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What just happened?
benegesserit2024 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This review contains spoiler. Please don't read it before watching the movie.

Well, things are happening quite fast in this movie, mainly in the second half so I'm still trying to put together what really happened.

The story starts with four friends going to camp in a wood, one of them decides to make a documentary of the event (or about his friend camping as stated in the beginning). The tool of making the documentary is a hand-cam, so the atmosphere is quite the same we already know from several other films (not bad, actually, the only thing that disturbed me was the blinking light during the last about 20 minutes). The beginning is quite promising, our heroes arrive to the forest, tents up, campfire burning. (However, I don't really understand why they came by a kind-of trailer when they planned to sleep in tents... Well, I admit that it was useful for some subsequent scenes.) Night falls, strange sounds from the woods, next day a strange hairy creature in the woods, next night sounds getting worse, everyone is getting scared, they decides going home but one of them disappears.

This is the point when things are going wild and you better not even blink if you want to follow what's happening. And the point when the expected value of your IMDb vote starts to drop. Rapidly. Because from now on my perception of this movie was about like this: run- continuously bumping camera and blinking lights -dead body with neatly arranged intestines-run-some screaming (thanks God not too much)-a tractor-a strange place-please stay calm you are in a restricted area-run-hairy creature attack-run-some houses-another hairy creature attack-scream run-a huge complex-crazy zombie attack-reinforcement arrives-even more crazy zombie with hairy creatures-run-run-run-friend's head blown off-military helicopter-end.

So my biggest problem is: WHAT? I assume it was about some research lab (at a point we can see a revolving DNA on the screen-saver of a computer) doing bad-bad things to people and maybe animals and of course things go out of control and our friends here entered a place for camping they shouldn't have (this is all just a wild guess anyway). But how? And what? Too much things are happening in a very short period of time. I don't mind thinking during a film but I'm not really into putting together the pieces of some crazy puzzle when the whole picture will also be a complete mess.
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Well Made Candidate in the Found Footage Genre
Graeme Baxter25 February 2012
There's no arguing that this film is well made with a tight script and good direction, however, as is the way with most found footage genre films, is that they really have to have a "believable" concept and storyline, leastways, the storyline has to be one that doesn't come across as instantly ridiculous.

Evidence nearly gets there, but again, the action packed last 60 minutes are just too cluttered with too much going on and too many questions left unanswered.

The worst part of the found footage genre, are the opening character development scenes - they are either hopelessly painful, or, as is the case in Evidence, seamless and pain free with some good dialogue. Far too many of this genre, fall into the trap of not scripting properly, or, leaving the cast to their own devices and letting them ad lib their way through the scenes. Evidence presents a believable introduction and leaves the viewer at ease quite quickly with the characters and their reasons for the documentary.

As mentioned the last 60 minutes have to understandably pack a lot in, trying to provide explanations whilst still delivering the "money shot" - Evidence gets there, just, with some questions still left hanging.

It's advisable to watch through the credits, as the story continues throughout, why this couldn't be built into the main story, you're left to wonder yourself.

A decent Found Footage film - and it should appeal to most who enjoy the sub genre, just don't go into it with too many high hopes.

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Worst movie I have seen in years (SPOILERS! WARNING!)
Josh Alfaro14 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
First off, I just wanted to say this movie escalated rather quickly. I will try to remain calm, as I have just wasted 70 minutes of my life on this film, and am close to losing my faith in humanity, but I will try to give an honest review.

If the movie had remained with the four original campers throughout the 70 minutes, and hadn't turned in such a random, abrupt direction and kept the story revolving around them being hunted by a Sasquatch styled creature, it would have much butter.

However, the big mistake this movie makes, was hiring a Producer and a screen writer who, while on several different kinds of hallucinogenic drugs, piled on the most incomprehensible, shocking, ridiculous plot elements I have ever witnessed in my entire life. The movie started off great, as the group was being hunted by this Sasquatch like creature. 40 minutes of screaming, running, and boobs later, it turns so abruptly, it was difficult understanding what in the hell was going on.

