impression, to a rehashed Extras-style i.e. unoriginal script.

If we had never seen The Office or Extras before, then yes, this would have been a very funny show. However, the very reason we loved The Office and Extras was the fact we had NOT seen them before!

Ricky and Steve took months writing just one episode of The Office... and it showed. The fact that Life's Too Short was written rapidly and badly by comparison, from a position of 'lazy success' really lowers the respect level demanded by Gervais and Merchant. It seems Ricky and Steve are either great at spending their time writing a show, or spending their time as 'celebrities'. Unfortunately when they try to spend their time doing both, it is the show that suffers.

Ricky is moving in showbiz circles now, Tweeting, sticking to his diet, trying to impress Dawkins, Hitchens (RIP), Larry David, De Niro, etc, etc, etc. No wonder he doesn't have any time to devote to actually writing a good show.

We should have seen the writing on the wall when The Invention of Lying came out. After that movie, Science stand-up and this 'effort' of a show, it is time for Ricky to ease back on the smug attitude until he actually does something worthwhile again.

Oh and by the way Ricky fans... I hope you have gone back to watch all of the Alan Partridge shows to see if the allegations of Ricky ripping off Steve Coogan are true? Do it. And be amazed at home many times you will say... "Jesus, Ricky directly copied that idea/gesture/concept/expression/joke (Camp David?)/show".

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Warwick is great, the show is not

Author: hoplite10 from United States
6 March 2012

From someone who grew up watching "Willow", it was really cool to see Warwick Davis flex his comedy muscles for this show. He has an excellent flair for the comedic, especially when it comes to poking fun at himself, and he definitely has the charisma to carry a TV show. This particular show, however, is not very good, despite Mr. Davis' best efforts to make it entertaining.

The main problem is the creative minds behind the show, Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant, who have more or less proved with this show that they are incapable of creating anything except for poor re-hashes of "The Office." The Office was brilliant, Extras was okay but mostly a recycled version of The Office set in Hollywood, and this show is basically a thought experiment about what it would be like if David Brent was a dwarf actor instead of a manager at a paper company. This was my first and strongest impression upon watching an episode of "Life's Too Short" -- that they had basically taken the character of David Brent and transposed him onto Warwick Davis. Just like Brent, Warwick is depicted as arrogant, self-obsessed, and cluelessly believing himself to be talented at everything he does. And also just like Brent, the main source of humor is seeing him constantly put in situations that demean him and demonstrate how pathetic he really is. This schtick has been done and re-done countless times, and unfortunately it feels stale and forced in this particular show.

There are some pretty clever bits in the show, and I think it would definitely have been worth watching if it had been made prior to "The Office" and "Extras". Unfortunately, it was not, and therefore we are seeing pretty much exactly the same type of jokes that we saw in those shows, only this time they are wearisome because we've seen them done much better before. I get the feeling that since Ricky and Steve are so rich now, they no longer feel they need to make shows that will entertain people. They have reached the point where they are making shows solely for their own entertainment, and they couldn't care less whether their fans like it or not.

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It's just not funny!

Author: raymisalas1 from Brighton, England
30 November 2011

I've been a fan of most of the comedy Ricky Gervais has done, but also because everything has come from what he knows and has experienced. His stand up is brilliant... anyway about the show: It's just not funny. Why does Warwick Davis have to act like a mini David Brent? Many people have said this, but they say it because everyone has noticed, except the Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant. And WHY OH WHY! Do they have to resort to using a cliché stupid blond girl character. They done it in extras, so why do it again. Did they really think "right everything we have made so far has been funny so lets make it again!" and why has someone compared this to Alan Partridge??! This has no depth and all the jokes are easy and revolve around making fun of the fact Warwick's character is short. OK, so it's going to do this as it is about the fact he is short, but it's just too easy. The best parts have actually been the scenes in Ricky's office and the other famous actors. There has only been a few episodes, but they seem to be doing the same thing and that blond girl is already doing my head in with her stupid moronic comments and using the cheap cringe worthy laughs to make Warwick look stupid. The last thing I will say is that with this program they have tried to make it into a mock documentary of Warwick's day to day life, so why are they using known actors that have either already been in previous shows made by Ricky Gervais or have been in other comedy programs. They should be using unknowns like in the Office and extras! This could make it more believable!

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A Series too long

Author: Sean Devaney
18 December 2011

The show is just not funny.

It tries to be The Office with Dwarfs but is not successful as you will be slightly grinning at its jokes. Warwick Davis does a particularly horrible job as he tries his best David Brent impression. Gervais and Merchant show up in each episode to make you remember that this is their show. As they show up so do other celebrities and only one so far has been funny, a good reason to watch the first episode is to see the fantastic Liam Neeson moment which almost gives me hope for the rest of the show.

