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  • When mother Marsh, whose husband, daughter and kid son are missing, has a car accident, the case, which captain Brass had to close unsolved early in his career, is reopened with new evidence, suggesting she may even be the killer. After the team finds son Andy Marsh's long-consumed corpse on her attic, DNA leads to surprising reassessments and results.

  • An unsolved case from Captain Brass's past reemerges when the mother searching for her missing family is hit by a car, but neither may be prepared for the disturbing answers that emerge in the case.


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  • "CSI" - "Lost & Found" - May 6, 2010

    It's a girl's night out for a trio of bachelorette-party gals swigging from a champagne bottle as they drive down the highway at night. The bride to be flashes a truck driver as they pass. An oncoming car forces the girls to swerve into the desert and they hit a woman in the desert. Langston interviews the girls who are not remorseful. The bride gives up the driver, Julie.

    Nick and Ray look over the totaled car. They try to figure out what the victim was doing alone in the middle of nowhere.

    Brass goes to the hospital to see her. She's stable but unable to talk. He knows her, her names is Janet Marsh, a friend of his. A few years back her husband and kids went missing on the same stretch of road. She was looking for them.

    He says this is the case that won't let him go. He has a family photo in his wallet. He explains to Nick she came home one night and the family was gone. She called the police and they found the husband's car with the husband and daughter's blood in the car. Not enough to confirm death but foul play. Then the case went cold. Janet kept going to the crime scene.

    There were no suspects but Brass liked the brother who had a lot of debt and a lot of insurance. He had an airtight alibi though.

    Ray and Greg look over the scene, tire treads, etc. They find the victim's flashlight with blood on the grip.

    Brass goes to speak to Janet. He asks her what happened. Nick comes in to document her injuries and collect her clothes. Brass says he'll come back to drive her home.

    Nick takes his pictures. She says she's not going to press charges against the girls. She knows Brass told Nick her story and she think Nick pities her. He says he doesn't. He says he understands and he would keep looking for his family if the same thing happened to him. She says during the accident she heard someone calling her and it sounded like her son. She said she was out there because she had a lead on the case, from a psychic. She says he probably thinks it's hocus pocus. He says he's learned to keep an open mind. The psychic said her son was dry but near water. She thinks he may be underground near some springs. She cries and says he wants her to find him. Nick asks about her husband and daughter, she says she doesn't feel them like her son.

    Wendy examines the bloody flashlight. She calls in Greg. She found old blood and tissue inside the rim as well as new blood on the grip. Greg goes to Catherine and Nick. It turns out that the blood belongs to her son. Greg is freaked that she could've been looking for them all this time with the flashlight that killed him. Catherine says if that's the murder weapon than Janet's the prime suspect. Nick thinks she's too grief-stricken to be the perp. Catherine says guilt can masquerade as grief and it if was the father they were talking about it wouldn't be a question of them bringing him in.

    At the Marsh house, Brass, Greg and Nick come to investigate. The house still has all kinds of family photos around. Nick asks where she got the flashlight. She says it was in the car. She wonders why they're asking about it. They tell her about the blood. They ask for permission to process the house. They give it. They notice she has a police scanner. She says she hardly listens to it anymore. Brass takes Janet to lunch while they search.

    Nick and Catherine go over the old evidence. She had an alibi but time to do the murder, but if she did it, she had to have help. The marriage was rocky. They wonder if she was cheating but there was no evidence. She called her brother a lot. And Brass thought he was involved but he had an alibi. Ray wonders if killing her family split her mind and she keeps wandering the highways out of guilt. Or she's a cold-blooded murderer trying to keep suspicion away offer Catherine.

    Greg takes photos in Emily's room. He picks up a journal and starts reading. Nick looks in Andy's room. He finds stacks of "Zoo Planet" magazine, current ones. Nick thinks she just "quit living" the night her family disappeared. The daughter's journal talks about a guy who loves her and really understands her, especially since her mom loved Andy better. There's no mention of the name of the guy.

    Janet and Brass take a walk. She says she thinks somehow Andy got away. She wonders if he ever gave up on Ellie. He thinks Ellie gave up on him. He tells her that she has to learn to let go.

    Bill Cornwell, Janet's brother comes over to the house and Nick chats with him. He says he's been taking care of Janet since the murders and she hasn't been right since then. He says he didn't know of a boyfriend and that the dad was very protective so she probably wouldn't have brought one home.

    Ray comes over to lend a hand and he and Nick check the garage. It's frozen in time like the rest of the house. Ray gets a blood hit on a wall. Above the garage they find a trail to a footlocker with a leak over it: dry but near water. There is a boy's skeleton inside. They call Brass who asks to be kept posted. He tells Janet. She breaks down that her son was with her all the time.

    Robbins processes the skeleton. Ray comes in and says he's against the death penalty except child killers. Robbins thinks they should be tortured first. There isn't much to work with but the cause of death was blunt force trauma, consistent with a flashlight blow.

    Conrad Ecklie is telling Brass they have to arrest Janet, they have to go by the book and they want to see what she says when she's talking to someone she doesn't know. Ecklie and Nick interrogate her as Brass watches through the two-way glass. (Simultaneously Ray is printing the footlocker). They kept Andy's camping stuff in the locker, which was her husband's from Desert Stom. They liked to camp. She tells of one trip with the family and her brother, who spent more time with her kids than their own dad. Emily was being "difficult" she says so they brought her home. She knows they think she did it but she says all she does is search for them and it's making her crazy and it's got to stop. She doesn't say she didn't do it though.

    Ray's prints turn up one unknown print. Greg gets a brainstorm and goes to grab one evidence they found in Emily's room, one of those ceramic hand print things. They print that and discover a match of a living 18-year-old girl going by a new name.

    Brass goes to find her. She has a baby. He arrests her.

    Back at HQ Nick gives the kid, Connor, a lollipop. He licks one and Nick grabs his DNA.

    Catherine talks to Emily and takes her DNA. She asks what happened and who the father is but Emily doesn't answer.

    Nick and Ray discover Emily was living with her dad, under a different name, as her "husband" who is the father of her baby, his own grandson. (Gross).

    Brass explains to Janet the new developments, or at least that they're alive and that Emily has a child, not the last part. But she seems to figure it out on her own.

    They bring the husband in. As he's walking down the hall he says to leave his daughter alone and that he killed his son. Janet overhears this. Freaks. Runs into a hallway, grabs a cop's gun and shoots her husband calling him a sick bastard who was supposed to protect their children. Emily runs out crying for her daddy. Janet looks sickly pleased by this. Brass is flabbergasted.

    It turns that Mike wasn't the dad, Uncle Bill. Emily explains that she didn't want Uncle Bill over but her mother vetoed her, and he molested her, even while she was pregnant. That night he came over while the parents were out. Andy saw and says he was gonna tell mom. It drove her crazy and she just wanted him to shut up and she hit with the flashlight. When dad got home she explained everything. The dad engineered the cover-up and running away (which we see). She says he was just trying to protect her and he didn't do anything wrong. She cries hard, saying she loved her brother and that she's sorry.

    Brass tells Janet the D.A. isn't pressing charges against Emily. Janet says Emily will be a better mother than her. She hopes one day Emily can forgive her. They cart her off in handcuffs. Brass is sad at how it turned out. Uncle Bill is led down another corridor in cuffs. Nick brings Connor back to Emily.

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