Coupled with the fact that the way the movie ended, which was infinitely as ridiculous as the plot itself, this turned out to be a rather dissatisfying film. Throughout the movie,one of the two surviving girls from the camp does the most idiotic things in the movie, such as opening various locked doors, running into danger unnecessarily, etc.

As the movie ends, I was close to throwing a tantrum after the only likable, somewhat reasonably logical character in the movie dies, (the blonde girl) while the **** for brains brunette survives.

If only the movie had revolved around the four campers, and have just remained that way for those 70 minutes, it would have turned out nice, as I have stated before. BUT, the credits scenes with the special forces killing everything in that underground facility, could have just been the entire movie as well, and would've been just as entertaining.

Honestly, I would rather see faceless characters in balaclavas cutting down creatures with gunfire, than watching a group of idiotic jackasses running through the woods. At least we'd have a clear understanding of where the movie would be going if it revolved around the spec-ops soldiers in the credits, no? The fact that I would prefer the former over the latter, just shows how terrible this movie was.

All in all, this was a very confusing and disappointing movie, where if I could, I would give this movie a -10 stars. -5, to be generous. Seriously, do not waste your time watching this movie.

(P.S.: If I have to see another movie where the likable characters or main characters are killed off and the supporting cast lives, (like Starship Troopers: Invasion) I will relinquish my humanity, take the next space shuttle to Mars, become a space hermit, and live in a cave for the rest of my life.)
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Not again
chser45313 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Sometimes i wonder if the blair witch project should ever have been made- because of the production line of trashy copies in the found-film genre that have been given the green light by moronic movie execs. I've only really seen one decent one since, and that was made in spain (Rec) which borrowed off the likes of 28 days later and bwp, all decent movies. This is garbage. Like other reviewers have said before it wants to throw as many horror themes as possible at the audience hoping theyll swallow one - interspersed with some chase-cam footage alternating between the 2 leading girls backsides. I make no apologies for containing spoilers in this case - i couldn't possibly do anything to spoil the plot of this movie for you more.

The basic premise is quite simple -4 young campers get stalked by something mysterious in the woods and, oh wait a creepy old man has turned up, perhaps hes integral, hang on a minute, now there's a strange hairy gorrila sloth-bear chasing after them, no wait they've stumbled on to a medical testing centre, oh actually its full of lunatic asylum patients, ah right they're human cannibals too, they're wearing gas masks, maybe some contagion, ah yes here comes the US army to save the day, no wait the hairy gorrila things are back! but they have alien bug-faces now? Here comes the continuation-credits, thatll explain everything. Looks to have been one big failed experiment after all. Sums up the movie really.
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More confusing than scary
beritertmann9 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
If you watch this movie thinking it'll be an eerie Blair Witch-sort of horror movie, you're in for a surprise. I loved Blair Witch. This is just a sad rip-off with lots of bad acting and a confusing twist that raises more questions than it answers.

At first this is a typical "two guys/two girls go camping, drink, hear creepy sounds, get scared"-story. Which is fine. However the camera guy quickly started to p me off with a no way realistic reaction to the creepy stuff the group experiences. As the story unfolds the two girls begin to act increasingly illogical and in the end you have to sit through 20 minutes of running, screaming, "I'm gonna run out the door even though there's a monster out there"-decisions and headache-inducing camera work.

I don't know if this is meant to be the new Blair Witch Project or the new From Dusk Till Dawn, but it fails at both.

Even if I could get over the crappy acting, annoying characters, the not at all scary creature and the fact that I have to sit through the credits with all the flickering and static to find out what the hell just happened (apparently everything is explained, but almost impossible to read without pausing the damn thing), I STILL can't get over the gaping holes in the plot. An example: Why do the monster/monsters hunt them so intelligently at first - messing up their car, making noises without attacking etc. - and then later turn into blood hungry beasts running wild? This movie may be the worst horror I've seen in a while.
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Wow, didn't see that coming. One of the better zero budget FF horror flicks i've seen.
baserock_love24 August 2012
Yet another one of those rare instances where I'm compelled to review a movie because this place unfortunately does not require an IQ test in order to review films here, because if it did, there wouldn't be so many people 1 starring a solid zero budget horror flick because they're confused by...apparently everything. How somebody could be confused by a movie like this is just laughable, it's even more laughable they're not too embarrassed to admit it in a public forum.

