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Season 1

2 Apr. 2010
A boy awakens in the afterlife to find himself among teen rebels battling against reincarnation and against a singular girl with supernatural powers named Angel.
9 Apr. 2010
To supply Yuzuru with a weapon, the Afterlife Battlefront travels underground to reach its suppliers, encountering a multitude of ruthless traps that take them out one by one along the way.
16 Apr. 2010
My Song
The Afterlife Battlefront targets Angel's lair, hoping for success through a genius hacker recruit.
23 Apr. 2010
Day Game
Yuri's aim, to diminish Angel's appearance of infallibility through defeat in a baseball competition, may result in the obliteration of another team member.
30 Apr. 2010
Favorite Flavor
Leading an assault upon Angel's spirit, Yuri and a select group infiltrate the classrooms to make sure Angel fails all her school tests.
8 May 2010
Family Affair
Now that there's a new student leader in charge, members of the Afterlife Battlefront test their limits in class.
15 May 2010
Yuri wants Naoi to use his hypnotic power to help Otonashi regain his lost memories.
21 May 2010
Dancer in the Dark
A heretofore unseen Angel ability presents itself as the Afterlife Battlefront confronts an aggressive Angel replica, cunning and far crueler than the original.
29 May 2010
In Your Memory
As Angel remains comatose after reabsorbing her cloned selves, the others wonder which Angel will awaken - nice or nasty.
5 Jun. 2010
Goodbye Days
Thinking they're answering a challenge from Angel, the guys find themselves in a sports competition against Yui, thanks to Otonashi.
12 Jun. 2010
Change the World
New dangers emerge - shadow creatures ready to consume members of the Afterlife Battlefront and turn them into soulless NPC's.
19 Jun. 2010
Knockin' on Heaven's Door
The Afterlife Battlefront engages an army of shadow monsters in one final, all-out battle while Yuri seeks the computer stronghold of the unknown Programmer.
26 Jun. 2010
Three days after her exploits in the underground computer room, Yuri awakens to a nearly deserted school. Nothing left to do but graduate this afterlife, which the final five do, ceremoniously.
22 Dec. 2010
Stairway to Heaven
Instructing Afterlife Battlefront members to act hyped-up all day long, Yuri hopes to force Angel into contacting God.
24 Jun. 2015
Hell's Kitchen
The Afterlife Battlefront members hold a competition where they attempt to kill each other during a picnic.

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