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"CSI"- "Targets of Obsession" - Feb. 17, 2011

Nick offers Ray good luck, as he's off to testify in the Nate Haskell case.

In the courtroom, enclosed in a glass box, Haskell (Bill Irwin) pontificates about how he was abused as a child and isn't a monster the media has made him out to be. He wants to un-appoint his lawyer and represent himself. He flirts with a group of weird women turned on by criminals. The judge (Megan Gallagher) allows it.

Elsewhere Nick gets a call from Jason McCann (Justin Bieber) the young teen bomber whose brother was killed by the cops. Jason is sad that Nick said he wanted to be his friend and wouldn't hurt his brother, but he lied. He's not so mad, however, that he doesn't warn him not to go home. Apparently, the bombers are out for revenge and have rigged Nick's house. Too late, he's already home and he's hit a trip wire. Thinking quickly he doesn't move and calls the bomb squad.They arrive and rescue him. He's pissed. He rants to Vartann (Alex Carter) and Catherine, who tells him to dial it down. He tells them about the call from Jason. They want to pick him up.

Back at the courthouse Nate cross-examines Ray, asking how it felt when he stabbed him. Ray says it was painful. Nate asks him to be more specific and poetic. We get a flashback of the moment. He admits to being afraid he was going to die. Nate tells Ray he feels nothing about his anguish; then asks him doesn't he think that Nate wants to feel emotion like regular human beings. The judge strikes this part of his cross.

Sara and Greg figure out whoever made Nick's bomb was a lefty.

They bring Jason in. He's a lefty. He has a black eye and tells Nick he "fell". Nick thanks him for calling him before the bombing and promises to help, if Jason gives a name. Jason says "they" will kill him if he tells.

Brass handles Dr. Huxbee (Jude Ciccolella), Jason's legal guardian and the nutjob behind the political group that has ensnared Jason. He as well claims Jason got the black eye because he "fell". He was in the Coast Guard and tied the kind of knots seen on the bomb at Nick's. With nothing to hold him, Huxbee signs some forms-- also a lefty-- and indignantly stalks out.

Nick keeps working on Jason but Huxbee shows up to take him away. He and Brass debrief. Nick says Jason seems scared, but Brass wonders why Jason would want to help him since he shot his brother.

Catherine, Sara, and Hodges talk about the ingredients found in the grenade at Nick's. It wasn't a normal grenade. Greg discovers Huxbee's credit card records that show he's bought the grenade ingredient.

Catherine, Nick, Vartann and Kip, a bomb squad guy (Josh Dallas), go to Huxbee's warehouse to search with a warrant. They find him dead in a pool of blood. Vartann wonders where Jason is, just after being freed by Huxbee. The body is wired to an explosive which leads to a bomb in the middle of the room. As they're about to leave they spot another one. They realize the door is rigged too, they can't leave and they have 17 minutes to figure out what to do. As Kip's radio and Vartann's mobile phone are jammed by the bombers, Kip says they need to defuse the bombs themselves. They're down to 14 minutes.

Back in the courtroom Dr. Corey (Robert Pine) is witnessing about Haskell's MRI while he was shown graphic, violent images. He shows the average person's brain looks disturbed when seeing pictures like this, but Haskell's brain looks totally indifferent, proving his "orbital cortex" is profoundly impaired: it's a genetic mutation, a so called "warrior gene". It seems to upset Ray, whom we're supposed to remember also learned he's carrying this gene last season. The doctor's expert opinion is that Haskell can't control his actions, it's biology.

Back at bomb central Nick figures the bombers are watching them, to see them sweat. Catherine points a laser at the camera and disables it. Cut to Jason angrily shutting the briefcase with the video equipment in a van (with someone sitting by his side) somewhere. The doomed gang sets about a plan.

Vartann sets off a booby trap that shoots bullets up into his leg. Catherine thinks he's nicked an artery and applies pressure.