The plot is awful as each episode feels disjointed and will make your face fall to your hands as you don't want to laugh or watch with such awkward moments.

If this is the natural evolution of Gervais's writing then his next show will be flat out awful. The Office was a classic that will be loved forever. Extras was hilarious and should not be missed. However Life's To Short is a bad taste in your mouth that Gervais should be happy to deny.

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Author: richardkoeppler from United States
5 March 2012

One of the worst shows ever done and aired on HBO. They are canceling well written shows such as Hung and How To Make It In America and put crap like this on? Ricky Gervais used to have talent as displayed in The Office and Extras but his last two attempts, this one and the one where he looked like Flintstone is an embarrassment. HBO needs to review shows before they air and not just put them on because a well known writer, actor and producer is attached. You are only as good as your last show. The main problem is it's not funny, neither the idea nor the lines. Making cruel jokes are not enough. And the main character makes fun of himself out of desperation while Gervais is having a laugh.

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A little too much Ricky Gervais

Author: marctams from United Kingdom
11 December 2011

I'm a Warwick Davis fan so I was really looking forward to this mock documentary about his life in the cut-throat world of acting.

After 4 episodes I just feel saddened and let down. Every time Warwick speaks a line I can hear Ricky Gervais talking in my head. It's as though Ricky has shoved his arm up Warwick's shirt and is making him say the lines. Maybe that's the point.

I just don't get it. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant sat like twin Buddhas in an office that God would covet? The only thing missing from that scene is Karl Pilkington eating Barry from Eastenders beneath a sculpture of Ricky and Stephen double penetrating the Earth.

A fine example of how comedy can be cruel without being funny.

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Another Gervais/Merchant Masterpiece

Author: James Danes from London, England
24 November 2011

A very funny show, as everything Ricky Gervais does, the writing is magnificent and the directing is sublime, some might find it offensive, but if you put another guy there in the same situation, loser with public embarrassing moments, that's what he did on Extras, it is the same kind of humor.

Warwick Davis is excellent, he has the timing and the face of humor, but the writing is what really helps here, this show will make you roll on the floor if you like dark humor, don't expect a show like the office, it's not, Ricky Gervais was right when he said, this might be his best work so far.

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Giving the people what they want...

Author: Howlin Wolf from Oldham, Gtr Manchester, England.
14 November 2011

I agree with anybody who would say that it's similar to stuff Gervais has done before, but I don't see why people should complain about that? If he did another series of "The Office" or "Extras", then almost nobody would be saying that he should move onto something different... Well, effectively he HAS given us all another series of those things, it's just under a different name.

Ricky obviously has subjects and themes that he thinks are funny. If people agree with him, then there's no reason why they shouldn't appreciate this, but if they don't, then they won't.

Basically, if you are someone who thinks his other work should've had more episodes, then it doesn't make sense to moan about this being similar.

It's the same thing, albeit mildly diluted... but wouldn't you rather have something in the same vein that's just a little bit less funny, than something totally new, which doesn't work at all?!

Saying it isn't 'risky' is not the same thing as saying that it doesn't raise laughs. No, it isn't risky, but if you like this sort of thing, then yes, it will amuse.

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Author: sublimineyes from United Kingdom
4 December 2011

1) Wake me up when Gervais & Merchant stop being predictable. 2) Wake me up when Gervais & Merchant stop being predictable. 3) Wake me up when Gervais & Merchant stop being predictable. 4) Wake me up when Gervais & Merchant stop being predictable. 5) Wake me up when Gervais & Merchant stop being predictable. 6) Wake me up when Gervais & Merchant stop being predictable. 7) Wake me up when Gervais & Merchant stop being predictable. 8) Wake me up when Gervais & Merchant stop being predictable. 9) Wake me up when Gervais & Merchant stop being predictable. 10) Sorry that this review resembles current Gervais & Merchant scripts.

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It's so funny I forgot to laugh

Author: anirog from UK
22 November 2011

In each episode a celebrity is roped in to say things they wouldn't usually say like aids or cancer like they did in Extras. Warwick Davis who plays the dwarf looks directly at the camera sometimes to remind us it's a documentary, like they did in The Office Stephen Merchant plays Ricky's writing partner Stephen Merchant the guy from the barclays ads and that bloke who use to be in Eastenders plays that bloke who use to be in Eastenders he pops up now and again and says something about being out of work, Sometimes Warwick Davis falls over or tries to reach something placed high up, It's offensive, puerile and worst of all just not funny.

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