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In "Elemental My Dear Jasmine", a female villain named Saleen tries to seduce Aladdin.

In "Do the Rat thing", a Prince Yazoo tries to kiss and seduce Jasmine.

None in "Garden of Evil".

There is always some mild cartoon violence in each of the three episodes included in this direct-to-video compilation. But parents can safely show this one to their kids.

In "Elemental My Dear Jasmine", main characters and an octopus fight each other. Saleen attacks some characters using waterwaves.

In "Do the Rat Thing", Raja the Tiger chases any rat he can spot. Knives or swords are thrown at any small animals, but nobody gets hit. Characters fight over Genie's magical lamp.

In "Garden of Evil", Jasmine gets kidnapped by a garden creature. There are some mild fight scenes involving main characters and a garden master named Arbutus. Plants are often seen attacking the main characters.

Some mild insults can be heard throughout.

In "Elemental My Dear Jasmine", Jasmine gets trapped underwater as Saleen tries to steal Aladdin from her.

In "Do the Rat Thing", a mirror turns Jasmine and Iago into a street rat and a lizard for doing a bad thing, being theft in this case. Jasmine seeing a poor family may be the most emotional scene in this entire "Aladdin"-compilation.

Arbutus the garden master, who appears in "Garden of Evil", may be kinda frightening for some younger children.

Despite all the above mentioned scenes, parents can safely show this to their kids.


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