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7 Jan. 2014
It's January, which means Nicolas Cage Month. The Critic starts the ball rolling with John Woo's horrifically outrageously overdone, but so-bad-it's-good, Face/Off. He enjoys what a loose canon Cage is in the film, and John Travolta is no slouch in the overacting department either. Also, Critic and Malcolm have to say farewell to Rachel, who's moved on to bigger and better things.
14 Jan. 2014
When Is Something So Bad It's Good?
The Nostalgia Critic breaks down the expression "so bad, it's good" by examining how some films can be so incredibly bad and yet still be entertaining, while on the other hand, other films are really bad and not entertaining at all. His findings may shock you.
21 Jan. 2014
The Wicker Man
Nic Cage month continues with Neil DeBute's unnecessary 2006 remake of The Wicker Man. It's...well, it's got Nicolas Cage with his brand of humor, and it's a very, very weird movie. There are killer trucks and bees in it too. Also, Critic meets creepy girl Tamara.
4 Feb. 2014
Ghost Rider
Nicolas Cage month concludes with the 2007 devilishly awful Ghost Rider. It's Cage in all his Cagey goodness as he tries to portray that flaming skull who snatches souls for Satan.
11 Feb. 2014
Top 11 Strangest (Yet Best) Couples
Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and to mark the occasion, the Critic looks at the Top 11 Strangest (and yet best) Couples the big and small screens have to offer.
18 Feb. 2014
Ghost Dad
The Nostalgia Critic's "ghost" reviews the horrendous 1990 Bill Cosby flick Ghost Dad. It seems Cosby could never catch a break with his movie career, and this film is no exception. Implausible rules of the after-life, bad acting, bad writing, this movie never stood a ghost of a chance.
25 Feb. 2014
When Is a Movie Just a Movie?
Why do people throw conniption fits over movies that don't turn out the way they'd like? It's just a movie. Right? Well, the Nostalgia Critic is here to investigate this shocking turn of events by delving into the history of film to discover exactly how, when and why we became so invested.
4 Mar. 2014
Are You Sick of "Let It Go?"
Seriously, what is it about that Frozen song that everybody just loves? The Nostalgia Critic and Tamara sing about the song, trying to figure out its true meaning and why it's "everybody's crystal meth."
11 Mar. 2014
Alice in Wonderland
The Critic chases a black rabbit down a hole and winds up in the curious world of Burtonland. To find his way out, he is assisted by the sweet, but dangerous Malice, and to pass the time, the Critic reviews the hack, clichéd 2010 Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland.
18 Mar. 2014
Top 11 Things You Never Noticed About Ghostbusters
Think you know the smash-hit Ghostbusters pretty well? Seen it a million times and memorized the film beat by beat? Well, as the Nostalgia Critic is here to point out, there may be 1 or 2...or 11 things you might have never noticed before.
25 Mar. 2014
Disney Afternoon
The Critic embraces his inner child as he and his friends gather round to relive the fond memories of the Disney Afternoon. DuckTales, Chip'N Dale, Darkwing Duck, TaleSpin, Gargoyles, Snookums and Meat, and all the classics are remembered, some more fondly than others.
1 Apr. 2014
What You Never Knew About Batman
The Critic looks at Tim Burton's smash hit Batman, a beloved classic to superhero fans and action movie fans alike, however he's here to look at what the fans haven't noticed before. One or two or 16 things that may have avoided your gaze when you saw this movie last.
8 Apr. 2014
So how bad could an animated movie centered around various food product mascots be? The Nostalgia Critic decides to hop on the bandwagon and review the 2012 animated flop Foodfight - only to discover that it is a movie from the deepest, darkest bowels of corporate hell, and the Anti-Christ of animation.
15 Apr. 2014
Top 11 GOOD Things from the Star Wars Prequels
The Nostalgia Critic has actually managed to find 11 things that the Star Wars prequels actually did right. Yes, there are 11 of them, and yes, these are the things most haters actually overlook.
22 Apr. 2014
The Swan Princess
The Critic pops open another can of Diet Disney to review the 1994 animated musical, The Swan Princess. He points out the poor character development, Disney rip-offs and needless musical numbers. After this, the Critic swears off Diet Disney for good, but in the process, stumbles across a bottle of Seuss Zero.
29 Apr. 2014
What You Never Knew About Roger Rabbit
Toons. Or in this case, just one: that lovable, stuttering oaf Roger Rabbit. The movie is a timeless gem that everybody has seen more times than they can count, however, there may be a few things you may have never noticed, and the Nostalgia Critic is here to point out 15 of them.
6 May 2014
The Lorax
Time to speak for the Seuss as the Critic reviews the horrible 2012 cash-in on the good doctor's book that was against corporate greed, but the movie chooses to embrace it. Nothing but clichés galore, a poorly represented protagonist, and endless pop culture references, and somehow, it was still a big hit. The Critic intends to find out why.
13 May 2014
Why Do We Love Stupid?
