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All the Looney Tunes Movies

When people think of Looney Tunes movies, they usually think of Space Jam. However, there were other Looney Tunes movies - besides Back in Action. And so the Nostalgia Critic takes us back to the late '70s to the late '...

Season 1

Jul. 2007
Transformers: The Movie Review
The Nostalgia Critic begins his reviewing career with a quick review of Michael Bay's adaptation of "Transformers."
Jul. 2007
Drug Cartoon Special
Nostalgic disappointment abound when the The Nostalgia Critic reviews the VHS of "Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue", a crossover of epic (and educational) proportions. From Simon from "Alvin and the Chipmunks" discussing marijuana, to cheesy songs about saying no to drugs, to a speech by H.W. Bush himself, The Critic attempts to survive this byproduct of his drug-riddled childhood. will he?
Jul. 2007
Cloverfield Trailer Review
The critic talks about the trailer of clover filed.
Jul. 2007
Power Rangers: A Look Back
The Critic decides to review the 1995 film, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie.
Jul. 2007
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Launch
The Critic is among the many Harry Potter fans anticipating the midnight release of the final Harry Potter book, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."
13 Sep. 2007
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
An avid fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Critic reviews all three of the live-action Turtle movies, but is disappointed by how poorly they hold up.
Oct. 2007
Top 11 Scariest Nostalgic Moments
The critic does his first top 11 list.
31 Oct. 2007
Super Mario Bros.: The Movie
The Critic reviews the 1993 live-action adaptation of Super Mario Bros. He feels that it does the game, as well as movies in general, a grave injustice.
18 Jan. 2008
J.J. Abrams' monster movie "Cloverfield" is finally released and, upon seeing it, the Nostalgia Critic is disappointed that the monster in question is just a monster. Giving his opinion on the film, he then proceeds to re-enact the movie using his hand-held VHS camera.
3 Feb. 2008
Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat: The Movie Reviews - Part 1
In this two-part episode, the Critic reviews two of the most popular fighting games that became really bad movies. First up: Street Fighter, a movie saved only by the performance of the late Raul Julia as M. Bison.
3 Feb. 2008
Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat: The Movie Reviews - Part 2
In the conclusion of this 2-part episode, the Critic reviews the other bad movie based on a popular fighting game: Mortal Kombat, a movie weighed down by Johnny Cage's bad quips.
29 Feb. 2008
Space Jam
When the Critic reviews Space Jam, he becomes extremely dismayed, being a big fan of the old school Looney Tunes, he dislikes all the new-age humor and winks to the audience. That and the prospect of a sexualized cartoon bunny is quite sickening to him.
18 Apr. 2008
Angry Video Game Nerd Rant
The Critic becomes annoyed by all of the Nerd's fans comparing them, and tells him to just admit that the Critic is superior.
19 Apr. 2008
Angry Video Game Nerd Rant: Part 2
When the Nerd responds to the Critic's rant by claiming to be a fan of his, the Critic searches to uncover the inevitable hidden insult.
20 Apr. 2008
Pokemon the Movie
The critic despite not having any knowledge of the franchise he reviews Pokémon the first movie.
27 Apr. 2008
AVGN Wizard Rant
The Critic is outraged to discover that the Nerd plans to beat him to a review of the movie "The Wizard", and believes he is doing it out of petty jealousy.
4 May 2008
The Wizard
The Critic reviews the movie "The Wizard" and comes to the conclusion that it's more fun to play video games than to watch people play them, and suspects nobody from the movie went on to have a career...or did they?
11 May 2008
Top 11 Naughtiest Moments in Animaniacs
The Critic praises Animaniacs for being written just as much for adults as for children, and cites examples.
23 May 2008
Batman and Robin
The Critic reviews the worst Batman movie ever made, becomes particularly outraged at the Bat-Credit Card, and concludes with a rousing musical number.
1 Jun. 2008
Top 11 Catchiest Theme Songs
The Critic recounts all the theme songs from his childhood that still get stuck in his head.
9 Jun. 2008
90's Sports Montage
The Critic tries to get to the bottom of why we keep watching sports movies when they all have the same plot.
15 Jun. 2008
AVGN Response... Response
