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When John and Lori are in the apartment at the end of the movie she has her hands on either side of his neck/crossed behind his neck between shots.
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At Christmas of 1985 a boy is opening a Nintendo Action Set which was not released until 1988.
When we see the shot of "Action News Georgia," the backdrop is of Atlanta. However, damage to the Westin Peachtree Plaza is visible. This damage is from a tornado that hit downtown Atlanta in 2008, well after the news report from 1985.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When Ted is bear-napped by Donny and Robert, and he escapes into the bathroom to call John for help, he calls from a land-line phone. Discovering him, Donny ends the call by disconnecting the telephone wire from the wall, yet we hear a dial tone. A land-line phone would go completely silent once its cord became disconnected.
When the band is playing at the party, the trumpet player clearly doesn't match the song playing.

Character error 

When John answer's Ted's call while riding in the car with Lori, John holds his iPhone upside-down (as evidenced by the lock button and headphone jack) for nearly the entire conversation.


When Ted calls John to convince him to come to his party John is seen holding his phone upside down. When it cuts to him again later he is then seen holding his phone the right way.
When Lori and John are in bed (before the thunder) John's right arm goes from behind his head to on his chest between shots.
When Ted is escaping from Donny's house, Donny is dancing in front of the TV while sipping a soda. The camera switches to show Ted running by the door, and suddenly Donny is dancing with his hands on his hips, and there's no glass of soda to be seen.
When Ted is taking a picture with the three girls in the park, the phone used to take the picture isn't on.
When Lori gets out of the shower, she still has full make up on.
When Sam J. Jones pours shots for the guys John's is seen full and when they go to drink the shots his is almost empty.
When Ted and John sit in the park and attempt to smoke pot, the bench is right next to the tree trunk. After they are approached by Donny and his son, they are shown again sitting on the same bench that is now several feet to the left of the tree trunk.
When John is sitting on the couch and Lori is hugging him from behind, he loops his necktie twice in successive shots.
During John and Lori's anniversary dinner at the restaurant, the level of champagne in John's glass rises and falls, without it being filled or sipped from.
In Rex's party, when John and Rex go to Lance Armstrong's testicle, they pass the Tom Skerritt picture twice in multiple shots.
After crashing into the Volvo the Jetta's hood is pushed in. But when the Jetta comes to a stop in front of the hijacker's house the hood is fine apart from the license plate hanging loose and some dirt on the grill.
When Ted is giving Tammy-Lynn the dirty fozzie, a worker and boxes are show in background. Next shot, boxes are gone, and replaced with customers. Next shot, boxes return.
When Rex goes to talk to Lori at her office desk, the shot shows him with his hair combed back, next shot, his hair is a different style with more camera light. In the next shot it's back to the original combed back look with the darker camera lighting.
When John and Lori are in her car talking after Ted gets them to talk, the Christian Science Bookstore in the background alternates between having lights on and lights off in the store.
When Ted tells John that Lori is going to the concert with Rex, it is raining outside the hotel. Shortly after, at the concert, the weather is perfectly clear with no evidence of recent rainfall.
In the bathroom fight scene when John falls into the bath, his hands go from clasped together on his chest to out sideways either side of him in sequential shots.
When Ted is first introduced to the parents, the cord around the electric egg beater changes position several times.
As Lori is driving, she is carrying on a conversation with John, but the passenger window is clearly rolled up (reflections are visible). When he opens the car door in the reverse shot, it is rolled down.
When Norah Jones is playing guitar on stage she has a capo on the second fret but when the song ends there is no capo on the guitar.
(at around 1h 25 mins) A car is seen driving left to right at an intersection. There is a sign that says "Left Turn Only" which would suggest it is a one-way street flowing to the left not the right.

Crew or equipment visible 

When we first see Lori's Apartment in the beginning, on the first floor window we can see the reflection of the camera crew from across the street.

Errors in geography 

During the car chase, they are seen driving from Boston proper through the Ted Williams Tunnel. Shortly afterward, they arrive at Fenway Park. To do this, they would have had to drive back through the tunnel.
The supermarket where Ted works is supposed to be in Boston, but the reusable tote bags for sale at the register are from "Best Yet Market", which is only in the New York City area. It's a different store name than what is on the cashiers' name tags as well.
When John and Lori arrive at Donny's house in Chelsea to rescue Ted, they are driving the wrong way on Chestnut Street (a one-way street). Donny leaves, with Lori & John following, going the wrong way on Pine St. (also a one-way street).


On Tammy Lynn's name tag from the store, it is spelled "Tammy Lynn," but in the credits, it is spelled "Tami Lynn."

Revealing mistakes 

During John and Lori's anniversary dinner at the restaurant, after John says "Let's just enjoy our anniversary dinner", the view of the street outside is clearly waving, as if it were a printed on a canvas and made to look like the outside of the restaurant.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.


When Ted gets torn in half, his "I love you" voice box is nowhere to be seen, yet from the scene after the Flash Gordon party, we know that it is right in the middle of his chest.


When John and Lori get to the dismembered Ted, there are no Morse code symbols on the Green Monster scoreboard in the background.

Errors in geography 

The narrator states John and Lori get married in Cambridge, but the limo is clearly shown pulling away from the church in South End, Boston.

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