As I was watching it it started out as your fairly standard but fairly well paced and creepy FF horror flick, 4 young adults camping in the woods. Weird things happen, sounds in the night. It was all fairly enjoyable but nothing terribly different other then the fact it was horror and enjoyable because lets face it, 99% of horror movies are crap. The pacing is excellent, acting is serviceable, I've seen better and I've seen a lot worse, the atmosphere is excellent, even throwing in a red herring that while completely mundane just really kicks up the creep notch a few. Whoever wrote the script made some great decisions even though it's all very blair witch esque.

I won't spoil it but when you're expecting the standard but acceptable "Everybody dies" ending, the movie completely flips itself on it's head and takes itself in such an unexpected direction and it does it so seamlessly I absolutely couldn't wait to see what happened and where it was going to go. Once things get rolling, like a snowball it just picks up steam leaving the final reel to be pretty much non stop forward momentum.

It's not perfect, there is some spotty acting and in the final reel, the zero budget does show, as the setting isn't very convincing but the shaky camera work and atmospheric lighting do a great job of hiding things.

Don't listen to the haters, if you enjoy found footage, this is seriously a gem. I loved my time with evidence.
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Rec Meets the Woods & Camping Gone Wrong 7.5/10
Chaosmetal693 March 2012
This movie is about a young adult, his girlfriend, his best friend and his girlfriend or friend and their camping trip and his expedition to film an experimental documentary on his best friend. He appears to be an aspiring film maker.

Needless to say we all know that this camping trip goes horribly wrong and its a "found footage" type scenario like Blairwitch, rec, Noroi, grave encounters etc. These are my favourite horrors because they put you in the eye of the beholder and feel more realistic. Other's don't like them for this reason for shaking/motion sickness etc.

Bottom line though, this movie isn't one of those creepy ghost like horror atmospheres of a horror movie. It's a lot like how rec was where it makes you feel very tense and the film itself is intense. It's that kind of horror movie if that makes sense.


The story itself seemed pretty standard, then had a twist to something else that was even more standard. However the delivery of it was very solid I thought. I have seen a lot of very bad attempts at doing found footage. I won't bother doing a list of bad ones but I personally thought this did a very good job on its delivery of the story. Some people might be confused by it but I won't say anything else other then I understood it perfectly for the most part.

Next off I'll address the acting. I have also seen horrible acting in movies like these but to my surprise all the actors/actresses were very believable and played well. The main character the one filming was only slightly annoying at parts and whiny but that is how someone COULD act in that situation so its all good. Even the brief actors that came through were great.

The scenes and locations they go to are very well done too which create a nice blanket of suspense the whole time.

Great sounds, effects, and general noises too. All awesome.


Some elements of the story while I understood most of it as mentioned prior, were still rather confusing and it felt partially like an incomplete "What the..." kind of moment near the end. A summary of what happened would have added another point onto this in my opinion.

Too much flashy camera break ups throughout the movie and near the end spoil a lot of what could have added more scary factors onto it. I know this adds more realism but if you were to see what actually happens during those times it would be much scarier in my opinion.


Strongly worth watching if you're into the genre of "found footage". Not groundbreaking like Noroi, rec, or others.

Don't go in with high expectations if you hate the genre. Trust me there's MUCH worse out there. It is still a good watch.
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A legendary American mystery finally solved: Sasqwatch is just a guy dressed as a baboon shooting a B-movie zombie flick in the woods.
Fedor Petrovic (fedor8)19 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
If you haven't seen the movie yet, then skip this review because it might contain a spoiler how it's about a wild baboon harassing teens – an amazing, groundbreaking surprise that I bet none of you anticipated; monkeys so rarely get a chance to shine in camcorder flicks, and when they do it's only chimps and gorillas that hog all the glory, so I was pleasantly moved that an ape other than a chimp or gorilla finally got a break.

