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491 out of 633 people found the following review useful:

The real 'Facebook - The Movie'

Author: henry Feltham from New Zealand
29 February 2012

I'm still trying to figure out why this film left such a weird taste in my mouth. It's odd, coming out of a film and having NOTHING to say about it. Possibly, it's because almost nothing happens. They throw a party. It goes bananas. Stuff gets set on fire. Nothing you can't divine from the trailer.

It took me a while to realize why. There was a gaping whole at the center of this film. The message - nothing really matters, everyone should do whatever it takes to be cool, skinny, popular, etc. And there are no consequences. Self-destruction presented as empowerment.

This is nothing new, and I'm too young to be seriously offended by this sentiment, but Project X takes it to a higher pitch than ever before. It's like watching a stream of Facebook threads, links and comments fly past for 90 minutes. Intercut with whoops and heavy bass-lines. It doesn't feel like a music video. It is a music video. And about as satisfying.

It's made in the image of John Hughes films, updated for the Ritalin generation, but it moves too fast. I found myself wanting to say 'How about that scene where ... ' but realized that there were no scenes I found funny enough to bother recounting.

I know how this all sounds. Like a hater. But it's not. I just didn't care. There was nothing to care about. Nothing I hadn't seen in a dozen music videos a dozen times, but now, with a couple of fat kids thrown in. The only thing that leaves me wincing is the overtness of the film's nihilism. Screw everything. And everyone. This is the image of themselves these Socal kids are getting presented with. If it plays well at the box office - which it will, and nothing I can say will change that - it's the kind of thing we'll see more of. And more of. And more of. The same thing. Over. And over. Again.

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244 out of 358 people found the following review useful:

What did you expect going to see this movie?

Author: Nick Mong from Australia
3 March 2012

I know when to appreciate a movie with real meaning, and this is not the case. If you take this movie on face value - a humorous pure popcorn movie with no hidden meanings to teach you the values of life, it's pretty good. I don't see why it's getting bashed because for what it is, it was entertaining and funny. Before you go in to see this movie ask yourself what exactly you want to get out of it, if it's 1 hour and 20 minutes of mindless entertainment, then you're set. If, however you feel Project X will leave you pondering life and everything around you, this movie is not for you. Don't listen to the old people on here who knew what they were getting themselves into and still paid and saw the movie only to turn around and rate it poorly because it was below whatever expectations they have for a party movie...

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101 out of 156 people found the following review useful:

The Only Party Movie To Have Balls

Author: Steve Robinson (therealsteverobinson) from United States
2 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I walked into this film thinking this film is going to be a rip-off and be a stupid predictable party movie. Though some things were obviously predictable but isn't all comedies predictable.

Though critics have rated this film horribly I think they are wrong you have to look at this film for what it is supposed to represent. Mostly 15-25 year olds appreciate the film. But some people have to understand not every film is made for everyone and not every film has to be Oscar material.

As for the movie itself I loved it, it was a different way of showing partying in a movie. The film has some type of feel to it like when you finish it you feel you were at the party. Some people may complain about the sex, drugs, nudity, etc in the film but one thing that made this film unique is the power of them 'going there' like going way over the top making the craziest things happen in it.

If you basically do not have a sense of humor I do not recommend this film but if you have some fun in you and understand what it is like to be a teenager in this generation you will like it. Also I know some people say the film is not realistic in ways but it is one of the best movies to show how teenagers party there are teens that have partied like this but without the over the top ending it is very realistic.

The found footage idea for this film is what made it better a new concept and it is finally being used for a comedy an excellent job. Though I hope this film becomes a hit because I feel it is highly underrated it is no different from the 80's-90's party movies the only difference is 'Project X' shows everything that happens at parties.

You can say the fans of the film are immature but the film is worth seeing. Also it is nothing like 'The Hangover' nor 'Superbad'. Though the film is funnier and more over the top than the hangover. This film is just another classic that was supposed to happen but won't it has too many mad reviews.

I give this movie a 9/10 a perfect comedy and a good way to show what happens at parties. Interesting to see what happens through out the movie, it is very intense so you will be blown away at a lot of scenes. May contain lots of nudity and outrageous behavior but at least the film had the balls to make it right. Please see the film first before you hate a lot of you are missing out.

