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About the ending!

Author: clarinetsaxist from United States
12 March 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The ending of this episode provoked a jolt of euphoria throughout my body and mind. Especially, when I have been particularly interested in near-death experience studies (involving confirmed claims) which show evidence for the hereafter in the real world.

The ending of this episode ("Os") entered rarely occupied ground for a drama of its caliber: a depiction of consciousness after death that wasn't ridiculously spooky or merely symbolic. Most TV dramas seem to adopt a presumption of naturalism. The supernatural and the concept of dualism (exceptions being shows like "Ghost Whisperer") tend to be explained away by more easily observable phenomena. Death is usually the primary threat in most TV dramas. Most TV dramas tend to promote or suggest the "finality" of death. It's as if without that perspective, most dramas would be much less effective.

However, "Fringe" has the confidence to annihilate the concept of death as final and come up with one of its best episodes. Furthermore, it's likely to continually grow in interest as the extent of this apparent possession develops.

Way to make a stand and embrace the hereafter!

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Whomever is behind the curtain clearly has their act together

Author: rwk2
15 March 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Once again we see that someone with a solid grounding and background in sci-fi is at the helm. This episode takes regular science, the laws of physics, gravity specifically, and turns them around with a "what if" scenario. Then adds in the human component of a caring scientist trying to help people out, so driven in his work that he regrets the casualties he is causing, but still won't stop. Everything about this episode worked. The security details, the investigative methods, the slowly revealed plot and motivation of the scientist, it all meshed. And that's the just the main plot! The secondary issue of "soul magnets" was teased throughout the whole 43 minutes until being fantastically unveiled at the very end. And once again, all along the way we were treated to a real fan of the sci-fi genre being in control of things, keeping the story believable, but with just enough red herrings to keep us guessing too.

Well done Fringe team, well done indeed.

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Captain John Harriman vs the Plugo-Zisteroids

Author: XweAponX from United States
12 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Alan Ruck makes a great appearance as a NASA scientist, Dr. Krick - Who stumbles into a Fringe Conundrum.

Two guys are seen breaking into a building. At first this appears "normal" - But what is "Normal" for Fringe? It seems these guys are climbing the building - But with one twitch, they are upside down. A Rent-A-Cop blasts one of them, and he starts floating upward.

Walter is having a Bowl with "Kevin" (Lost's and Alca-Fringe's Jorge Garcia) - Who tells Walter He's the best boss he's had. But Walter asks - What's that door, nobody goes anywhere near it - It's Belly's Office, Jorge tells him. Walter starts rummaging around Belly's old Office, and finds all kinds of fun stuff - One of these projects is called SOUL MAGNETS. File for future reference.

When Fringe is called to the scene of the shooting, they have a magic Floating Corpse for Walter to play with. The place being robbed was a precious metals repository, and the other floating crook that got away, did so with the heaviest metal there is - Osmium. Walter muses that the crook would not be floating away with it.

Meanwhile a guy ironically named "Koenig" finds Captain Harriman/Dr Krick at his NASA Office - He tells Krick about the shooting, and that he feels sick. They meet in Krick's secret Lab, and Koenig dies with streams of metal coming out of his eyes.

At the Lab, the mysterious floating body drops suddenly. Walter has an idea to check his blood again, and this time, he finds another heavy metal mixed with the Osmium. Peter and Olivia find Krick's Secret Warehouse and find the remains of more floating guys, all of whom were paraplegics. Walter has Astrid drain all of the blood from these poor guys, ends up with a small pile of Osmium mixed with the other gunk. And many gallons of used blood,. the Lab is buried in bottles of blood.

Dr Krick goes to a Basketball game where his son, also a paraplegic, is playing. He recruits a new victim. He injects the kid with the Osmium compound and the kid starts Floating.

Later that night Krick tells his son he wants to do something special for him. Then he leaves to Rob a Museum. But by this time, Walter has figured it all out and where Krick will strike next, so they are waiting for Krick when he gets there and they catch him, while Peter has to catch the flying Kid, by jumping on him and forcing him to fall on the ground.

The things that connect Walter to Krick is concern for their sons - Krick asks - Would not Walter do ANYTHING for his son? But Krick's son - He already thought he had everything he ever wanted, now he is out one father.

Finally, Peter and Olivia's new "Absolute Truth" accord brings them to Peter's secret lab where he is trying to get Data from the Shapeshifter Hard Drives.

But Walter is talking to Nina and he's figured out Belly's Soul Magnets - And that Belly would have already given them to the Host he wanted to use.

Back in Season two, a Bell brings Olivia's Memory's of the other side streaming back. In Nina's Office, Walter strikes the Bell Belly had given Nina as a Memento-

And back in Peter's Shapeshifter Lab, Olivia tells Peter - The Key to Decrypt the Shapeshifter Data is in my office - At Massive Dynamic.

Begin the "Bellivia" saga.

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