Though far from me to suggest that it's only about the wild baboon (that btw might also be Sasqwatch, in which case ignore my little diatribe about baboons rarely getting shots at cinema glory). Eventually "Evidence" becomes a zombie movie as well, temporarily nudging the baboon into sub-plot territory. The baboon, not too keen on playing second fiddle and anyway already quite used to being the star of the movie, reappears just to show those silly zombies who's the boss here. From that point on it's basically zombies and the baboon fighting over the right to scare (or kill) the two girls. The girls don't care; they're just happy to scream and run, as that saves them the bother of having to learn actual lines of dialogue.

What I'm saying is: the first part of the movie is "Blair Witch" (i.e. nothing happens, apart from vague threats from somewhere out there), then a wild baboon makes its appearance (making chimps and gorillas all over the world very envious), eventually shredding the male half of the cast into bits, and then the movie finally shows its true colours: just another computer game about a secret military hangar where morally dubious scientific experiments had backfired, turning people into blood-thirsty zombies, while a Nintendo soldier tries to shoot as many monsters as he can. I think every 9 year-old already knows this premise by heart, down to its finest, most moronic/cliché details.

This movie's absolute highlight occurs only 3 minutes into the movie, when the sexy blond (Abigail Richie) flashes her boobs. That was a stop-and-rewind-and-drool-worthy moment, unlike the following 15 minutes which is barely-control-the-urge-to-fast-forward.

I'd rather someone had pointed the camera at her getting naked. That way we'd have a top-notch porn movie instead of this low-notch zombie/baboon film. A naked Abigail getting down and dirty in bed certainly beats watching her pretty head being blown off, mere minutes before the end of this computer game. Why didn't the average-looking brunette get her golova blown to bits?

The girls escape time and time again – on foot – while both their boyfriends got pummeled with ease. Perhaps the baboon is less prone to attacking owners of breasts? Over and over the girls keep entering secret installations, houses, and other property – and yet it takes them ages to finally bump into anyone. After figuring out that the baboon resides outside, i.e. loves the outdoors, why would the girls keep opening doors to get out after they'd finally found a place to hide in? But I keep forgetting that this is merely a computer game.

The premise is what… "we're making a documentary on Brett"? Ridiculous; a poor excuse to send zombie fodder into the woods. They couldn't even bother to come up with a half-way valid excuse for the teens to meet the baboon and the zombies.

If I could get a penny for every time someone says "stop filming!" or "keep filming!", I'd have have enough money to shoot "Avatar 2" (with the blue putzes as the bad guys). It's one of the most annoying clichés of the silly camcorder genre. The writers of these films are always in a dilemma how to solve the very obvious illogicality of the camera rolling at all times, so they desperately seek out new ways to justify it being turned on. In this movie, the camcorder's main raison-d'etre (or raison-de-REC) happens to be that "the camera is the best light we've got right now", at least for a while. Not a bad try, but how about when there IS enough light? Well, then "keep shooting coz we need evidence!" Evidence of the director's incompetence? They sure got plenty of that on tape.

"I don't know why I'm not turning this stupid thing (camera) off," moans the sexy blond. I'll tell you why, honey: because this lame hand-held-camera horror flick wouldn't exist without it, and without the REC button being "on" at all times you'd still be waitressing at the local pub. Their only source of light is the shitty little camcorder? Really?

It's rather useful to film horror films with a camcorder nowadays: 1) it's so much cheaper than capturing everything on film, 2) the audiences love that crap; anything that looks shaky, grainy or unfocused is immediately associated with "CNN-like news realism", and 3) the special-effects department doesn't have to work on full mode because who's going to notice that the ravaged corpse is badly done or that the zombie's make-up is shoddy when only a fraction of a blurry second of the camcorder's precious time is spent on showing it to us? You can always press "pause" though, to check whether the CGI and make-up are up to your desired standard, but then – why bother prolonging this average movie experience.
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Got lost somewhere in the middle?
atishtrisal15 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Woohoo! Another documentary type movie?!