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210 out of 389 people found the following review useful:

Basically Superbad meets The Hangover, but with less interesting characters and a more exploitative, gratuitous, mean spirit.

Author: MovieAddict2014 from UK
23 February 2012

As a preface to this review, before anyone's knee-jerk reaction is to dismiss my opinions as those of a prude: I'm not at all opposed to "hard-R" comedies. In fact, I love many of them. But something about this one rubbed me the wrong way - indeed, to even refer to it as a "movie" seems wrong: there were scenes chronicling the party that basically devolved into mini-music-videos focusing on naked girls. And not even in tantalizing ways -- rather, these scenes felt creepy (especially since a lot of the girls featured are supposed to be high schoolers) -- for example, the director relies upon paparazzi-style upskirt shots. And because the movie is shot a la Blair Witch/Cloverfield etc. with its "found footage" style, it only makes these shots seem all the dirtier and more voyeuristic.

Moving on past that stuff... other flaws: The fact that the main characters were so clichéd and stereotypical of the genre didn't help, either -- the Jonah Hill-type character from NYC was sporadically amusing but overall just seemed to be trying too hard: the mandatory overzealous good friend who's obsessed with girls and thinks he has game but doesn't. So, nothing original or distinct enough to make him different than any other sex comedy character. He made me laugh a couple times, but that's faint praise.

While the first half of the movie is sort of dumb fun, the second just gets derailed by increasingly silly, unrealistic, borderline disturbing stuff - e.g. a huge sequence with a dude wielding a flamethrower at the end was not just stupid but kind of terrifying, like it belonged in a completely different film.

I also didn't like the 'moral' of the story or whatever you want to call its attempts to reconcile its events. Unfortunately I can't discuss it without spoiling the film, but suffice to say the "feel-good" moral closure of Project X felt like an attempt at Risky Business without any of the actual morality behind it. Not to mention the main character wasn't half as likable or realistic as the Tom Cruise character, despite ostensibly looking more like an actual high schooler than Cruise did - alas, that's why good writing is key. The only word I can use to describe the film is...sleazy, but not in a good way.

Think back on what made films like Superbad so much better than much of their genre: it was the characters. They said and did a lot of crude, dumb stuff, but they were rendered as realistic and likable kids and we could relate to them. When they were put in compromising situations - like an out of control party - it was funny because, as corny as this sounds, we cared. They weren't throwaway caricatures of teenagers, or one-dimensional mean-spirited idiots.

In Project X, whose various elements and characters are basically ripped off of superior teen films, you don't particularly care about any of these kids - nor can you relate to them. Is the film enjoyable? People in the theater laughed - I imagine it'll appeal to its primary demographic, which is the teen/college crowd - but I think years from now those viewers will look back on movies like The Hangover and Superbad and realize why those were better.

(P.S. Don't be fooled by misleading marketing -- while this film was indeed produced by Todd Phillips, he did not direct it. The studio is capitalizing on his involvement - and can you blame them for it when the Hangover films have made like a billion dollars worldwide? - but apart from a producer credit, he didn't have anything to do with this flick.)

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103 out of 176 people found the following review useful:

Douchebag: The Movie

Author: freemantle_uk from United Kingdom
3 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

We have all heard the horror stories of parties being posted on the Internet with events spiralling out of control. This story idea serves as the basis for Todd Phillips' (The Hangover) latest movie, Project X, which he produced. He intended it to combine teen comedies/party movies like Old School with found-footage films such as Paranormal Activity.

Thomas Kub (Thomas Mann) is a high-school student from Pasadena who is about to celebrate his 17th birthday. His friend Costa (Oliver Cooper) plans to host the most epic party possible at Thomas' house when his parents are away in effort to change their loser status. Costa spreads the word throughout the school and on the Internet, but the party is bigger than anyone could imagine. As Thomas tries to control the situation there is also romance in the air; he must choose between his long-time friend, Kirby (Kirby Bliss Blanton), and the most popular girl in school, Alexis (Alexis Knapp).

Because of the success of The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity, the found-footage genre has become popular, with this already being the third movie in that style in 2012 alone (after The Devil Inside and Chronicle). It's a cheap alternative, so now studios are trying to extend it into other genres, and an R-rated teen comedy seems as good as any.