The Nerd posts a video insulting the Critic, who then challenges him to review a horrible nostalgic movie.
22 Jun. 2008
Top 11 Drug PSAs
The Critic reviews the top eleven most memorable Anti-Drug ads, some of which made more sense than others.
29 Jun. 2008
The Battle of Epic Proportions
The Critic goes to confront the Nerd in person, who is appearing with Captain S at an event... and a live, slow-motion fistfight ensues. The Nerd agrees to review a horrible nostalgic movie... so long as the Critic also reviews a video game.
6 Jul. 2008
Captain Planet
The Critic reviews Ted Turner's environmental propaganda cartoon Captain Planet, and even lands an interview with "cast member" Ma-Ti.
13 Jul. 2008
Double Dare
The Critic praises Nickelodeon's innovative family game show "Double Dare", particularly the dedication of host Marc Summers.
20 Jul. 2008
3 Ninjas
The Critic accuses "3 Ninjas" of being a lame attempt to cash in on the success of "Home Alone" and the Ninja Turtles series.
28 Jul. 2008
Top 11 Hottest Animated Women
The Critic counts down the sexiest animated women.
3 Aug. 2008
Video Game Review
In response to a challenge put forth by the Angry Video Game Nerd, the Critic decides to do a video game review of a horrible game based on the film "Bebe's Kids."
10 Aug. 2008
The Search for the Nostalgia Chick
The Critic puts out a call for a contest for women to become the Nostalgia Chick.
11 Aug. 2008
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
The Critic believes He-Man to be the gayest action hero we ever had as children, and reviews the live-action film adaptation.
18 Aug. 2008
Follow That Bird
The Critic tries to rip apart the first Sesame Street movie, but even he has a sentimental side.
25 Aug. 2008
Saved by the Bell
The Critic reviews a few of the more famous "Saved by the Bell" episodes, including the drug episode, the oil episode, and the "Behind the Music" episode.
1 Sep. 2008
Tom and Jerry: The Movie
A longtime Tom and Jerry fan, the Critic is devastated to hear the cat and mouse not only talk, but sing, dance, and get along.
9 Sep. 2008
Top 11 Saddest Nostalgic Moments
The Critic lists the movie and television scenes that still make him cry.
15 Sep. 2008
Nostalgia Chick Winner!
The Critic announces the winner of the Nostalgia Chick contest, and offers the two runners-up their own shows as well.
18 Sep. 2008
Surf Ninjas
The Critic insists that the seemingly-cliché-ridden and poorly-constructed "Surf Ninjas" is actually a work of genius.
24 Sep. 2008
NC vs. AVGN Showdown
The Nerd apologizes to the Critic for the feud...but the two are quickly back to their old ways as the Nerd dares the Critic to come down and take him face to face.
29 Sep. 2008
Top 11 Nostalgic Animated Shows
The Critic recounts the top eleven cartoons from his childhood that he thinks still hold up today.
6 Oct. 2008
The Critic attacks "Kazaam", for its implications of slavery, pedophilia, and Shaq's horrible acting and rapping.
10 Oct. 2008
AVGN vs. NC Final Battle
The Critic and the Nerd duke it out in the Nerd's basement.
13 Oct. 2008
Drew Struzan Tribute
The Critic praises the work of Hollywood's most famous poster artist.
21 Oct. 2008
Halloween '08 Special
The Critic negatively reviews the Teddy Ruxpin doll. The doll doesn't like that.
28 Oct. 2008
Double Dragon
The Critic reviews the Double Dragon movie, which makes a lot less sense than the plot of the game.
4 Nov. 2008
Top 11 Underrated Nostalgia Classics
The Critic remembers some movies so we don't have to... but maybe we want to remember these ones.
11 Nov. 2008
Howard the Duck
The Critic reviews George Lucas' notorious Marvel Comics adaptation.
17 Nov. 2008
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
After receiving complaints about his review of the first Mortal Kombat movie, the Critic turns his sights on the more-universally-hated sequel...but not before bidding farewell to a very close friend: his beard.
26 Nov. 2008
The Critic reviews Roland Emmerich's Godzilla remake, noting that, like all of Emmerich's films, the ad campaign was far more impressive than the movie.
3 Dec. 2008
Top 11 Disney Villains
The Critic counts down the most badass villains the Mouse House ever gave us.
16 Dec. 2008
Super Mario Brothers Super Show
The Critic remembers the illogical Super Mario cartoon, including the obnoxious Zelda segment.
22 Dec. 2008
Top 12 Greatest Christmas Specials
The Critic recalls his top 12 favorite Christmas movies and specials. Why top 12? Because it's Christmas.
30 Dec. 2008
Jingle All the Way
The Critic's post-holiday depression hits its peak when he has to review "Jingle All The Way".

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