The movie is all in all shot with a handy cam. The start was as usual as it would have been, but once in the woods movie was less scary then creepy. The plot got lost somewhere in the end. Couldn't figure it out what was the marine guy doing there? Why were there people like Zombies running for blood in the middle of the jungle. The creature (Another science experiment) looked like a ape covered in some kind of river "Algae". The story line could have been more interesting if there was less confusion in the ending. All in all, nice try. Better luck next time.
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I can sum it up in 2 words, THE WORST.
lorettathome5 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
-10 out of 10 BAD. This is the most confusing, schizophrenic attempt at throwing together 4 or 5 bad movies and hoping for the best outcome, which is THE WORST. It starts out as one movie that looks like its starting a pretty good storyline, then it gets intense and you think... oh this could be GOOD! Then, out of nowhere... the entire story changes and leaves you in the dark. If you think your following then, your not because POOF, it changes AGAIN, then AGAIN... then the army comes into i and you think its a holocaust zombie movie... You hold your head tight and endure it to the end hoping and praying it will all come together and finally you will understand. NO SUCH LUCK.

Don't even bother to watch it unless your so bored your into trying to figure out a movie all night long. It hurt.
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waste of time and money
thepinkrabbit5 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This so called movie is one of the dumbest I've had to watch for like 2 years. The actors are awful : specially the brunette : she reminded me of my little brother when I used to film him acting all scared. The plot is dumb and you only get it if you read frame by frame information that appears for less than half a second at the end of the film : All this is about a secret laboratory which is handling biological material that is DNA recombinant hence we got some strange monkeys who are in fact human being which were exposed to this virus/DNA stuff. they are yet not all monkeys because it takes some time before they look like that so we have a bunch a "zombies" which are still human but not yet bloodthirsty monkeys. The first half part is boring. Nothing happens. Really it should have take 2 hours to write the whole scenario and dialogs. Don't waste your precious life minutes on this. The only thing I will remember from this film is the jeans short of the sexy blonde girl...But anyway this is not a professional movie : the "actor" who holds the camera is actually also the writer of this crap and it's his first movie ( he's 30) so you can understand why it's so horrible..
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OK. This one was a surprise on so many levels!
the_wolf_imdb1 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is very confusing for sure. It does not explain what has happened and does not make much sense. But in many ways it is really surprising.

For start, the beginning of the movie promises another clone of Blair Witch project or something similar. The movie is very slow ans you start to build a theory that this is going to be some sort of "found footage" version of Hills Have Eyes. You cannot be more wrong! The last part (about 20 minutes) is incredibly confusing, surprising, fast paced and almost hysterical. All the theories built at the beginning of the movie will fall apart. You just trying to watch and understand what has happened. You just know something VERY bad has happened, not just an ordinary mass murderer or lonely witch playing with straw dolls. It might be zombie apocalypse or some super weapon or alien or something like that. An you will be probably wrong anyway.

The heroes are confused. You will be confused. It is not an easy watch, but it is most definitely original. This story is definitely not generic nor boring, but definitely not for everyone.
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Found footage film with all the things you hate about the genre
chaosbaron5 April 2017
The movie starts out with your standard slow buildup of characters conversing to each other, filming for no reason, creepy things being found or heard. All the standard clichés. Why I felt the reason to review this film was because this movie really went above and beyond with the shaky camera, screaming into the mic, and pointless static and video glitching. I couldn't even tell what was happening at the end of the film, it looked like you gave a 5 year old a phone camera and had them run through a haunted house, then added all sorts of shitty interference filters in after effect. This is too bad, as it seemed there were some interesting creatures and a stranger plot to be explored.... at least I think there was, it was really hard to see what I was looking at.
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Refreshing and unrelenting found footage
victoryismineblast18 January 2014
Two guys and two girls set out in an R/V to go on a camping trip. Once there they set up their tents and start drinking. Strange noises are heard at night and the next day while on a walk, they see a glimpse of a creature they can't identify.

The next night things get worse, and by the morning one of them is missing. The last 40-45 minutes of this movie I won't reveal, but are a complete 180 from the beginning and are relentless, featuring awesome special effects including one of the best head shots I have seen.