But Project X is blighted by montages, using music, multiple cameras and cuts. The explanation for the filmmaking style is that it's meant to be a birthday video for Thomas, but it begs the questions of why film something so self-incriminating and also how did the characters get all this footage? Dax (Dax Flame) serves to be no more than the cameraman, not having a personality whatsoever, and he has a very voyeuristic filming style.

The movie pushes its premise to its extreme. It features 12-year-old security guards with Tasers, people jumping the room with skateboards, a crotch-punching midget and an angry drug dealer with a flamethrower. Considering the idea of using found footage is usually meant to bring a sense of realism, that was thrown out the window early.

As a comedy, Project X is not funny enough. The dialogue lacks wit and most scenes rely on more crude and physical humour, such as dogs humping things, because that is always funny. It does have its moments, but the best bits tended to be in the trailer.

As for the characters, Costa is big dick and one of the most annoying characters imaginable. Think Jay from The Inbetweeners without the redeeming features. He brags all the time, uses his friends and looks only for sex. He throws the party for his own selfish reasons. Of course the character was likely written this way to some extent, so Cooper performed decently, but deliberately making him annoying worked a bit too well. Costa was the type of person I'd personally want to punch—and then again when he gets back up.

The acting throughout is pretty good from the young cast. Thomas is a decent kid pressured into having this party who tries to keep order when chaos descends around him. It is sad then when he changes in a negative way. Jonathan Daniel Brown is basically a young Jonah Hill, and Blanton reminded me of Dianna Agron from Glee, a nice person and easily desirable. So why would Thomas' eye wonder to Alexis? There is a mean spirit behind this movie. Why should we support these people turning a suburban home into a rave and ruining the lives of the people around them ? None of the characters face real punishment. Instead, they celebrates their excess at the expense of others.

The R-rated high-school comedy always has an audience and I am sure Project X will develop a fan base, but it will surely attract as many dissenters as it will fans.

Rating: 4.5/10

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80 out of 132 people found the following review useful:

Vile piece of trash

Author: Neil Welch from United Kingdom
9 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It is Thomas' 17th birthday. His parents are going away for the weekend, admonishing him not to touch Dad's car, make sure Dad's office is locked, etc. etc. etc. All the time, Thomas' "hilarious" friend Costa (performed extremely well by Oliver Cooper) is pushing pushing pushing for Thomas to host an insane party to boost their credibility, his other "hilarious" friend (the obligatory fat one) is hanging around, and the entire proceedings are being filmed on an enormous hi-def video camera by a fourth kid who no-one notices. And, of course, hundreds of people turn up leading to the house being trashed (burnt, car in the swimming pool, riot police, trees in the street on fire, press helicopters etc.) Perhaps this is funny if you are a teenager. Personally, I found the Costa character (effectively Jonah Hill's character in Superbad only immensely more offensive, and the driving force in the events which destroy his friend's house) the most repellent character I have ever seen on screen outside monsters like Uday Hussein. It isn't so much that things get out of hand (although they do), it is more that Costa is pushing pushing pushing all the time with a total lack of respect for other people's hard-earned belongings or for their desperately needed peace and quiet.

At the end, after everything has gone horribly (and predictably) wrong, even Thomas' Dad, while watching his car being hauled from the pool and explaining that the cost of the damage will consume Thomas' college fund, shows that he is impressed by the turnout to the party and, back at school, Thomas' star is in the ascendant.

The message underlying this film is that it really doesn't matter what damage you cause, or how badly you screw up your own, and others' lives, as long as you come out of it cool and, as a parent who has had occasion to be dismayed at the lack of respect shown to my home by guests of my teenage offspring, I think it is a disgraceful message to purvey.

I thought that this was a deeply unpleasant film with a truly horrible central character (portrayed as someone to be admired), selling a perverse life lesson under the guise of comedy, which it wasn't. And the hand held subjective camera footage is getting terribly old now.

It is interesting to note from IMDb's user votes that this film has scored highly with the youngsters who would be the target for such parties, and badly with the older generations whose homes and lives and years of work would be what ends up trashed without remorse. I also read many comments along the lines of "Wow! I wish I could go to a party like that right now!" And I despair somewhat.

