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Tommy carries his rare bottle of Irish whiskey into the bar. He's clearly already well acquainted with it. His knuckles are bloody. He lights up and Eddie tells him to take it outside. Instead, he settles down in the store room.

Soon, he's drinking and seeing Jimmy, who lectures him about squandering his second chance. Tommy tries to shut him up by reminding him he's dead, but Jimmy responds that he's a hero. Tommy starts fighting with his own hallucination, kicking the crap out of him. He tells Jimmy he's glad he's dead and he's alive.

Then grown up Connor is there and Tommy's haranguing him for riding his bike in the street. He starts throwing Connor around, telling him he ruined things between him and Janet.

Eddie talks to Mickey in the bar, catching him up on Tommy. Mickey wants Eddie to buy him a few more rounds, "a nail in the coffin."

Tommy answers a call from Colleen. He tells her he loves her and she's his favorite because she doesn't take any "s---" off anyone. She asks him to come pick her up.

He drives and finishes off his bottle as she tapes him on her phone. He hands her the bottle. He babbles about how Janet used to be fun but now she sucks.

They end up back at the bar. He promises not to tell Shawn if he won't tell Janet. Then they're back in the car and starting to fight. Then they're parked and she's trying to get her phone back and running off down the shore.

Cut to drunk Tommy knocking on Sheila's door. He stumbles down her hallway, unzipping and flops on her bed.

She clearly just got out of the shower. Mickey comes into the room with only a towel on. Drunk Tommy thinks he's Jimmy then passes out.

He wakes up the next morning in his place, which is totally trashed. There's green around his mouth and he notices his bloody knuckles. He goes to pee and sees that the phone is in the toilet. Franco calls, asking where Colleen is.

Tommy goes to the firehouse, where Franco immediately starts yelling at him for putting his hands on "her." He says Tommy went back to Janet's and terrorized them until they went to her cousin's house. The guys separate them.

Shawn tells Tommy no one's talked to Colleen since 10 p.m. last night. Tommy doesn't remember seeing her.

He goes to pee, then notices he's wearing a women's thong. Feinberg comes in, sees and says nothing.

Tommy tries to retrace the night. He finds sand and diamond earrings in his pocket. Tommy calls her and her phone starts ringing in Tommy's pocket.

Shawn goes through the photos and finds one of drunk Tommy and Colleen, then Tommy draped on a woman whose face they can't see.

Lou gives Tommy some whiskey to try to resuscitate him (e=mc hammered). They go through his pockets and find an address in Central Park West. He remembers a "Henderson's" sign. He remembers a woman and a beach. There are six Henderson's bars in the area.

Tommy doesn't have his wallet.

Lou, Needles, Franco and Tommy check out the Central Park West address. Tommy remembers a woman and a doorman. They get there and find the front window smashed. The guy out front tells them Alice brought a drunk home and he got in a fight with the doorman, puked green and threw the doorman through the window. Tommy runs when he's recognized.

At a Henderson's, the bartender doesn't recognize Colleen's photo, but offers Sean and Mike free beer.

At the firehouse, Janet is waiting for Tommy. She whacks him and he remembers trashing her kitchen and telling her if he finds out she slept with Franco she won't see their kids again.

Mickey and Teddy show up. Tommy asks Mickey if he was at Sheila's last night. Teddy tells Tommy he's been talking to Colleen about not drinking and she bailed on him last night.

They ask if Colleen was drinking from the whiskey bottle they gave him. They laced the bottle. Janet tells him he's hit rock bottom.

Tommy tells Janet it's all his fault, but she just wants him to find their daughter.

Flash back to the night before, Colleen taking pictures as Tommy drapes all over an attractive woman. She tells him her son manages the bar and points out a hot young dude Colleen's age.

Outside the firehouse, Sheila shows up. He asks her if Mickey was there last night. She responds by asking what he'd be doing at her place.

Mike and Shawn hit another bar, but have to wait for the bartender who was on duty to show up. They get more free drinks.

Shawn comes back to the firehouse and yells at Tommy for not being out looking for her. His phone rings. It's Jean, his friend from last night.

Tommy remembers making out with a woman on the couch in a house as Colleen goes upstairs with her son. When the son says they have condoms, Tommy breaks things off and drags Colleen out.

Sheila, Lou and Tommy arrive at Jean's place. He's describing the hot broad we saw in flashbacks when a middle aged woman answers the door. It's Jean. She got Tommy into the thong underwear. Her son comes down -- not the hot young man from the flashbacks but a gross fat guy.

She tells them they met at the Rockaway Beach Inn. They don't find Colleen there.

Back at the firehouse, there's a hot blonde there. Tommy doesn't recognize her at all, but she politely asks for her earrings back. She took a lot of pictures and he drained her bottle of crme de menthe, which explains the green lips. The guys enjoy the passed out Tommy pictures. She mentions her bedroom full of sand.

Tommy remembers Colleen stumbling down the beach as he counts to three for her to come back. Then he left her.

They arrive at Henderson's Beach at night with flashlights.

Tommy remembers more of last night, including punching out a picture of his family at home and getting bloody knuckles. Finally, he sees Colleen lying on the sand. She's out cold, but alive. Tommy scoops her in his arms.

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