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Trust Roger Ebert!
Adam9 May 2011
I used to look at IMDb regularly and base whether or not I went to a movie on the reviews. With this currently rated so low, I would have normally stayed away, but thankfully I found Roger Ebert's review, which was wonderfully objective. Is this movie perfect? No. Is it fun? Yes. Will you laugh? Probably. I've read several comments included in reviews on here about the side story lines, how little body fat there is on the actors (Really?! Maybe showing fit people is a really good idea.), and a few other things. My basic answer is, so what? Enjoy the movie for what it is. It's a brief look at the life of a two very chaotic and dysfunctional families. Sometimes that's how life works. It may not be your life, but it may be close to someone else's. There are times when the dialogue is so over the top, it was obviously to achieve a certain comedic or dramatic moment, and I'm OK with that. One of the important aspects to me is that in this day and age of movies that portray the worst of society, this portrays the successful black families. The characters were very believable for me. In several instances, I could have sworn I met them at some point in my life. The main characters are certainly the core of the movie. Sabrina and Jason are the young couple whose wedding is affected by the vastly different backgrounds they come from. The mothers are given a very powerful place in the film, with their actions affecting everyone else, as they should. The dynamics are interesting to watch at first, but by the end of the movie, it's very easy to see how and why people are the way they are. Some of the climaxes in the movie are easy to spot, others not so much. In the end, this was a very enjoyable movie, and definitely worth seeing. I almost never choose a romantic comedy as my first choice, but this was such a well rounded movie, even I found it very enjoyable (as a guy) to go to. It wasn't sappy, it wasn't cheesy, it was just plain fun.
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Jumping the Broom is highly recommended********
diamond0059 May 2011
It was a great movie. The writing and acting were exceptional. I'll give credit where credit is due. I've already seen it twice.

It was not a Ghetto movie as some call it. It's nice to see blacks portrayed in a more positive light. I thought the entire setting from Brooklyn to Martha's Vineyard was interesting. I liked the whole transition. The social classes was typical. I can go on and on about what I loved about this movie but I would rather let people go see it for themselves. They'll be pleasantly surprised.

It's not a "BLACK" movie. I never say, I'm going to see a "White movie or a black movie.

I've read quite a few disparaging and very bias comments. I hate all the labels and brands on this board. It's appalling and so unfair. You actually have to go and see the movie first before you critique it. Stop listening to the media's perception of other races.
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Wo!! What a wedding....
Akshay Chugh9 May 2011
These type of African-American comedy movies that make their way to the market are among the few. Jumping the broom is a type of movie that avoids many of the typical and overused stuff of the genre yet provoke a fair degree of an enjoyable experience. It's not a perfect movie but hey, c'Mon who needs that tension, we are going for fun. The movie has enough entertaining and funny moments that will provide satisfaction to your movie watching experience thanks to the award-winning cast for their great performances.

This takes us to the movie theme and plot. In a simple style and scale the director Salim Akil presents a family and culture clashing comedy that is well filmed with progressive shots with a bright tinch of melodrama. As in many romantic movies, the story is about two lovebirds, but here the story is all about class and status. The film features two love-birds Sabrina Watson (Paula Patton) and Jason Taylor (Laz Alonso) planning to marry each other. However the main setup of the film is that these two love each other but their families don't.

Apart from the storyline the film works only because the script is a juggling stuff with a dozen of jokes and gags. Another coup for the film is it's amusing supporting characters which prevents a hard collision and bloodbath when these two entirely different families meet each other. This film also has other shining moments such as it's elegant wedding feel and well coordinated cinematography. The casting is well chosen and diverse. Overall, by most standards it's not enough for a movie to be a hit but will attract the audience as a funny and an interesting flick.
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Awesome, Awesome, Feel Good Movie
Laura16 August 2011
I rented this movie without expecting much but a few chuckles, what received instead was a new favorite movie and a very pleasant surprise! "Jumping the Broom" is a fantastic movie that is fun, powerfully emotional, and genuine. One walks away from the movie with a new and improved good mood! The characters are incredibly easy to relate with on all levels. They are well rounded, but not too complex. It was quite entertaining to follow the different love connections throughout the movie. There is definitely something for each person to take away from the movie and I highly recommend it to every person, everywhere! I did not want this movie to end and will be re-watching many, many more times!! two big thumbs up!!
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Don't Believe What Others Say, See It For Yourself
jclass-868-57183926 May 2011
I thought this was going to be another one of those boring date movies that I must see to make my girl feel good. But, it turned out to be rather good. The story flowed well with good acting by Angela Bassett and the cast did a good job as well. With a nice mixture of drama,comedy and even a few twists. Enjoy the movie for yourself. I can never understand what other critics are actually looking for when they preview a movie. As long as I can feel the characters and not worry about when the credits will role then it is a decent movie. I must say it is nothing worthy of an Oscar nomination but its definitely worth the price of admission.
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I heartily recommend Jumping the Broom
missioneagles7 May 2011
Jumping the Broom was a refreshment to view. It was a pleasure to watch a movie that was not sexually explicit and profane in content. I much enjoyed the film and the cast members. The movie contained helpful lessons and wise messages with a balanced mix of humor. I delighted in my laugh-out-loud moments. The scenery was appealing, and the family focus was much appreciated.