Incredibly, this movie's IMDb page says this movie was made for just over $12,000, but it looks like the budget was $1,000,000. I believe it adds something new to the found footage category and the end credits sequence is extremely well done. Worth seeking out.
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What Could Have Been......
bradleybarker711 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Evidence starts off as your typical horror film 4 teenagers camping in creepy woods, but then it all changes creepy noises that are nor human are heard and they will creep you out but then something goes horrible wrong and we are left with an ending that is not only stupid gory and dose not make any sense what's so ever. Evidence could have been so much more we have seen the found footage element to horror flicks before but not with a creature. There is most likely going to be a sequel that will explain more but at the end of the film you will be left with a headache from the shaky camera and not knowing what the hell just happened and why did you just spend 1 hour and 20 minuets if your life watching that. SPOILER!!! The creatures and not even that scary they look like over grown bears to me or maybe again because of the camera we never get a good look at them.

Overall Evidence is stupid in places and a little scary and the beginning but it all goes down hill with a dreadful ending.
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Why the negative reviews on this one.......
nightwatch477327 March 2013
This was a pleasant surprise....no actually I knew this was going to be a good one when I purchased it off ebay from a die hard found footage film buff. This is right up there will Evil Things for me. For all the haters out there have you seen Episode 50 or the Bucks County Massacre? Now those were God awful found footage films. This film hit all the right notes....decent acting, some gore, creepy tension and some great looking villains. Most people who liked this film liked the last 20 minutes the most but I felt different. I enjoyed the first hour much more and thought the less we knew about what the hell was stalking these kids in the middle of the night the better. I felt the last act of the film explained too much but it still worked for me. Evidence reminded me a bit of Chernobyl Diaries meets Zombie Diaries with a twist. Overall was coasting to an 8 or a 9 but I was let down a bit by the ending.
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Ehhh.........Dread Central needs their heads examined
shottielatina29 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have seen just about every found-footage flick out there. Like many people I was attracted by the trailer for "Evidence" when it came out last year. I was told that this was the highest-concept found-footage film of all time. Apparently, they were a liar. This has more similarities to "Blair Witch" and "The Crazies" than I could count, but I managed to watch it from start to end. See below for full review. This one gave me mixed to negative feelings. It's not a completely miserable film, but it's not one I would immediately recommend to my friends either. I definitely wouldn't pay to see it in a Theater; however, on a rainy night and bored at home, I might watch it for giggles. The first 15 minutes was surprisingly, mildly entertaining, compared to most found-footage films.....although Ryan (the cameraman) apparently has no clue what a "documentary" really is, because that is not what the first half of the film was. It was more like-- "let's **** around with a camera on our camping trip and call it a documentary" kind of film. Reality show is more fitting :) The second half, different story. It becomes obvious right away that the only reason for having the female characters is estrogen value.....Abbey flashes her boobs in the first 3 minutes and Ash (who is only about half as attractive), moons the camera about 10 minutes later. And don't forget about half a dozen F-words to keep things juvenile! It's almost as if the filmmakers put those things in there just to keep us watching past the dreaded first 10 minutes. Way too obvious guys. Things start getting CHEESY as **** when we first hear the creature in the woods......you can actually tell the sound effect was added in post-production because of the audio mix. I understand that this was a low budget production, but I think the audience would rather hear a genuine sound in the woods and not something added later. P.S. The sound is NOTHING like a coyote, and the fact that the characters suggested that is ridiculous. I did like when we first see the "creature," that was setup pretty well. But I hated the characters' interactions that followed. All the sudden after hearing a noise in the woods and seeing what is "probably" just an animal, they all act like the sky is falling. Not convinced, man! I immediately did not like Brett in his role. Not only is he not wanting to be there, but also he doesn't sound very genuine in his lines, especially during his Ryan-rebuking speech close to the 20 minute mark. I'm really glad he went missing first and was killed off. But later on, Ryan, who apparently has anger management issues, starts to get annoying. Too much fabricated drama that doesn't fit in at all. After that, I really started losing interest because the film just became too unrealistic, and the "scary" scenes looked staged. They all get drunk after only one bottle???? Doesn't seem like much alcohol for a bunch of young people who probably drink every week. The stranger with the Vietnam-vet jacket????? I actually laughed, especially when Brett freaks out about his gun....c'mon man, if you don't take a gun into the wilderness, you're unprepared. Shaking the tent? Taken straight out of Blair Witch playbook. It's just too cliché' in my opinion, trying to come up with scares that don't work. The thing in the bush was a good scare, but again, the poorly-chosen sounds ruined the mood. Loved the flesh in the shoe! But I didn't care at all when Ryan left. Around the 45-minute mark, things actually became interesting again. Running through the wood once again brings back the "Blair Witch" theme, but it was fun nevertheless. Loved the dead body! Awesome gore, hell yeah!!!! Around the 50-minute mark, I had a serious WTF moment. Now they bring in some stuff from "The Crazies." (This becomes more apparent later in the movie.) As far as the locations and effects, though, I thought it had pretty good production value. At the 60-minute mark things get cheesy again, and unfortunately we go even further from the "Blair Witch" to "The Crazies." I am not bashing the film for doing that, but there is no originality, and that's what really takes away from its potential. Pregnant lady on the table was pretty epic......more crazy people! And more gore! Lmao Ending wasn't the greatest, it really left a blank for a sequel I hope they never make. But I liked the end credits, the effects were great, and it kept me watching long enough to write down Brett's last name....so I can AVOID every other movie he acts in. With better actors and a more realistic plot, this would've been more watchable. I almost find it very hard to believe that this film was made on the budget that they claim. Maybe if everybody worked for deferred pay, with hopes that this film would make a lot of money at the box office (like Paranormal Activity). Anyways, that's my honest play-by-play review of the film. Take it or leave it. Overall 4/10
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OK...I guess....
Ryan Malone17 March 2012
Could of been so much better, started off fine 4 people go camping in the woods with a video camera.

