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An Honorable Man

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
6 November 2013

Damon sees the bite on his arm with the growing wound. Meanwhile Matt shoots Tyler and then he tells to Caroline that neither her mother nor he is compelled and they know that she is a vampire. Jenna finds that she is a vampire; Greta completes her transformation and Klaus brings Jules and kills her. Damon tells Stefan that Klaus transformed Jenna into a vampire and John returns and meets Damon. Jeremy and Bonnie study the journals and the grimoire to see if they can save Elena. Stefan offers himself as the substitute for Jenna. Caroline brings Tyler home and Matt breaks up with her. Elijah promises to kill Klaus while John plots a deadly plan to save Elena from the transformation. Klaus does not accept Stefan and kills Jenna. However, during his transition, Bonnie uses her powers and Elijah comes to kill his brother in the name of their family.

"The Sun Also Rises" is definitely the best episode of this Second Season. Unfortunately Jenna is dead but the good thing is that John is gone with his final redemption. Matt has juts thrown Caroline to the arms of Tyler. Elijah's betrayal was expected and now Elena can see the effects of her action resurrecting Elijah. How Damon will heal his arm is the great question. My vote is ten.

Title (Brazil): "The Sun Also Rises"

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Don't leave mad...

Author: Chalice_Of_Evil from Australia
10 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wolf Tyler, after he'd been shot by Matt and was lying wounded on the ground, was the most I've ever felt sorry for Tyler. I just can't stand seeing/hearing an animal get hurt.

Was happy to see Damon be angry at Katherine for the part she played in Jenna being taken/vamped. Katherine deserved that and much more.

I felt so sorry for poor Jenna learning that she'd been killed/made a vampire, then being forced to drink witch bitch's blood.

Poor Jules slowly having her insides wanting to tear themselves apart. No, not even she deserved that kind of torture. It's not like she was ever evil on a Klaus-level. She was just out to protect her own kind. She may have done questionable things in the past, but I felt sorry for her now. And she got a horrible death. Her still beating heart ripped out of her chest by Klaus? *sniff* Poor Jules.

I liked Damon's "Great, I was just thinking about getting a bite to eat." upon finding John at the door, then informing John that Elena would come back as the thing John hated most in the world (but nobody cares what he thinks).

I did believe what Jules said about her not wanting Tyler to be alone. I wish we'd gotten to explore their relationship more. I liked Jules, and having her as a sort-of antagonist for part of the season. I knew it was coming, but still sad to see her go. I'm glad we got to see Jenna's horrified expression at Klaus killing Jules. She may not have been human anymore, but she provided us with a proper and believable human reaction. Elena's starting to get blasé after all the things she's seen.

I felt robbed at not getting to see Alaric's reaction to the news about Jenna being taken/vamped, but I did like Bonnie wanting to save Jenna along with Stefan being willing to sacrifice himself in place of Jenna.

I felt so bad for Jenna, blaming herself for the situation she and Elena were in (none of this was Jenna's fault), and I was glad Elena took responsibility (yes, if you'd informed Jenna earlier about all this, maybe things could have gone differently).

All I could think during Stefan & Elijah's 'honourable' talk was "Quit talking and go save Jenna!".

I did love the part with Damon learning what Stefan's plan was and him putting his arm through the wall as reaction to it.

Go, Jenna! Taking a bite out of witch bitch! I just wish she'd managed to kill her. Foolishly, I thought that perhaps by drinking witch blood it would maybe save Jenna.

I had to echo Elena's "Go to hell." to Klaus, after what he just did to Jenna.

I thought Paul Wesley did an excellent job of conveying Stefan's emotions, from his guilt and apologising to Elena for not being able to successfully save Jenna, to his reaction upon seeing Elena drunk to the point of death by Klaus.

THANKYOU, Damon, for snapping the witch bitch's neck! She SO deserved it! I enjoyed Bonnie kicking Klaus's arse. That was a truly tense scene, and I honestly could not tell what way it was going to go when Klaus was telling Elijah he could lead him to his family members. I thought maybe Elijah would be sensible enough not to listen, but...sadly he wasn't. I did like Bonnie saying she'd take them both out and not caring that it'd kill her. Drawing out this whole Klaus thing is not something I can say I'm looking forward to.

Weird hearing Damon warn Elena not to come back as a vampire, otherwise he'd stake her himself (when it was he who gave her his blood, intending to bring her back as a vampire)...but then when he said he couldn't stand her being mad at him forever, it made more sense.