This film has absolutely nothing in it, apart from some singularly unerotic breasts, to justify watching it. I hope those responsible for putting it on the screen never work in films again.

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58 out of 90 people found the following review useful:

Just an out of control party

Author: Ryan Rogers from United States
14 March 2012

like many have said before me, if you are going into this movie expecting some potential Oscar material you will be sadly disappointed. The best way to approach this movie is to not expect anything at all but a bit of over the top entertainment provided by an out of control high school party. If you are too old to remember the days when you were in high school and attended a party that seemed to get a little bit crazy, I would not watch this movie. I think you need to have had some kind of crazy party experience in the past in order to take that event in your mind and multiply it by 100 times. But you won't HAVE to create that scenario in your head, because that is exactly what project X does for you.

There really is not much of a story. But that being said, there are some theatrical elements that will set up for scenes later in the movie. So in that respect there is a sort of a story line and a decent attempt at unfolding events.

The characters aren't THAT bad. There is some character establishment although they may not be entirely likable. While they do establish the characters, there is not much development. Right from the beginning of the movie you get a good sense of the characters and that is what you can expect the whole movie. I didn't think the secondary characters are too horrible either. The 12 year old security guards, an angry midget and the angry drug dealer all create for some great mind numbing entertainment.

Basically if you are over the age of 35 MAX, depending how young hearted you are. Or if you can't recall a crazy high school or college party experience to relate to, I would not recommend this movie. People are going to talk trash on this movie, because they were expecting something more upon going to see this. DON'T! Some people ask a lot out of movies. They need plot twists and turns surprises and thrills. This movie does contain some of that but in a dumbed down, mind numbing fashion. So don't expect anything other than some wild, over-the-top, epic party experience of the century and you should be OK.

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65 out of 109 people found the following review useful:

Amazing film. No story.

Author: zach150394 from Leicestershire. England
6 June 2012

Honestly, this in the strangest way one of the best films I have seen. There isn't really any story line apart from 3 guys throw a party and basically, it goes really well, then bad then worse.

But the film itself. It's such a different film and I think that's why it appeals, it isn't your standard party gone wrong film. The way its filmed from loads of different cameras and the humor in it is very funny.

I found myself cringing when stuff was going wrong as you feel as if you're at the party! This is why I think it will appeal to the younger generation rather than the older.

Afterwards it gives you a real buzz. Would recommend this film to anyone!

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39 out of 61 people found the following review useful:

Relatable and Entertaining

Author: Charlie Simpson ( from North East, England
5 June 2012

Project X is a film that, on paper, does not appeal to me at all. I predicted it to be a low budget film with some unmemorable gags and a poor plot. I was wrong. It was a surprisingly good film. The plot did, as anticipated, contain several holes and you couldn't help thinking "surely that wouldn't have happened" but after all it was based on a true story.

The film is based on some unpopular high school students, (Thomas, Costa and JB) who throw a party when one of their parents goes away for the weekend and it quickly escalates out of control. The film is seemingly shot by their friend Dex on a portable camera and some other videos in a documentary style sequence. There is a good balance of dialogue, montages of general party mayhem and Thomas completely stressing out and the films great for watching with a few of the lads.

The three of us who watched it were laughing consistently throughout the film and many of the characters were very relatable. Overall (despite being extremely far-fetched) the film was relatable, although I was hoping for a bit more development on the morning after the party.

Don't watch this film if you're looking for artistic credit, watch it to be entertained. This wouldn't have been a film I would have picked out myself but after watching it I would recommend it, although not one to watch with the family.

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72 out of 129 people found the following review useful:

X Marked a Sore Spot

Author: thesar-2 from United States
7 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let's put aside the fact that the found-footage genre is rapidly becoming a poor excuse for real filmmaking and a sad gimmick. Let's erase the fact that NONE of this would ever happen. EVER. And let's ignore the obscene extension of a clichéd 5-minute You-Tube video stretched for 88-over-long minutes that literally felt like twice that long.

The single worst aspect of Project X was how incredibly irresponsible it was. Sure enough, younglings will flock to see this, adore it and glamorize it to the point of attempting to recreate the horrible actions of the horrible individuals in this film. Since this movie or the creators have no soul or accountability to children, I can miserably see the next found footage "documentary" would be on how to make a bomb to bring to High School when no guns are accessible.