Things start getting creepy but then...it all goes so wrong. If the movie stayed with the story like at the beginning it would of been OK and the end left me wondering what happened to the movie I was watching at the start. It's an average Blair witch rip off.

The actings not very good, you get a headache after 10 minutes, the characters make you wanna punch them.

In fact I'm actually getting angry over the way the film changed course I'm gonna go goodbye.
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Immensely "stupid"
gigilagx13 October 2012
This movie is stupid. Thats it. Overall it is fine, for a low budget 2. class horror found footage sub genre film. The acting is fine, the camera angles and editing is fine, and the story promised on the start. But it is stupid. The story is stupid, the characters are stupid, everything is stupid. And I honestly think that they could have put this entire film in 25 minutes. Same scares, same stuff over and over again. I can go over it once, twice three times, but after that it starts getting stupid.


Nice suspense atmosphere on the start, nice premise and some acceptable acting. 4 stars



3 stars from me.
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(Need to been seen on your own and in the dark! ) One of the better Found footage movies out there!
atinder29 March 2012
Okay, First half of the movie is very slow, a bit like The Blair witch project, we get to know about the 2 Guys and Girl and soon after they get fed up with the guy who's is recording everything and start to arguing most the of time.

The second half of the movie felt like I went to one movie to another movie.

The second half of the movie was bloody fantastic. Action packed until the very end of movie, even after the Credits , I was on the edge of my seat, Jumping here and there I actually screamed !

Really good movie, I loved it!

7/8 out of 10
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I didn't think it was as bad as all that Well, not the worst anyway
Im-not-all-here-myself25 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This film really wasn't that bad compared to the vast majority of the dreck that's out there right now. The acting was above par and the pacing was decent. The camera-work was....well, it's a shaky cam film, so buckle up and pop a Dramamine. I did find that the overuse of static and fuzz/feedback on the soundtrack was highly excessive to the point of aggravation. Overall, I would recommend this film to people that like this genre of film and to the viewers that have seen the movie already please drop me a line and tell me...

What the HELL happened?!

What was going on in the "military" facility? Who were the soldiers that assisted the girls? Survivors? Traitors? Guys trying to expose the whole thing? I assume illegal and immoral human experimentation was involved, but to what purpose? One guy even says "I cant believe they let it get this far!" WTF?? I don't need my plot lines spoon-fed to me, but a bit of clarity goes a long way in understanding the characters actions.