At the courthouse Ray talks to one of the women who claims she's Vivian (Kate Blumberg), Nate's fiancee. She tells him to have more compassion for Nate. Ray explains that the necklace (Star of David) she's wearing is the same one he gave to several women he killed. All seven of the women from the courtroom are wearing that necklace. They're unmoved by the fact that he's a serial killer. Ray worries to Brass that Haskell's defense is working. Brass is called to testify.

Catherine consoles Vartann while Kip jumps between the lasers to defuse the bomb. Nick, Catherine, and Vartann take cover. The bomb squad guy cuts the right wires after going through a series of obstacles and more booby traps, with 15 seconds to spare. But then the bomb somehow comes back to life and Kip tells the others to get down, while throwing himself on the bomb . The bomb goes off.

Catherine, Nick, and Vartann all survive, but they're beaten up of course.

Ray gets the news at the courthouse and then is called back in to testify about the "warrior's gene." Ray calls it "utter nonsense." Ray says the fact that Haskell has tried to cover up his crimes proves he knows the difference between right and wrong. Haskell gets Ray to admit he has not expertise in this area. Ray admits that he was abused by an alcoholic father and he has the "warrior gene" and that DNA isn't destiny. Haskell is surprised.

Vartann wakes up in the hospital and Catherine is waiting for him telling that Kip didn't make it, but they're both going to be fine. He's glad she's there.

She meets up with Nick in the hallway, he's also okay. They hug.

Dr. Robbins tells Sara that Huxbee was shot in the head, execution-style. But blunt force trauma was the COD. They find other evidence linking the crimes to people buying military grade weapons and explosives.

Greg discovers that Huxbee wasn't using the credit card to buy the stuff, Jason was. They see a guy with him in army fatigues with his name on them on convenience store video. They figure he must be the one helping Jason.

The verdict comes down in the Haskell case: guilty of attempted murder. Haskell starts fooling with his ID bracelet in a suspicious manner. Ray shakes hands with the prosecutor (Larry Poindexter) and smiles at Haskell.

The guy helping Jason is dishonorably discharged Timothy Johnson (Falk Hentschel), who worked with explosive ordnance. Nick figures Jason's been playing him the whole time, as well as Vartann and Catherine who were there when his brother was shot. They wonder if there isn't someone above Jason also pulling strings, maybe Johnson.

Nick calls Jason back. Jason is surprised to hear from him. Jason hangs up, but not before Greg zeroes in on the cell tower in the area. Jason freaks and destroys his phone.

Nick leads the charge with Brass. They find Jason is trying to flee to California and they hope to cut him off.

Ray goes to visit Haskell, who calls him magnificent on the witness stand. Nate says he feels even closer to Ray now, having the same gene. He says he's known about the warrior gene for a long time. Ray doesn't believe him, he calls him pathetic. Nate says he dreams of freedom. Ray thinks this is unlikely with the 14 murders Nate performed. Nate says he has the power of positive thinking on his side.

Jason and Timothy argue on their car ride about the right way to freedom fight. With Timothy accusing him that by making the fight personal he will cause their death, Jason says he's not afraid. A police roadblock stops them. Jason pulls a gun on Johnson. Jason says he'll only surrender to Stokes. He makes Timothy get out, then throws his gun out and gets out. He claims Timothy is wired with a bomb, and as the attention shifts to Timothy, Jason pulls another gun and starts shooting cops. He is then shot dead.

On the way to his car Ray encounters Haskell's freaky harem women watching him. He suddenly remembers them watching the weird thing Haskell was doing with his wrist in the courthouse. Ray freaks and runs back to see Haskell, only to find another inmate in his cell, wearing his clothes -- apparently they had switched their wrist bands. The guard (Gabriel Salvador) tells Ray Haskell coud have escaped in a minimum security van ten minutes ago.The van is sabotaged by two of the women in his crazy harem, one of whom, Vivian, shoots the other (Annie Little), as she did with several cops before. Nate escapes with Vivian in her car, after all the other inmates in the van escape as well.


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