We need more such films that celebrate families, and films that avoid excessive violence, profanity, and sexually explicit content.

Jumping the Broom was an experience of enrichment. I left the theater with a cheerful, and joyous countenance, and robust appreciation for the production.

A hearty thank you to all who were involved.

In sincerity, Sandra Renee Hicks
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Love this movie
trudat19787 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I just saw Jumping the Broom OMG the bomb what a great movie. I saw some of my family members in there it was hilarious. This movie touched on just about every area of family drama. This was not just a black film this is a movie for all to see. The cast was spectacular and very believable in their roles. The characters in the film looked like real family members, sometimes you will see a film and the character really don't look like they belong. This is a movie I would take my grandchildren to see. This was a thought provoking movie especially for those getting married or thinking about getting married.I plan on seeing it again. Great job Bishop Jakes!!!!
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jordbl9 June 2011
I live in Vegas and I'm originally from Europe. It's very hard to get good movies to see here. but they do come once in a while. So after reading the review, I was looking forward to seeing something new. Fresh air in the torrid Mohave Desert, a half-comedy (satirical i thought) among African-Americans from different socio-economic backgrounds. Sounded great! OMG, nothing had me prepared for this! The setting was stunning and most of the acting list were gorgeous looking. Unfortunately, what they had in looks they lacked in acting quality. The plot is superficial and artificial. Clichés and stereotypes abound. Jokes are not even funny. Sex jokes run throughout the movie. The French lines were bizarre to say the least. If one from the upper classes, does one have to speak French? In America? Mais pas du tout! African-American cinema this? No, certainly not. Not even cinema, this a matinée for adolescent girls.
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Good movie. Recommend highly
bmhooks8 May 2011
I love movies, and I think this was a very good movie. It had a good story line and dealt with many issues that arise when a young couple in love marry and two families become united. There were some funny scenes and lines in the movies but also some powerful scenes. Mike Epps had some excellent one-liners and I like the interaction between Little Romeo (now all grown-up) and Tasha Smith (cougar relationship). I also like the interaction between the main love interests. There were some twists in the plot which I liked but most of all I liked how the characters came to grips with the imperfections of life and made the best of the situation. I thought it was a good movie and recommend others to see it.
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you'll love it !!! I definitely recommend it
solangebogolina7 April 2012
If you truly love someone,AND YOUR HEART ACHES, then this is IT. Also,you'll love everything else: the actors (every single one of them performs so truly that you will either laugh your heart out or shed ... all your tears), the fabulous setting (Martha's Vineyards, and the gorgeous houses...), the pictures are amazing too( Sony HD pictures, mentioned in the credits!!), the beaches, and oh.. the music, god so many beautiful soul songs (and not only), no wonder black music is the best !I have downloaded all of them! I loved it, I was touched by several scenes, and of course the beautiful Angela Basset is the reason I watched the movie , always exceptional in her acting. Paula Patton is a natural too , she is so charming and pretty.Watching her made me realize she could easily portray late Whitney Houston in an upcoming BIO ( her smile reminds me of her ). Congrats to the film makers , nice plot, wonderful cast,and sensational music. A kind of Pretty woman style movie, catchy and touching.
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Tries too hard to be all things to all people.
termitekeith8 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Entertaining but a little confusing to me. This is another movie done by TD Jakes and for a movie with religious undertones (although not overdone) there is a lot of sex talk, sexual innuendo, short tight skirts and cameras that do a lot of panning down womens bodies, not to mention the obligatory shirtless men playing football on the beach which almost seemed to be a throw in shot for the ladies. Not that I minded but I'm not sure just what this movie wants to be. Is it a romantic comedy, a morality tale, a commentary of classes in the black community? It almost like its trying to touch on too many issues in a little under 2 hours and then when its touched on everything from class war, skin color, religion, bankruptcy, surrogate parenting, younger man, older women relationships, jealousy of the success of others within the black community it just wraps everything up in a neat little bow and suddenly years of building problems magically go away in 10 minutes. I kept waiting for someone to say that it was going to take years to deal with some of these issues.