We seem to enjoy really stupid things. But there are different kinds: that which is funny, that which is not and that which is unexpected. Why do we laugh at some things and not others? The Nostalgia Critic will get to the bottom of this.
20 May 2014
Old vs New - Spider-Man
Old vs. New returns as the Critic compares the 2002 Spider-Man film series to the newer one. Which one was better? Which Spidey was better? Which villains were better? And will the Critic ever pacify that Hyper Fangirl of his?
27 May 2014
Is Juno Any Damn Good?
Remember the 2007 cult classic Juno? Everybody loved it, then everybody hated it, and it was talked about endlessly for months after. What was the appeal? The Nostalgia Critic analyzes this quirky teen-pregnancy comedy to find out.
3 Jun. 2014
Blues Brothers 2000
Remember the unnecessary 1998 sequel to the Blues Brothers? No? Well the Critic wishes he were so lucky as he is forced to relive every unfunny joke, forced musical number and forgettable characters. Yeah, they're on a mission -from Satan.
10 Jun. 2014
What You Never Knew About Gremlins
We're all familiar with Gremlins, right? Don't feed after midnight, no direct sunlight and don't get them wet? Well there are a few more things we didn't know about them, and the Nostalgia Critic is here to point out all 18 of them.
17 Jun. 2014
Jurassic Park III
At long last, it's time to review Jurassic Park III, the low point of the trilogy, so far. The Critic is dismayed to find Grant and Sattler's relationship retconned, the T-Rex biting the dust, and Tea Leoni's teeth-gratingly annoying performance. While he thinks the movie is stupid, he does praise its short running time.
1 Jul. 2014
After Earth
The Nostalgia Critic reviews "After Earth", Will Smith's vanity project that he hoped would make a star out of his son. Things didn't quite go as planned.
2 Jul. 2014
Nostalgia Critic Talks Transformers 4
True to form, the Critic jumps in to talk about the latest Transformers movie, warning potential moviegoers that they're in for the exact same thing as before, and that Michael Bay has systematically castrated all his male viewers.
8 Jul. 2014
Is Tree of Life Full of Shit?
The Critic looks at Tree of Life, that colorful mish-mosh movie about family dilemmas...and dinosaurs. He analyzes how much a film should be left open to interpretation and when it is and isn't appropriate to not follow the three-act structure.
15 Jul. 2014
The Three Schmuckheads: Critic, Linkara and Spoony reunite for another Uwe Boll travesty. This time it's BloodRayne, Boll's little outing into the vampire phenomenon. It's dark, violent and makes no freakin' sense, but the boys still have a blast sucking it dry.
22 Jul. 2014
What You Never Knew About Hot Fuzz
The Critic looks at that 2007 satirical British comedy about that long, shaky arm of the law, and finds 14 different things that regular viewers of the movie may very well have missed.
29 Jul. 2014
The Purge
The Critic balks at the 2013 horror thriller The Purge. He points out how illogical the whole idea is and how serious the movie takes it. He does however relish the over-acting villain. Meanwhile, a maniacal Film Brain demands the Critic do a crossover with him, lest he destroy the entire studio.
5 Aug. 2014
Top 11 Best Film Trailers
Despite WatchMojo recently putting out a Top 10 Trailers video themselves, the Critic says screw that and releases his own, naming his Top 11 choices for best movie trailers. Why Top 11? Because he likes to go one step beyond (WatchMojo).
12 Aug. 2014
Small Soldiers
The Critic reviews Small Soldiers, a film that is essentially what would happen if you threw Toy Story and Gremlins into a blender: the perfect recipe for late '90s clichéd, sado-masochist nightmare fuel, as only Joe Dante can make.
19 Aug. 2014
What You Never Knew About Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Cowabunga, dudes and dudettes. The totally gnarly Nostalgia Critic looks back on the original 1990 bodacious Ninja Turtles flick, and points out 15 radical factoids about this awesome film you totally never saw before.
26 Aug. 2014
The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
Hyper Fangirl coaxes the Nostalgia Critic to her 'humble' abode to make him review Princess Diaries 2: Royal Boogaloo with her. The movie is a stupid, cliché-ridden waste of time, but the Critic feels he must endure...lest he be picked off by the assassin who keeps following him around.
2 Sep. 2014
Does "American Beauty" Still Hold Up?
The Critic analyzes the 1999 award-winning American Beauty. It's just an innocent, laid-back late-90s flick about the conflicting view points of young and old, right? The Critic discovers there's more than meets the eye.
9 Sep. 2014
Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance
The Critic gears up to review Ghost Rider 2, when suddenly local British Person Mike J. cuts in and demands he review the film with him. It's a poorly shot movie with overused special effects, but at least they get to see ol' Nicolas Cage-out as only he can.
16 Sep. 2014
Top 11 Worst Avatar Episodes
Sure, the Nostalgia Critic is a big fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender. But all good shows have their share of bad episodes, and so the Critic decides to count down his personal Top 11 worst.
