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The series has gained notoriety for being canceled on two occasions only for the show to be revived. The show was initially canceled by AMC in 2012 after its second season but was renewed later in the year due to a strong pitch from creator Veena Sud. After its third season in 2013 the series was canceled yet again by AMC and was nonetheless later revived by Netflix who ordered a fourth and final season.
Joel Kinnaman was ecstatic to hear that he could drop the F-bomb during the final season because of Netflix purchasing the show.
Mireille Enos did not watch the Danish original, The Killing (2007), before filming this series.
AMC canceled the series after the second season. A few months later, Fox Television Studios reached a deal with Netflix to co-produce the series with AMC and revive the series for a third season.
Veena Sud has confirmed in an interview that the show depicts the different geographical locations of Seattle. Seasons 1 and 2 depict the working class neighborhoods, while Season 3 depicts the streets and the fourth season depicting the wealthy part of Seattle.
The first and second season of this remake follow the plot of the original season of The Killing (2007) closely, including the many different avenues of investigation, such as the stolen politician's car, the Halloween party, the relationship with her teacher etc. This series eventually deviates and ends up with a different killer and a different motive.
Veena Sud confirmed in interviews that she wanted Rosie Larsen's murder to be a two season mystery.
The Danish title of the original series,The Killing (2007), actually translates to "The Crime" - not "The Killing" as it was called in the US.
Much of the incidental music in Season 1 and 2 is the same as The Killing (2007)'s first two seasons. They were both scored by Frans Bak.
Linden wears a brown patterned sweater throughout the show, a nod to the famous sweaters her counterpart wore on The Killing (2007)/
Bex Taylor-Klaus revealed on an interview that during the shooting of the third season she talked to a lot of the writers, crew members and actors to gather information about who the killer might be, to the point of actually figuring it out before the big reveal came on the show.
In The Killing: The Jungle (2013), Holder's girlfriend (Jewel Staite) comments on his tattoo "Serenity" saying that it's a stripper's name. She later says to keep the tattoo because, "It's hot." Jewel Staite played Kaylee Frye on the show Firefly (2002) and later in the movie Serenity (2005), where she was the engineer on the ship named, you guessed it, Serenity.
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Patty Jenkins directed both The Killing: Pilot (2011) and The Killing: What I Know (2012) (the pilot and season 2 finale), hence opening and closing the Rosie Larsen murder mystery.
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

Series begins and ends with a Crown Victorian being pulled from a body of water.
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