Also some of the characters the movie really could have done without. The Blythe character (Meagan Good) is little more than eye candy and her tryst with the chef was totally unnecessary and added nothing to the movie, the issues between the groom and his cousin are alluded to and then solved with a predictable punch to the jaw and then never mentioned again, the wooing of Shonda (Tasha Smith) by Sebastion (Romeo) was just plain creepy and unconvincing.

On the positive side the excellent performances by Brian Stokes Mitchell and Angela Bassett save this movie from total cliché. Frankly I found their relationship the most interesting in the movie, no doubt due to the professionalism of these two veteran actors. Paula Patton and Laz Alonso are OK as the two young lovers about to be married but I had a hard time buying Sabrina's (Patton) quick change from a series of apparent one night stands to making celibacy pacts with God. Loretta Devine (Mrs Taylor) brings her usual solid performance to her role and slips easily from comedy to seriousness. She is made for this type of role as the over possessive mother of the groom. Mike Epps as the grooms uncle is his usually wise cracking self although he actually gets to act a little bit in this movie. Most of us know an Uncle like him.

By the way is there an ounce of fat ANYWHERE in this movie. I thought America had an obesity problem. You wouldn't know it by looking at this film. Everybody except Mrs Taylor looks like they stepped of the cover a a magazine. Even among the middle aged 50 somethings there isn't hardly a receding hairline or pot belly to be found. Its one of those alternate universes that only exists in the movies and TV.

TD Jakes makes his usual cameo as the wisdom dispensing minister and later performs the wedding of course. I just hope he doesn't try so hard to woo the non faithful that he totally forgets who his core audience is.
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A Good Movie
GoogleSaturn10 May 2011
I just came from watching and I must admit it was much better than I thought it might be. It was your typical boy meets girl, boy wants to marry girl, and their families clash picture. It was enjoyable but not without it's flaws. Loretta Devine once again plays the same mother character for the umpteenth time, albeit with a somewhat evil twist. Mike Epps and DeRay Davis were there to provide comic relief. Most disappointingly, Julie Bowen was the proverbial fish out of water. I like her on Modern Family but she just wasn't good in this feature. I had expected some more laughs from her. Meagan Good also makes her obligatory appearance as the tramp character.

What was good about the film was the abstinence message. It was present but not forced on the audience. That's not done often in today's cinema. I also enjoyed the fact Tasha Smith for once wasn't loud. That made her stand out more. Angela Bassett was the perfect snobbish mother. It's criminal that she does not have an Academy Award. It was also nice to see Black people that own something. We all don't live like the Huxtables, but we don't all live like the Evans family either.