23 Sep. 2014
Top 11 Best Avatars
The Nostalgia Critic, along with special guest and Avatar veteran Dante Basco go through their personal choices for the Top 11 Best Avatar Episodes.
30 Sep. 2014
Is Eyes Wide Shut Just Artsy Porn?
The Nostalgia Critic examines Stanley Kubrick's final film, Eyes Wide Shut. Is it just a pretentious excuse for T&A, or are there underlying themes in the imagery and character actions? The Critic digs deep below the surface to find out.
7 Oct. 2014
Maximum Overdrive
Nostalgiaween 2014 kicks off true to form with a Stephen King movie. It has every King trope in the book, which the Critic knocks, only to be contradicted by the Troperaiser.
14 Oct. 2014
Top 11 New Halloween Classics
The Critic does a Top 11 countdown to find a new batch of horror classics to watch on All Hallow's Eve.
21 Oct. 2014
Monster Squad
The Nostalgia Critic and friends start their own little token troop as they review the "kid friendly" eighties romp Monster Squad.
28 Oct. 2014
Is Sleepy Hollow Secretly Brilliant?
The Critic closes out Nostalgiaween 2014 by looking at Tim Burton's live action adaptation of Sleepy Hollow. He finds he can't make heads nor tails of it and wonders if it was intentionally supposed to be a bad film. His findings may leave you "hammered."
4 Nov. 2014
Rise of the Commercials
Time for more nostalgic commercials. The Critic gears up to watch all the fun as he experiences tortured Crash Test Dummies, similar toys for girls and boys, epic laser tag, nightmare fuel Nintendo, a bizarre Diaper Surprise, Ninja Turtles galore, douching, and another Canadian gem which teaches kids not to put things in their mouths.
11 Nov. 2014
Is There Another Good Shyamalan Movie?
The Critic looks at a Shyamalan movie...that he actually likes? He explains the messages that are left to interpretation, the underlying themes of good and evil, and how, even for a Shyamalan film, it's surprisingly subtle and brilliant.
18 Nov. 2014
Forest Warrior
An event five years in the making comes to pass when The Nostalgia Critic and Film Brain finally team up for a crossover review. And what better way to celebrate this union than with a cheesy Chuck Norris film where he turns into a bear.
25 Nov. 2014
What You Never Knew About Planes, Trains & Automobiles
Those aren't pillows. Those are 16 things about Planes, Trains and Automobiles you may have never noticed before. In light of the Thanksgiving season, the Critic analyzes one of John Hughes' best movies to show long-time viewers what they might have missed.
2 Dec. 2014
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
The Nostalgia Critic welcomes in the Christmas season in an uncharacteristically calm fashion, and reviews the animated adaptation of that classic Christmas song: Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer. It follows the song to a tee as Grandma is kidnapped by Santa, who is then arrested for it and greedy Cousin Mel sets out to sell Grandma's multi-million dollar business. What were they smoking?
9 Dec. 2014
Overlooked Christmas Specials
The Critic decides to give credit where it's due and look at some Christmas specials most people overlook, and tells us why it's a good idea to give them our attention this holiday season. From Bad Santa to Futurama to Pee-Wee's Christmas Special to Rifftrax, each one has something festive to offer in their own unique ways.
16 Dec. 2014
A Christmas Story 2
Being a fan of the original Christmas Story, though a bit put-off by its over-abundance of merchandising, the Nostalgia Critic takes a look at the unnecessary 2012 follow-up. It sucks donkey balls in every respect, from acting to writing to over-used narration to Ralphie's immature day dreams. It really puts the Critic's Christmas spirit to the ultimate test. Fortunately, Hyper Fangirl and her Assassin are here to try and restore his faith.
23 Dec. 2014
What You Never Knew About Christmas Vacation
In light of the hap-hap-happiest season of the year, a giddy Nostalgia Critic looks at the hilarious 1989 Christmas classic: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. And when Santa squeezes his fat wide ass down that chimney tonight, he's going to find the jolliest 19 things about this movie that may have been overlooked.
30 Dec. 2014
Care Bears Nutcracker Suite
To pull himself out of his post-Christmas funk, the Critic goes to a showing of The Care Bears Nutcracker Suite. It's your simple, basic Nutcracker re-telling with the Care Bears, but with annoying voice acting, poorly hidden plot twists and reused character designs.
28 Jan. 2014
In Loving Memory of Justin Carmical
Doug Walker ditches his Nostalgia Critic persona to pay tribute to former Channel Awesome Producer, Justin Carmical (aka JewWario) who committed suicide on January 24, 2014.
15 May 2014
The Uncanny Valley: DVD
As a special Uncanny Valley DVD incentive, The Nostalgia Critic reviews all 5 short films that were included in The Uncanny Valley, the That Guy with the Glasses' Fifth Anniversary Special.
24 Jun. 2014
Doug's Top 10 Hottest Women
While on vacation, Doug steps out of character to list his personal ten of the women he has the hots for. Er, I mean, his top ten list of hottest female characters.