Thank you
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Beyond dreadful.
jackstupidjack19 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I seriously hope the makers of this film never get to go behind a camera again. Ever.

There have been some shockers in the FF genre but this one wins the prize as the biggest pile of elephant dung ever made. It is a shame as the film starts reasonably promisingly, however by the time anything actually happens you really want to see the characters die, especially the one who just screams 'f--- you!!! No one cares about your documentary' every time he opens his mouth. The last twenty minutes are so unclear and vague it seems the director and writer had just lost all interest in the film by then....

The only saving grace is the stunning Abigail Richie and the rather gratuitous close ups of her backside and breasts as she runs all over the place.

I noticed with dismay on the film's Wiki page that a prequel AND a sequel are planned. I hope these never happen. I actually wonder who approved this film for a commercial release. I hope he lost his job for allowing this horrible mess to infest the world of film.

There are no real saving graces here apart from the aforementioned Ms Richie. The acting is dire on the whole, the script written by a 5 year old, the story a jumbled mess as is the cinematography.
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One of the better "found footage" style movies
lc356610 August 2013
I've read a lot of negative comments & seen this movie rated quite poorly, I have to totally disagree. Most importantly, you MUST be a fan of found footage movies to enjoy this film, if you're not - forget it & go watch something else! Yes, at first it comes across as a little derivative of Blair witch, but there is far more to this movie than that. It starts quite slowly, building up that unsettling & creepy feeling that something isn't quite right with the camping trip. The character behind the camera comes across as manipulative and uncaring, a borderline sociopath. As his world starts to unravel, so does his mind and he becomes a real danger to his companions. Part way through, all hell breaks loose, the action ramps up and the campers are plunged into a living hell. The Actors all play their parts well & are believable. The plot is well thought out with unexpected twists and some great shocks & scares. Most importantly for me, this movie does NOT treat you like an idiot, you are left to work out a lot of what is going on yourself. Plenty of times you'll be asking yourself "WTF just happened?" and that's a GOOD thing! I hate it when directors feel they have to explain every little thing to you, like you're stupid! In short, it's Blair Witch meets Chernobyl Diaries, with plenty of genre originality in there too. If you liked either of those movies, you'll like this - I have no hesitation giving it 7 stars.
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It's not what you're expecting. Stay tuned for the 2nd half. Very entertaining addition to the found footage sub-genre.
Steve Nicola22 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It's been a while since I've wrote a review but its time to give props where props are due. Evidence is a film that could just be like any other found footage movie. For nearly half the movie you feel that you've seen this all before but I have to say that the acting and script are interesting enough to keep you going and it's worth the wait anyway.

The guy behind the camera, Ryan is making a documentary 'in the woods' and asks his friends to come along for the ride. While camping they start to hear weird screaming noises and want to leave but Ryan doesn't want them to leave as he cares more about making his masterpiece then the safety of his friends. You get to know through one of Brett's stories that Ryan is pretty cold when he wants to be. After lots of panic and more eerie screeching the pace completely shifts and the movie hits top gear. Suddenly you realise that this is much more than just a mythological creature or demon and instead it becomes more of a government/military experiment gone wrong. It did remind me of Resident Evil (RES) a little but it was much more convincing than the CGI riddled RES movies.

For the estimated budget this is a very entertaining addition to this sub-genre. The camera is extremely shaky in the 2nd half but I guess that was the director's way of keeping it as convincing as possible. It is a bit far-fetched and the creatures do kinda look like humans in gorilla costumes but let's not get picky here. Sometimes logic just needs to go out the window and you have to enjoy a movie for what it is. This is a Horror movie and not a well-constructed Thriller.

Entertaining things to see in Evidence: infected humans, alien bugs, furry alien gorillas and an unexpected head blown clean off. I'm a big advocate for indie movies and highly appreciate when one is done well, especially when using such a small budget. Stay tuned in for the credits as long as you can deal with flashing images as you get some clips there too. I wanted more and that's always a good sign.

If you like this I recommend Rec (not Quarantine) and Grave Encounters.

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