Overall you won't regret dropping $10 on Jumping the Broom.
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This was a great movie!
Great movie!!! My family and I enjoyed every minute of the movie. The storyline was great and so was the cast. It was wonderful how Bishop Jakes was able to bring together a cast with such a wide range of personalities and mesh them together into a seamless masterpiece. Veteran actors like Bassett, Devine, and Mitchell brought depth to the movie, while others like Epps,Smith, and Patton brought fun and freshness. If I had to define the type of movie this was, I'd say it was a comedy with a twist;a twist of romance and drama. And although it was great to laugh, I think the overarching message that LOVE prevails had the most impact.
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Great Great Great Movie! Well worth your money on this movie!!!
rbrown-49-7098399 May 2011
I absolutely loved, loved, loved this movie! The best I've seen in a long time!!!! My Husband and I went Saturday and a group of my family and friends went Sunday. It's been a while since I've gone to the movies twice in one weekend to see the SAME movie!! Yes, It's just that good!! I can not wait for it to come out on DVD. I have been telling everyone to go see THIS movie! I pray we get more movies just like this one. I truly LOL (literally) on several occasions and cried at least five or more times. The cast was the absolute best. I can not give props to just one because they were all well picked and played their part to a "T", of course Angela Bassett and Loretta Devine go w/o saying! I love those ladies!!!
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"Jumping the Broom" an expression of family coming together in love.
lovelifebrother7 May 2011
This movie was excellent. It was appropriate for all cultures,races and ethnicities. It was also a wonderful movie to take the entire family to view,even the dog. I liked it because it made you laugh,(without being what I would call a traditional comedy) and yet it drew attention to your sensitive side,now whether that side made you cry or made you angry would be my guess, but it is for sure that this movie had the potential to do both. Compared to other African American movies, I can say that thus far TD Jakes is in a field of screen writing all by himself. Sure there are other African American movies out there such as the material that Tyler Perry,or Oprah,and others have successfully produced but the beauty to be appreciated in those other movies reflect different paths of cultural expression that each individual writer chooses to express in his or her film, thus there is no accurate comparison. "Jumping the broom" reflects the message of the Gospel,(written by a man that teaches and preaches the gospel) without being overbearing in that it's main theme was short and sweet. LOVE.
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This is a solid movie
vince67819 May 2011
I almost didn't go see this movie because of the low review rating it has been receiving from the movie-goers. But my wife wanted to go see it, so I went begrudgingly. I was pleasantly surprised. There were only a couple of minor plot points that didn't add up, but if you let those slide, it's a solid, believable story. The actors were beautiful, sexy, professional and funny. I really like the way one marriage heals several relationships on both sides of the aisle. I can tell you this movie is just as good some others I have seen that had higher ratings: I am number four; Battle LA; and the Liam Neison move, Forgotten or something where he has amnesia.
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carlayvette15 May 2011
This movie is about so much more than "2" families coming together for a wedding. So many encouraging messages in such a short time that can literally change lives. From finding love; the true love commitment; the protection, comfort, and support of a man; to the position a man must take to maintain his family.

I recommend this movie for all families. Before marriage, if you've been in marriage for years and/or thinking of the commitment.

Shows men how to take a stand and reclaim their position. Shows men how to take a stand with respect. Encourages women about the role of a real man!

Helps women realize the man you want may not come in the exact wrapper your expect, but what's in the wrapper maybe much more than you can ever expect. Set your standards within reason. How you really want to be treated is the key!