Jeremy's reaction to learning Jenna DIED wasn't even close to sufficient. At least Alaric looked upset. Damn you, Jeremy, you unfeeling jerk! John finally did something useful before he died. Thanks, John. Bye, John. Won't be missing you (but I liked that he cared enough about Elena to in the end give his life for hers. All John's other 'deaths' have been pretty humorous, but this one was quite sad).

I'm kind of annoyed that they rushed into the funeral for Jenna (and John). I would have liked more time spent on this rather than just tagging it onto the end of the episode. And it didn't even get to be the sole focus of the end. No, it came back around to being all about Damon. Somehow I'm not that concerned about him.

Through the episode, I was hoping that Jenna would somehow survive. Even when she got staked, I thought perhaps they'd find a way to bring her back. That's probably why the impact of her death didn't actually hit me until we saw her grave, as I kept wanting to believe that somehow we'd see her again. I'm not sure I can enjoy this show as much now. Killing Jenna seems unnecessarily cruel, and there were numerous other characters who deserved to be offed more than her. Shame on you, TVD. You've lost a great actress in Sara Canning (and after doing her a major disservice for most of the show, by not writing her more deserving story lines) and Jenna will be sorely missed. There were so many possibilities for her character and story lines that could have been explored (especially after learning about vampires/becoming one). It just seems like such a waste. The season final will have to be pretty amazing to make up for this.

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Do it and I'll take you both out

Author: ivo-cobra8 from Slovenia
2 May 2013

"I can feel it,it's happening" - Klaus Mikaelson. The best funny moment Klaus is turning in to a true hybrid and than he falls down i was really laughing. Greta you did made a great spell for your Klaus, but our Bonnie stole the moment away from you. At the end of the episode of the ritual, Bonnie attacks Klaus and Damon kill's her, than Damon took Elena away, Stefan say's "I am not Leaving,until he's dead". Klaus is lying on the floor and Elijah show's up and he say's: "In the name of our family,Niklaus..." when hitting Klaus, but Klaus talks him out of it, so Elijah take him away and save's him.

It proofs that Elijah isn't so honorable, man of word like he was saying about him self.

In the circle in Klaus ritual are Jules, a werewolf,Jenna a vampire and Elena twin and ancestor of Katherine Pierce ,Klaus kill Jules and takes her heart out. Poor Jules she didn't do anything to him or anyone, Klaus didn't even care he is so cold and ruthless here. Jules tears come down. Jenna and Elena still stays in the circle. The most sad moment is when Elena takes blame for Jenna but she stays by her side.

Stefan tries to make a deal with Klaus by letting Jenna go and take him instead,but Klaus stakes him in the back. Jenna attacks Greta bites her on the neck but Klaus stakes her and kills her,Elena is crying.For every fan this is the most saddest moment in The Vampire Diaries. Klaus takes Elena and he drinks her blood and he kills her.

John Gilbert who was Elena's real biological father made a deal with Bonnie to cast a spell on him to save Elena. A spell that Bonnie's ancestor Emily Bennett cast a long time ago on a women who asked her for her help. There was a story of a mother who called on Emily's services. The woman's baby was sick; dying. Emily cast a spell that would bind the woman's life force with her child. The child died, but the mother's life force flowed through her, restoring her to life. John sacrifice himself and give his life for Elena's life, after Klaus killed her, her life force restore and brings her back to life and John dies. That was tragic moment in the episode The Sun Also Rises.

Elena and Jeremy lost both their parents again and Alaric lost his girlfriend and true love, Jenna.

Back in the Lockwood's mansion while Caroline and Matt are hiding from Tyler which he is a werewolf now and he is trying to kill them, Matt shoots him but he was alright he was just wounded in front the step door.Caroline finally find the shocking truth about Matt,that he was spying on her and it was her mom's idea.Matt and her mom does not accept her been as a vampire.

Caroline see's Tyler in front the house so she takes Matt's jacket and put it around him. Matt dumps Caroline and hurts her, but Tyler stays with her and he cheers her.

There is a memorial funeral for Jenna and John. Elena,Jeremy,Stefan,Damon,Alaric,Bonnie and Caroline attend their funeral, while Elena's reading John's last will and his speech he wrote for her. John really loves her, he always will.

Episode ends on the funeral with Damon confessing to Stefan that he is dying, Tyler Lockwood bite him..."Tyler Lockwood bit me. It's actually more of a nip,really, but there it is.", You want to do something for me? Keep this from Elena. Last thing she needs is another grave to mourn." - Damon Salvatore

Damon didn't want that Elena find's out about his health she lost enough, so he was protecting her.

The Sun Also Rises is the best episode to a finale of Season 2 and about a ritual that Klaus want it to break it. Season 3 is actually even better than Season 2 of Klaus and his origin story. I can't wait to have it on Blu-ray collection.

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