Speaking of indignity: shame on you Harkins Theatres! My 4:40 Sunday afternoon, half-packed showing was overrun guardian'less groups of preteens and obviously-under-17 crowds. Sadly, they seemed to really love, LOVE this movie, cheering and laughing at all the most inappropriate times, i.e. when these senseless, inconsiderate, thoughtless, brainless and evil characters destroyed property, hurt the innocent and worst of all, felt zero remorse about their actions/crimes. Eh, who am I fooling? Harkins employs the same mindset teens to run the front of the movie house, so of course, they'll let young punks into this Project X.

Speaking of my unfortunate movie-going experience, these two adolescent girls behind me laughed and laughed throughout, but oddly, not in the finale. That's when I cracked up. Yes, I did laugh once. You see, the main nerd, Thomas (whom I heard was "Sooo cute" by the preteens behind me…repeatedly) wants to be accepted by his high school peers, or at least the devil on his shoulder (Oliver) tells him that's what he wants. In the climax, he's being high-fived and cheered on by his "new" buddies when he walks down the school hall. I laughed in utter disbelief because of how incredibly sad I was that all of these losers actually lived through the party and how, if this were true, I will end up having to pay for their inevitable many trips to prison later in life.

I digress. The movie's opening is a set-up to a birthday party for a 17-year-old (Thomas) whose parents strictly warn him not to have a big party when they're out of town for the weekend. Well, flip-flopping Thomas is controlled by the most evil of all the children, his "buddy" Oliver, a boy whose self-esteem should be questioned each time he makes homophobic comments (Oh, did you know if you don't drink alcohol, you're considered a "faggot"?), racist remarks and insults against their third musketeer, the heavier-set JB.

During that small, yet, drawn-out opening of "Hey, Party at Thomas!" we have yet another unbelievable series of explanations in yet another incoherent found-footage movie to why one rarely seen psychopath carries a camera one-quarter his body size. Apparently, no one notices this camera in the classroom, in the boy's restroom or even worse, in the boy's locker room. That last one had me really puzzled to why no one seemed to mind being filmed while they changed or came back from the showers. If you didn't see this massive camera on one guy's shoulders while the other males are changing, you're either flipping blind, an exhibitionist or, as usual, the filmmakers can't always explain the flawed found-footage dilemma during 80% of the film.

I digress, again. All but the final 3 minutes takes place at the most incomprehensible and out of reach party of any generation. You will see the obligatory midget stuffed into an oven that literally could kill him. You'll see animal abuse that makes the tying of the dog in National Lampoon's Vacation seem tame. You'll see "High School Girls," whose ages range between 25-30, that could model the bathing suits off Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue's females. You'll see freshmen banned from the "festivities" while two 9-year-old Damien's work as security guards. You'll see policemen that get outwitted by a punk whose only legal expertise is from Judge Judy. You'll see two hot fight impractically over a guy who makes Jay Baruchel look gorgeous. You'll see five hundred perfectly placed and always water-proofed camera angles from the delinquents as if they're hands were always free to film with their phone cameras instead of holding onto the alcoholic beverages they shouldn't be having anyways for another few years. You'll see how both the movie's audience and the characters think it's funny to burn down a house with a baby in it. (Literally, my theatre's group of asses thought it would be funny to burn down a house with a baby in it. SIGH. If this is Earth's future, bring it, Mayans!) And you'll see how easy it is, when splicing the "found-footage" together, to obtain police and news videos.

What you won't see is any realism, or any resemblance to the real world; even MTV's The Real World is more genuine. You won't see more than one neighbor call the police – instead, they're busy calling the nerd's Dad and "over-exaggerating" on the party's extend. You won't see any adult with a double-digit IQ, but not in the fun/funny John Hughes way. You won't see a plot. You won't find an original idea or thought. You won't see a single female that would even come close to what a High School girl really looks like. You won't find anything intentionally funny. And you certainly won't find a single character with an ounce of morality.

And while this movie makes Jersey Shore ethical, Twilight's Bella a good role-model and Charlie Sheen appear sane, the only thing honest in this movie was the fake apology given by Warner Bros in the opening. Don't see this movie. Don't pay them into a PX2.

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