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"30 Rock" Christmas Attack Zone (2010)

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Open with Liz telling Jack her plan this year is to travel on Christmas day to try and avoid as much of the Lemon family drama as possible. Jack's mother Colleen will be in town and he has invited her over for Christmas Eve.

The last thing before the holiday break is a promo for Kabletown. A beret-wearing Tracy says he can't do the spot because it isn't honest. "I will not spout your lies, Liz Lemon," he says before walking off. Pete tells Liz that Tracy has turned pretentious ever since he was nominated for a Golden Globe. Jenna does the spot without him, but starting weeping during her lines. She's upset because she was going to attend the huge New Queer's Eve party with Paul, but doesn't see a point now that they're broken up.

Avery is concealing her pregnancy while at work so she's been in the practice of holding large objects in front of her. Avery says she's going to spend Christmas with her family, apart from Jack, and Liz figures out it's because he hasn't told his mother about the baby. Avery is pissed he hasn't told Colleen, but he's worried because they aren't married. Jack also admits he never told Colleen he knows about Milton being his real father.

Tracy has bought the rights to a slapstick comedy he's made in order to keep it from being released before the Golden Globes and ruining his image. He tells Kenneth he loves acting silly but from now on will only accept serious roles.

Jack tells Colleen about the baby. She is furious, worried about what her retirement home peers will say about him impregnating a Protestant. After she leaves the room he calls Milton and invited him to come the next day. Liz goes to see Paul, telling him she is worried about Jenna. She thinks Jenna misses him and Paul says he misses her as well, but there is nothing he can do.

Liz shows up to Jack's dinner, which he is calling his "Christmas Attack Zone" since he's going to blindside Colleen with Milton. Liz is upset because she was hoping for a drama-free Christmas. Milton (who doesn't know Colleen will be there) shows up and Liz forces Jack to tell him about the ambush. Milton is furious that Colleen would have the audacity to judge him. An upset Avery arrives, also angry that Colleen is not accepting of the baby.

Tracy is going to screen his movie at a women's shelter. Kenneth thinks he's taking himself too seriously and reminds him people love to laugh.

Colleen refers to Avery as the "bag my bastard grandchild will come in," just before Jack reveals Milton. They confront her with her hypocrisy and he is left speechless.

Jenna wistfully looks at pictures of her with Paul, then calls Liz, still blaming Paul for ruining the party instead of admitting she misses him.

Colleen tells Liz, "This thing hasn't even started. Welcome to my Christmas attack zone."

At the women's shelter Tracy introduces his serious film, "Hard to Watch." He looks out at the room of sad faces and hears Kenneth remind him laughter is the best medicine. He takes off his beret and shows them "Chunks 2: A Very Chunky Christmas." The crowd loves it.

Before Liz can leave Jack's place Colleen fakes a heart attack. Milton and Avery believe it and end up coming over to her side.

Paul shows up at Jenna's place. He says he doesn't want to get back together, he just wanted to tell her his idea for a costume for the two of them. It turns out to be the exact same idea Jenna had, two black swans -- Natalie Portman from the movie "Black Swan" and football player Lynn Swann

At the hospital Avery tells everyone that what happened was the result of a lack of honesty. She wants no more secrets. Avery tells them she and Jack had been planning to elope in the Caribbean but now want all of their friends to attend their wedding. Milton and Colleen yell at Jack together and he loves it.

Jenna and Paul sing in their swan costumes. The women's shelter loves Tracy's movie. Liz takes the bus home to her family.


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