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Sex & Nudity

  • 4/10
  • A man wearing a red gown is in red boxer shorts dances and flashes in the streets.
  • Abi and Ashley wear tank tops and short jeans.
  • Ashley pulls down her pants to the camera and shows her bare butt.
  • Brett asks Ashley what her favourite porno is, but he friendly shoves her before we get an answer.
  • Brett says as he's leaving "On the next episode of Ashley, Ashley's penis talks to her vagina.," she then laughs.
  • Ryan creeps up behind Abi while packing her bags, and touches her butt.
  • Brett says about not having a toilet while camping and says "What if one of the girls has their periods!" and Ryan replies "What if you had your period?" and Brett replies "Use a tampon."
  • With Ryan facing the camera at the bathroom mirror, we see Ryan and Abi share a kiss.
  • Brett says "Everyone love watching girls make out, I think they (Abi and Ashley) should make out!" and then Abi and Ashley share a peckish kiss.
  • Abi and Ashley tongue kiss for about 3 seconds and then Ryan says "I got kind of a boner!"
  • We clearly see how Abi has her cleavage filmed and even shows her nipples directly in a close-up.
  • We hear half of a story Ashley is telling "...and I turn and she's butt naked behind me like flashing me off and she's like turn around, and this is so awkward."
  • We see a naked man running through the woods and into the trees in the daytime.
  • A man is seen in patient's gown we see a brief image of his bare butt.
  • A man is seen shirtless while attacking Ashley.
  • We see a dead woman's nipple on a operating table, the blood splats out of her vagina.

Violence & Gore

  • 8/10
  • Brett says to Ashley in the tent "The guy got up and went to the bathroom, Ryan takes out his swish army knife and starts sawing the leg of his batch. And it's still standing and whatever and the guy comes back and sits down and falls and hits his head as if he cracked his head open."
  • With the camera facing the ground, we see a dead mouse on the pavement.
  • Brett puts a leaf down Abi's tank top, and doesn't know there's a down steep and after taking one step she slips.
  • When Ryan is filming the forest, he sees a dead fish on the ground.
  • Brett shoves Ashley making her fall on the grass as a joke.
  • Ryan, Abi and Ashley find the RV covered with leaves and trees.
  • While in the RV Ashley is standing by the door and Ryan threatens her by saying "Get the f**k out of the way. Ashley! Get out of the way before I break this camera over your goddamn face!"
  • While being chased Abi falls and drops the camera and Ashley picks up the camera and Abi, we she her with a brief nose bleed.
  • We see a bloody cut on Abi's leg (after she tripped and fell.)
  • Ashley grabs and throws a rock at the mysterious creature while running.
  • Many infected man (there's not infected women) are shot by the army man.
  • A man (who is infected like a zombie) attacks Ashley, and then is shot by a man tells them to get in the pickup truck and then several other infected people try to jump on the pickup truck but the driver shoots them.
  • We see a small pool of blood in a room in one scene.
  • Abi, Ashley, an army man and another woman enter a room covered of blood.
  • An army man shoots a small crawling creature (not a insect.)
  • A grenade is thrown into a room where Abi, Ashley and a woman are hiding, Abi and Ashley manage to escape but the woman stays there in shock. After the explosion, we see the woman all bloody and dead.
  • An infected man leaps at Abi, but the army man with a shotgun shoots him in the head.
  • Abi, Ashley and an army man enter a room and see a man all blood and is missing everything from the waist down.
  • An infected man leaps at the army man holding the camera, and the camera (that's on the floor) shows the army man and the infected man wrestle and then the army man kills the infected man.
  • We see a dead woman on a operating table, and blood splats from her vagina.
  • Abi is seen running, and another mysterious creature leaps up in front of Abi, it then dies and we see it's bloody body.


  • 9/10
  • 62 F-Words, 26 uses of God, 11 uses of Shit, 4 uses of Hell and Jesus, 3 uses of Piss and Goddammit, 2 uses of Christ and 1 use of Ass and Bullshit and 12 exclamations (shut up.)
  • Ashley gives the "middle finger" up to Ryan (who's holding the camera.)
  • Name calling (Insane, Dicks, Stupid, Dork, Alien Gorilla, Prick, Idiot, Retarded, Bitch, Dip-Shit, Pathetic, Piece of Shit, Motherfuckers.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • 3/10
  • 2 drug references e.g. "Hey pal listen, I'm just glad you brought booze."
  • We see Abi give Ryan a small cigarette and he smokes it.
  • Ashley drinks a bottle of beer in two scenes.
  • Ryan gives Brett a bottle of beer (but says no,) then gives it to Ashley (she also says no) and finally gives it Abi and she takes it to keep him quiet and drinks from it.
  • Brett drinks a bottle of beer, given by Ashley.
  • A man drinks a small container of beer from his pocket.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • 9/10
  • The group hear blood-curdling cries and see unexplainable things through the night.
  • There are many "jump" scenes throughout.
  • We see the words "What is that?" "Did you hear that" and "Listen" written on three different trees.
  • We hear Abi screaming Ryan with the camera, and says "Something just shoke the tent!"
  • Ashley opens the door (of some house that her and Abi found in the woods) and the mysterious creature jumps from the roof and startles Ashley and Abi and they close the door.
  • When walking to the RV, Ashley, Brett and Ashley (holding the camera) hear noises again and the trees suddenly move and then the group run for it.
  • We hear Ryan getting sick after finding half of Brett's leg still in his shoe.
  • Abi and Ashley are chased in the forest in the dark by the mysterious creature.
  • Ashley and Abi are locked in a cellar-like room (after they run in from the mysterious creature.)
  • The mysterious creature attacks Abi and Ashley in the RV, Ashley flips down a TV monitor and we see a brief image of the creature.
  • Ashley sees something and the camera turns to it and looks like a bush, then it suddenly runs into the trees (implying that it wasn't a bush.)
  • Abi turns and we see the full image of the mysterious creature, this could scare some young viewers.
  • The mysterious creature (that is briefly seen) may scare some young viewers.
  • Overall: 33/50
  • Recommended Rating: R for bloody violence, gruesome images, intense terror, strong language, some brief nudity, and a sexual image


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Ryan finds Brett's shoe in the bushes, he picks it up and we see that half his leg is still in it (just from the ankles) and then we hear him getting sick moments later.
  • Abi and Ashley find a trail of blood and follow it and we see Ryan lying on the floor with his intestines sticking out of his body.
  • Abi and Ashley find themselves in a restricted area, and we see the mysterious creature running towards Ashley and they turn to run away but it grabs Ashley and drags her away.
  • Abi is shot in the head by another army man, we hear Ashley screaming with fear.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • After we hear noises the camera (standing near the trees) falls over, Abi (who's with Ryan) runs over and gets the camera and turns around and Ryan disappears.
  • Ryan finds Brett's shoe in the bushes, he picks it up and we see that half his leg is still in it (just from the ankles.)

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