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Liz has gotten her bridesmaid's dress for Cerie's wedding (Vietnamese size 2). Jack tells Liz he's found out he is named in Don Geiss's will. All he wants is something to remember Geiss by.

Grizz is about to get married as well and Tracy announces that he would like him to publicly announce his choice for best man. Grizz doesn't want to talk about it yet.

Jenna is strangely happy. She tells Liz and Pete that she's met a guy. Liz thinks this will end badly.

Jack is left Geiss' pet peacock, Argus. "Hello, old friend," Jack tells the bird.

Grizz tells Liz he wants Dot Com to be his best man but doesn't know how to tell Tracy. He asks her to get Tracy to step aside.

Jenna introduces Pete and Liz to her boyfriend Paul (Will Forte). When they ask him personal questions it's clear something shady is going on.

Jack tells Liz the story of Argus. Geiss had owned the bird for decades. Argus used to strut around during the formative years of Jack and Geiss' relationship. Geiss and Jack had nicknames for each other, Senpai (Master) and Kohai (Pupil). During the conversation Argus marks Liz as his wife.

Liz tries to suggest ways Tracy could be a part of the wedding but not be the best man. Tracy sees through this immediately and points out he knows Grizz "since you were 6 feet tall."

Liz catches Paul fondling Jenna's jewelry. She and Pete agree they will follow Pete home and see what he's up to.

Kenneth takes an interest in Argus. The bird isn't doing well, and Kenneth tells Jack that Argus is simply old and probably don't have long to live. Jack tells Kenneth his new job is to watch over Argus: "He lives, or you die."

Tracy tells Liz the real reason he wants to be best man: Dot Com is in love with Grizz's fianc (whose name is Feyonce) and is tries to save Dot Com the pain of making the best man speech. Tracy tells Liz to help him convince Grizz.

Liz and Pete follow Paul into a bar. While Pete drinks heavily, they see that Paul works as a Jenna impersonator.

Jack tells Liz he doesn't want to let Argus die. She thinks that maybe he never let himself grieve for Geiss. Jack assures her he went through all the stages of grief instantly. When Jack leaves, Liz tells Kenneth he needs to help her with a Jack/Argus plan.

Grizz hands Liz a note to read to Tracy and Dot Com. In the letter Grizz says he has known Dot Com longer and wants him to be his best man. A despondent Dot Com says "I'm so honored. Now no one is getting hurt. No one at all."

Jenna tells Liz she is well aware of Paul's act. They actually met at a Jenna impersonator contest. Jenna never told Liz because she know she would be judged.

Kenneth tells Jack he heard Argus make a strange noise he's never heard before: "Senpai and Kohai." Jack wonders if a human soul could have been transferred to an animal body.

Dot Com tells Liz about his feelings for Feyonce and tells him she needs to convince Grizz to make Tracy his best man.

Liz runs into Paul in the hallway dressed in full Jenna garb. He tells her he is the "luckiest 'shman' in the world" and isn't using Jenna at all. Liz thinks the relationship works because Jenna finally gets to love herself. The two Jennas begin to make out.

Jack and Argus share a scotch. Jack tells Argus/Geiss he was the father he never had. "Goodbye, sir," Jack tells the bird.

Liz tells Grizz he shouldn't even have a best man, that the most important thing is love. The result is that Grizz makes Liz his "Woman of Honor," meaning Liz will be in three weddings on the same day.


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