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The Smart Katherine
Claudio Carvalho1 November 2013
Stefan meets with Dr. Jonas Martin and proposes to team-up with him to vanquish Klaus. But the warlock refuses and uses astral projection to send Luka totally invisible to the Salvatore house and save Elijah. However, Katherine avoids the removal of the dagger and Damon uses a flamethrower to burn Luka to death. Dr. Jonas goes to the mystic Grill to revenge the death of Luca attacking Elena, but Katherine lures him and together with Damon and Stefan, they kill him. Caroline uses her blood to save Matt after Dr. Jonas attack, and he is confused with the revelation. Alaric does not tell the truth about Isobel to Jenna, and she has a surprising visitor at Elena's house.

"The House Guest" is another great episode of "The Vampire Diaries". This time, Katherine is responsible for the best moments of the show. I liked the destruction of Dr. Jonas Martin and I believe that Caroline will need to compel Matt since he is not prepared for the truth. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "The House Guest"
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Is this burning an eternal flame?...
Chalice_Of_Evil15 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Stefan seemed unusually horny at the start of this episode. "Stefan, it's school, remember that thing we keep forgetting about?" - good to know the show remembers that both Elena and Stefan are supposed to be "students". Can't remember the last time we saw them actually attending school.

Very twist-y scene, with Katherine posing as Elena and tricking both Damon and Stefan, which led to Stefan choking the *real* Elena. It's scary how good Katherine's gotten at playing Elena. Was uncomfortable seeing Stefan be rough with Elena (shouldn't he have known better considering he was just with her in bed?). I'd kind of expected him to be more apologetic to her and more angry with Katherine/himself for falling for Katherine's act. The show's gotten real good at making it hard to tell when it's Elena and when it's Katherine posing as Elena. I did enjoy the scene between the four of them, and appreciated how much the three of them dislike Katherine/wanted her gone if she couldn't offer anything useful. Kudos to Nina for playing both characters perfectly (it's easy to forget Nina's doing double the work here).

I liked Elena's sarcastic "Maybe Katherine can join us." (in reference to the girl's night she was having).

I loved Damon attempting to toast incapacitated Elijah with the flame thrower. Thankyou for at least *trying*. Shame he's indestructible. When Elijah wakes up (which he probably will eventually) he'll be most displeased at Damon for ruining his outfit. Heh, Katherine's "There's so many rules, it's all very confusing." line - nice acknowledgement of all the crazy rules you've set up, show. Good to see a moment of genuine fear on Katherine's part when Damon pointed the flame thrower at her. Least she told Damon the truth - that she knew he'd die if he used the dagger.

I liked the scene between Elena and Alaric. "John's gonna end up dead on the kitchen floor if he's not careful."? I wish. Glad they acknowledged it was wrong/getting dangerous to not fill Jenna in on everything.

I loved/laughed at the slapping match Damon and Katherine got into.

Stubborn Manwitch and son were especially stupid this episode. Not taking Stefan's offer to help? Stupid. Wanting to resurrect Elijah? Stupid. At least Luka had *some* sense, but his father was a vengeance-fueled idiot. He only had himself to blame for getting his son killed. If he'd listened to Stefan, he and his son wouldn't have wound up dead. He sacrificed Luka's life in an effort to get his daughter back, then went all psycho killer after HE got his son killed (no, jerk, Stefan did NOT kill your son). Setting the Grill alight, possibly causing the death of many innocents, and then going so far as to stab Matt IN THE NECK with a broken bottle? THAT was full-on psycho behaviour. Matt was innocent, why couldn't he have just knocked Matt unconscious or tossed him aside? I had no sympathy for Manwitch by that point (especially considering he was willing to kill Elena). Luka, I could feel some sympathy for. He was the only half-reasonable one of the pair, was used by his father and died a horrible death. His father deserved what he got. Next time, LISTEN to the reasonable vampire. Stefan offered a way that would get them what they wanted without anyone dying, but they decided to go the route that would get Elena - and probably everyone else - killed (by Elijah) and which led to their own deaths.

I liked the trio's talk with/trying to cheer up Jenna, and later on her getting drunk with Señor Tequila.

As much as I hated what happened, the spell scene was well-done. I really feared for Katherine for a moment there (luckily Luka had poor aim). I was pretty shocked to see Damon set astral Luka alight and his nasty burning, though it's not like Damon had much choice given that he couldn't see Luka and Elijah was about to be resurrected. Damon's response to Stefan's question ("Some kind of crazy-ass psychic witch attack! Get over there and do something about it!") amused me.

I liked Jenna & Alaric getting some decent screen time/scenes together.

Candice Accola has a really good singing voice. I loved her compelling the lead singer of the band with her "You are going to let me live out my rock star fantasies and you are gonna be my backup." line. That was a really nice scene and contrasted nicely against all the nastiness going on elsewhere. Though, combined with this moment and their making up/kissing, I knew it spelled doom for Caroline/Matt. I was also very worried for Jenna/Alaric.

I liked that Damon isn't putting up with Katherine anymore, so his staking her/rejecting her/shoving her aside when they were in bed were all good moments.

I knew Elena would be cool with Bonnie/Jeremy, she's that awesome.

I'm glad that Matt now knows about Caroline/vampires. I felt his freak-out made sense, and I'm glad he/the writers remembered about Vicki and what she told Matt back in Season 1. Continuity! I was worried, though, that Matt's freaking out was going to lead to a tussle and he'd fall down some stairs or something and come back as a vampire.

Nice way of coming back around to the Katherine-as-Elena thing from the start of the episode, by using it again to get at Manwitch. Smart Move. Am worried what he did to Bonnie apart from giving her powers back.

WHOO! Isobel! So very awesome to see Mia Kirshner again (plus the fact that she went uncredited, so as not to spoil the surprise. Mia Kirshner's cool that way. They did the same thing in the second season final of 24). Oh, how the crap's going to hit the fan now that Isobel's back.
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