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Season finale
LoveIsAStateOfMind29 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I like Agent Pearce. Even if she did play Rose on Grey's Anatomy. I am glad that it seems like she is going to stick around next season as well? I like how they made Tavian admit to framing Michael early on so the episode wasn't all about the fact Pearce still thinks Michael is Max's murderer which is how I thought the finale was going to play out.

Madeleine's speech to Michael basically telling him to appreciate his friends. So necessary! LARRY! Tim Matheson <3 <3 <3. The whole segment inside the British consulate I was just waiting for the "big moment" to happen and then wow, the twist at the end. So didn't see that coming although maybe I should as I think the show has played the "victim is actually the evil mastermind" card before.

The thing I love the most about the show is how it constantly reinvents itself. I mean you might wonder how a show about a burnt spy can constantly evolve but every finale is a game changer setting up a new scenario for the next season. Nicely played.
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