The gift of Motherhood! Don't take it lightly! Yet you can be a Mother without going through the physical birthing process. Real Motherhood takes place after the travail!
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I thought it was great & had wonderful themes!
justyolandamccrary9 May 2011
I thought the movie was really good...and had many positive messages like abstinence, sexual purity, faithfulness to God, forgiveness, prayer, love and hope! Some will see the glass as half empty, others will see it as FULL! As T.D. Jakes said, "there is no more nudity in it than a JC Penny catalog." I felt that many of the scenarios were very realistic! "Church folk" in general can sometimes come across as very preachy, pretentious & unrealistic. But overall the movie very relatable & that was great! I think the movie was appropriate for the whole family. The movie has themes that are not too offensive for those who are "sensitive." Lastly, I appreciated cast members who were well known as well as actors and actresses who I had never seen before. :)
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Outstanding Movie
cara_uma8 May 2011
I was so impressed with this movie. It is a great movie that is so realistic. If you want to laugh, cry and shout please go see this movie. All the actors were picked perfectly for their roles. Especially Loretta Devine. I wanted to hug her and slap her at the same time. Of course Angela Bassett was perfect as she always is and the guy playing her husband looks better at an older age than he did when he was younger. Of course Mike Epps keeps you laughing and Pooch Hall was OK. The only one I had any negative criticism for was Meagan Good. Girlfriend please update your look. You are such a beautiful young lady but your look is 10 years ago.
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Jumping The Broom
Miriam Cobbs7 May 2011
Jumping The Broom is one of the greatest movie that Bishop T.D.Jakes has every made.All of his movie are excellent.But this movie fits all the life people can identified.All the characters in the movie really play their parts with such class and intelligence.Everything just fell into place,it wasn't nothing half done about this movie or any other movie that Bishop Jakes made.I am looking forward to see him get a award for this movie.I love the movie it's just awesome.These are not just fake words,the words that coming from my heart are real.The movie really came out right on time.My hat off to Bishop Jakes and all that have made it possible for Jumping The Broom to be a great success.Bishop Jakes and Others don't worry about the negative things people are saying.Just focus on the Blessings of GOD and enjoy what God has already done and about to do.Be Blessed in the Lord :o)
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Fantastically funny
Moon Doggie7 May 2011
I really enjoyed this film. Will it win academy awards - no. But did it make me laugh out loud and make me go - awww - YES. The characters were great. There were story surprises. And it was REALLY funny. The audience in the movie theater clapped and laughed through out, too. Lead actress girl was the weakest link, but for what it was she did fine. Everybody else, however, was wonderful. I can't stress enough how funny it was. And will admit, I expected less from the trailers I saw for it. This film far exceeded my expectations. It was a silly romantic comedy - heavy on the comedy. And it was easy on the eyes. The cast was stunning and the location was smokin'. A great couple hours spent.
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Excellent Movie!!!
recruit-mm077 May 2011
This movie is very well put together. Great flow and great scene transitions. Lots of warmth and heartfelt moments throughout. Angela Basset performance was stellar, as well all actors and actresses. My favorite scenes are with Angela Bassett. Especially the scene where she uses her foreign language skills. Check it out and you will want to see it again. Mike Epps made the movie too. He is a funny guy. Jumping The Broom is a stellar movie with class. This movie is for all social classes. Somewhere in the movie, you will see yourself. Plus, the movie will make you want to improve your relationships on all levels. With non-threatening scenes, you can enjoy it with all audiences. Tell all of your friends to check it out. I am so glad I saw this great movie!!! The best producers, the best actors, simply the best all around. I rate this movie as an A+!
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A very good movie
joemoe11612 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I went to a matinée showing of the new TriStar movie Jumping The Broom. I thought it was a really good movie. Two very different African-American families converge on Martha's Vineyard for a wedding. The Watson's are a wealthy family and the Taylor's lower income family. The culture clash is pretty hilarious. For those of you who thought this was another wedding chick flick, you could not be more wrong. This is not a chick flick. I know some of you saw the previews and thought this is another Tyler Perry movie like Why did I get married. Once again you are wrong. This movie is funny but not over the top. The comedy in this film comes out of situations that could happen to anyone. Another thing I love about this movie is these two families could have been any other race and it would still be just as heartwarming and funny. They just happen to be African-American. As an African-American man I am glad to see a movie with positive African-American men. Oh and parents you can take the kids to see this one. I also thought the cinematography was great writing was smart and humorous. The acting in this film was superb. Angela Bassett who in my opinion is one of the greatest living actresses. She gave a master class performance as she often does. Paula Patton was perfect as Sabrina the optimistic young bride to be. Laz Alonso did a really good job as Jason Taylor. It was good seeing him play a good guy for change. Loretta Devine did a good job as Jason's mother Pam Taylor. Loretta Devine is is the busiest actress in Hollywood. It was good to see Megan Good play a grown-up role. She is starting to stretch herself as an actress as you will see when you go see this movie. I was glad to see Tosha Smith play a character completely different from her Why did I get married character. I thought Julie Brown was very funny as Amy and this movie. Comedian D Ray Davis gave a solid performance playing someone a little different than we are used to seeing him play. I thought Mike Epps was hilarious and this movie. All I will say is Mike Epps is on his way to becoming a comic legend. The multi talented Valerie Pettiford gave a great performance as Aunt Geneva. It was good to see Romeo play a grown-up. He did a really good job. Brian Stokes Mitchell played Mr. Watson very well. Pooch Hall gave a solid performance as Ricky. Gary Dourban gave a solid performance as well. Jumping the Broom is funny, romantic, and heart warming. I thought it was a very good movie.
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A smart film that is enjoyable for all.
writerjudy7 May 2011
There are not many movies that I recommend to people, but this one make me break the rules.

I had the pleasure of seeing Jumping the Broom at for a sneak preview screening on May 1st and I totally enjoyed it. People should totally tell their friends and family about this movie. I can't wait until it comes out on DVD because I am going to add it to my collections. Great job. They should make more movies like this.

The cast to the films was amazing. The script was good and there were some very funny and memorable moments. The story will resonate well with all types of families. It will make you laugh, make you think and even make you cry a little. I definitely think this is a must see film.
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LOVED Jumping the Broom
myrawardlow7 May 2011
LOVED Jumping the Broom...it's my favorite movie EVER!!! CAN'T WAIT to buy it on DVD. Angela Bassett is one of my favorite actresses. I have loved her since Stella Got Her Groove Back. It was a lot of variety of ages and great actors and actresses. Romeo acted very well and mature. Meagan Good is blowing up! She is in everything! I have kept up with her since Biker's Boys and she is great in The Game as well. TD Jakes is doing big things and is an awesome preacher/pastor! Mike Epps is a fool and will make you laugh in any movie! Hands down to the producer and cast of Jumping the Broom. Paula Patton is a coming up great actress. Loretta Devine always plays her part 100%. Laz Alonso with his fine self! Tasha Smith is a fool in everything. She's a great drama queen!
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