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"Burn Notice" Brotherly Love (2010)

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Michael is bumming as he helps Sam pack for Sam and Jesse's trip to the Dominican Republic to track down the "the list." Michael thinks he should go, but Sam says he can't do things to raise eyebrows, like leaving the country. Jesse tells Michael to "enjoy some family time" with his brother Nate, who's coming to town.

In the D.R., Jesse meets the seller of the list at a restaurant, Justin Walsh. He gives Jesse the time and place for the auction. Jesse starts probing about Walsh's security. Walsh is a bit insulted by the question, but Jesse says he worries about things like this. Walsh says the list is "always moving," and that if Jesse wants in he's welcome and if not, there are other buyers. Walsh says that if anyone tries to "help themselves" to the list is dead.

Sam says he's impressed at the method, which employs motorcycle riders passing the list off over and over until it's sold. Sam says it won't be easy to steal, but they'll have to make some "new buddies," which is his specialty.

Nate gets to Miami, but Michael is already suspicious about his last-minute trip home. Nate admits a friend of his who run a custom car shop had some cars stolen. He's there to help. They get to the car shop and find two guys fighting each other. They're brothers, Jeff & Billy Taylor, and Jeff is upset with Billy for having caused the problems. One admits he "messed up" by getting into business with a drug kingpin. He let the dealer use his cars to transport drugs. A car got robbed with 20 kilos of heroin in it. He says he was desperate because the shop was struggling, but now the drug dealer is going to kill them when he finds them. Nate says he'll find the car.

Michael tells Nate not to take the job. He tells Nate to have the Taylors get out of town. Nate says he's taking the job with or without Michael's help. He agrees to call Fi, who quickly figures out that the car theft was pulled off by a skilled crew with high-tech equipment. The list of crews able to do that kind of work in Miami is likely very short. Michael figures he should get in touch with Tony Soto. But it means he'll have to re-create the cover ID he used when he worked with Soto.

Maddie sees them getting ready to leave and tells Michael he's responsible for Nate's safety. They head out. Michael, as "Johnny," meets with Soto. Michael tells Soto about the 1969 GTO. Soto finds out the guy who stole the car is named Buckwild, and he gives Michael the address to his chop shop. Soto tells Michael to put the chop shop out of commission when he's done getting his car.

Hector Rivera, the drug dealer, is beating up the Taylors. Michael shows up, still in his Johnny character, and tells Rivera he's going to find the car. Rivera agrees to give him 24 hours, but only if his assistant Caleb is there to see it. As motivation, Rivera takes Billy hostage until he's done.

Sam and Jesse pay a bunch of people all around Santo Domingo to record and keep track of every motorcycle they see around the city.

Maddie comes in and finds Michael and Fi preparing for the next step of their mission. She warns Michael that if he Nate gets hurt, she'll put a cigarette out in his eye. Michael and Fi break into Buckwild's chop shop. They get one of his men to talk about the GTO and he says Buckwild himself has it. As everyone flees, the chop shop explodes.

At Buckwild's house, Caleb insists on going in with Michael. They go into the house and spread out. Michael and Fi hear gunshots and find Caleb in the kitchen with Buckwild dead on the floor. They quickly realize that Caleb stole the cars himself and is letting the Taylors take the fall, but the only person who can prove it is Buckwild himself.

Sam and Jesse break down their raw data about all the motorcycles in the city. Jesse thinks he's got a pattern and he finds the two motorcycles who are making loops. They know where they can intercept the list, but they'll need Michael and Fi to do it.

Jeff Taylor gets the scoop on the theory that Caleb stole the cars himself and killed Buckwild himself. Michael tells him not to tell Rivera that Caleb stole the cars. Jeff gets emotional and says Billy made the deal with Rivera for him because he got sick a year earlier and the doctor bills used up all their money. Michael says the worst case is that they go in hard and get Billy. They'd be on the run, but that's the worst case.

While staking out Rivera's place, Michael gets a text from Rivera who wants to meet. He tells Fi and Nate to find some evidence proving Caleb stole Billy's car. Michael goes to the meeting with Rivera and Caleb, who says his own people have found the car. Michael calls Fiona to tell her, and she finds a storage unit rental agreement in Caleb's printer's memory. Fi and Nate win the race to the unit, and Nate says he can hotwire it. She picks the lock and Nate gets the car out of the unit before Michael, Caleb, Rivera and Billy show up. Billy's nervous because he knows the storage unit is his. Caleb boasts about how the car is inside, but it's gone. Rivera slaps him. He agrees to give Michael the remaining eight hours on his deal, but says he and the Taylors will die if the car isn't found.

At the loft, Michael and Nate fail to find any of the drugs in the car. Nate wants to try to convince Rivera that Caleb stole the car and by the time they found it the drugs were gone. Michael says they need to get the car onto Caleb's property. The plans is to walk the car in through an alley access behind Caleb's house.

Maddie tells Michael she's more worried about Nate because he's about to be a father. She again asks Michael to make sure nothing bad happens to Nate.

They sneak the car -- broken up in parts -- into Caleb's backyard. They put it all together with silenced tools with about an hour to spare.

Michael goes to meet with Rivera. He hands Rivera Caleb's address. Rivera thinks it's a joke. It gets tense quickly and Michael ends up having to pull a gun on Rivera to get him to go to Caleb's place. At the house, Caleb is shocked to hear the accusation that the car is behind his greenhouse in the backyard. Michael leads everyone out there and they all see the car. Rivera is not happy and tells his men to take Caleb inside. Rivera wants to know where his drugs are, but Michael reminds him he said he'd find the car. "You want the drugs, talk to your boy," he says. Rivera tells Michael to take Billy and leave. "You don't want to see what happens next," he tells him.

The Taylors thank the Westens and Billy gives Nate his payment. He offers to split it with Michael, but Michael tells him to keep it "for the baby." They have a heart-warming moment and Michael says he'll be a proud uncle if Nate's kid turns out anything like him.

Sam calls Michael and says he's got a seaplane waiting for him. Michael and Fi arrive and FI has a load of weapons. They put the operation into effect. Sam blocks the street, Fi blocks an alley and Michael smacks the motorcycle driver off the bike with a 2x4 and gets the chip that has the list on it. When the rider's two backups approach, Fi sets off a bomb while Jesse hoists Michael up onto a rooftop with a pulley. The four of them head back to the waiting seaplane as Voiceover MIchael tells us that the success of any special forces squad comes down to how well they work together.

"Because, in the end, you don't need a hero to succeed in the field," he says. "You need a team."

They look at the list, which Jesse calls "the hottest potato" he's ever seen. In the right hands, it will reveal a ton of information. Sam wants to give it to the government, but Fi says they should do the work themselves and track down each person on the list, one by one. They ask Michael what he wants to do, but he says nothing as he looks at the drive.


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