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Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Being a fan of both Tom and Jerry and Willy Wonka, the Nostalgia Critic is just as disgusted as the rest of us when Warner Bros. decided to unite them in an unholy travesty. But can it be as bad as the Tom and Jerry ...

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12 Oct. 2008
Off to Beat the Nerd
A behind-the-scenes documentary chronicling Doug and Rob's road trip to Philadelphia to meet James Rolfe and film the Critic/Nerd battles.
25 Oct. 2008
NC vs. AVGN Retrospect
A look back at the long-running feud, featuring clips and fanart.
30 Jan. 2009
The Making of the Final Battle
A behind-the-scenes look at the final battle between the Critic and the Nerd.
29 Jul. 2009
Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue
The Nostalgia Critic reviews 'Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue'.
22 Sep. 2009
Old vs. New: Willy Wonka
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21 Nov. 2009
Holiday Clusterfuck
The Critic thinks he's figured out why so many people get stressed around the Holidays, and he's going to tell song.
11 Dec. 2009
Spooning with Spoony 2
Depraved Bisexual Spoony returns to have more unwilling guests on his disturbing talk show, including a familiar tie-wearing Critic.
25 Jan. 2010
Turtles Forever Review
Doug Walker steps out of character to discuss the TMNT crossover special, which was rejected for the 100th review when it turned out to be really good.
29 Aug. 2011
Top 11 Nostalgia Critics I Will Never Do
Doug Walker steps out of character to discuss 11 films/shows that he has no plans on reviewing as The Nostalgia Critic, mainly because they're not as bad as people think, other reviewers have already tackled them, they're too recent, or he can't make heads nor tails of it.
18 Sep. 2012
Reefer Madness
The Nostalgia Critic takes a look at the infamous Reefer Madness.
25 Sep. 2012
The Top 11 Best Nostalgia Critic Moments
Doug looks back on the good times with his Top 11 favorite moments of The Nostalgia Critic.
2 Oct. 2012
Video Game Review 2: Blues Brothers SNES
The Nostalgia Critic gears up to play the Super Nintendo cash-in on The Blues Brothers' fame.
9 Oct. 2012
The Worst Movies Nostalgia Critic's Reviewed
Doug looks back on the worst of the worst the Nostalgia Critic had to endure during his tenure as a reviewer, including one he absolutely loathes with a fiery passion.
16 Oct. 2012
Turkish Rambo
Critic takes a look at Rampage, one of Turkey's many attempts to cash in on a Hollywood franchise.
22 Oct. 2012
Nostalgia Critic's Top 11 Favorite Jokes
In the final retrospective, Doug takes a look back on 11 of his very favorite jokes from the series.
15 Nov. 2012
Doomsday Machine
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22 Dec. 2012
Making of a Nostalgia Critic Episode
Ever wonder what goes in to making an episode of The Nostalgia Critic? No? Well, too bad; Doug & co. are going to show you anyway.
11 Feb. 2013
Kickassia: DVD
Residing in the Plot Hole, and suffering from a slight case of amnesia, the Nostalgia Critic reviews some amateur internet movie from 2010.
11 Feb. 2013
Suburban Knights: DVD
Residing in the Plot Hole, and still suffering from a slight case of amnesia, the Nostalgia Critic reviews another amateur film from famed internet critic, The Nostalgia Cricket.
11 Feb. 2013
To Boldly Flee: DVD
The Nostalgia Critic reviews one more film from "The Nostalgia Cricket." He bashes all the inconsistencies, endless references and its low budget effects - until he suddenly gets his memory back, more or less.
4 May 2013
Paranoia: DVD
The Critic, tired of searching for films in the public domain, decides to review a film starring and written by Brad Jones. Paranoia.
28 Jan. 2014
In Loving Memory of Justin Carmical
Doug Walker ditches his Nostalgia Critic persona to pay tribute to former Channel Awesome Producer, Justin Carmical (aka JewWario) who committed suicide on January 24, 2014.
15 May 2014
The Uncanny Valley: DVD
As a special Uncanny Valley DVD incentive, The Nostalgia Critic reviews all 5 short films that were included in The Uncanny Valley, the That Guy with the Glasses' Fifth Anniversary Special.
24 Jun. 2014
Doug's Top 10 Hottest Women
While on vacation, Doug steps out of character to list his personal ten of the women he has the hots for. Er, I mean, his top ten list of hottest female characters.
12 Aug. 2014
Doug Walker on Robin Williams' Comedy
The Nostalgia Critic Counts Down The Best Robin Williams Films.
14 Dec. 2014
Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie
After losing a bet with the Nerd, the Critic was given the choice of either pulling the Nerd's royal sled down Chicago in shame or review his movie. The Critic ended up choosing the latter.
8 Dec. 2016
Penny Gadget Goes Insane
After being in the shadows of Inspector Gadget, Penny Gadget goes insane, and tells the world her real plans.
10 Dec. 2016
Nostalgic Commercial Specials 1-7
Many have asked for it so here it is. The first 7 commercials specials from the Nostalgia Critic all in one massive video. Enjoy.

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