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And Elena, Again, With Her Action, Will Be Probably Responsible for the Next Shows

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
4 November 2013

Klaus uses his power to compel Katherine to torture herself and he discovers that Bonnie is a powerful witch now. Maddox uses a spell to protect Klaus and he goes to the high-school party based on the 60's using Alaric's Body. Meanwhile Stefan and Damon transfer their house to Elena to have a safe house for her. Jeremy, Bonnie, Elena, Stefan and Damon go to the dancing party and Klaus creates a distraction to abduct Elena and Bonnie with the intention of killing her by overusing her powers to vanquish him. Matt lures Caroline and plots a scheme with Sheriff Forbes.

"The Last Dance" is a good episode where the death of Bonnie is fortunately well resolved. I feel sorry for the naive Caroline, and what might happen when she discovers Matt's betrayal. And Elena, again, with her stupid action in the end of the episode, will be probably responsible for the next shows. Why Damon did not bury Elijah's remains? My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "The Last Dance"

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Klaus encounters of the dancing kind...

Author: Chalice_Of_Evil from Australia
20 April 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Heh, Klaus asking "Who is this guy? Safari Sam?" - in reference to Alaric - amused me, as did him asking Katherine about the shirts ("Bad or badder?"). If Alaric is consciously trapped inside his own mind while Klaus controls his body, he's going to be grumbling to himself about Klaus dissing his clothes. I also liked him not wanting to bring Elijah back (that guy is indeed a buzzkill). And yes, the fun is most certainly just beginning - like the fun Matt Davis is having with playing Klaus. He must be relieved to finally have something meaty to work with.

Funny moment, with Stefan and Damon walking to enter the house which was once theirs, but not being able to since they signed it over to Elena. I liked Elena inviting Stefan in happily, but then asking Damon if he'd obey her rules (and him telling her flat-out "No."). The difference between her attitudes towards Stefan and Damon always provides humour.

Whoa...Elena actually attending school! When did we last see this? I can't remember. Heh, Stefan shaking his head at Elena showing him the 60's Decade Dance poster.

I liked seeing Bonnie fling Damon across the room to prove her point. Didn't like seeing Katherine's many-times-stabbed leg, however. Though Alaric-Klaus continued to amuse, like when he clarified to his vamp crony that Bonnie could hurt him in Alaric's body ("I'm a haggard history teacher. She could easily hurt me...I mean, not Klaus Me, know what I mean."). By the way, what is up with Alaric's hair? He's combed it up by his ears in a way that is sorta looks like there's a mini mullet sticking out at the back of his head. It's really distracting.

Klaus dancing was pretty funny, and so was Damon channeling Joey Tribbiani with his "How you doin'?" to Elena when he danced with her. Actually, I liked all of their dance together (including Damon's impressions of the last dance they were at - complete with all the high-pitched "AHH!" reactions he was making).

Klaus vs. Bonnie was fairly interesting (lots of bone-snapping goodness. Poor Alaric's body, though). Made for quite a show. That's gonna hurt in the morning. Good job once again, Nina Dobrev, with the reactions. Her portraying Elena's pain over seemingly dead Bonnie was very believable. And I am SO glad Elena finally addressed Damon talking to Stefan as if Elena wasn't standing right in front of him - that was getting extremely annoying and I hated whenever Damon did that. Good punch, Elena! He deserved it.

I didn't think even for a moment that Bonnie was really *dead* dead. This show has done many unexpected things, had lots of twists and turns, and taken more risks/shown more balls than any other shows I've watched in a long time...but truly offing Bonnie? Didn't believe it for a second (then again, maybe the show wasn't expecting us to? I'm glad they didn't drag out the "Is Bonnie REALLY dead?" question for long, since we already knew the answer).

Interesting thing Damon had to say to Stefan - about how he (Damon) will, at the end of the day, be the one to keep Elena alive. He is certainly willing to take more risks than Stefan, that's for sure. Damon apparently follows the rule of 'Whatever it takes', while Stefan follows the rule of 'Whatever it long as it doesn't upset Elena'.

I did like seeing Elena and Bonnie talking via the laptop, and that Bonnie apologised for not telling Elena the plan whilst Elena didn't care about that, she only cared about seeing Bonnie alive.

I also liked Damon's "I will always choose you." to Elena.

Oh, Elena...WHY are you bringing back Elijah and his bad hair? After all you did to stab him with that knife, you're now just letting him go? Not sure this is a good thing. Yes, I know you want to find another way to kill Klaus (that doesn't end with Bonnie dying), but do you really think Elijah won't want to off everybody upon waking up?

Although this was the episode with the 'big fight', I think I liked last episode a little more. Probably the best thing *this* episode had going for it was Matt Davis playing Klaus. And, huh, isn't anyone worried for Alaric's safety? I'm sure Jenna would know, if she had a CLUE what was going on. Where is she anyway?

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