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Is White Washing Really Still a Thing?

The Critic tackles the sensitive subject of "white washing": such as, casting a white person in a different ethnic role. But he takes it a few steps further and addresses all the different combinations: tall people ...

Season 9

5 Jan. 2016
Why Do Good Directors Go Bad?
Absolute power corrupts. This not only applies to world leaders, but movie leaders as well. In this case, the directors. The Critic begins Shyamalan Month by taking a look at directors who were at one point bold, innovative, and groundbreaking, like M. Night himself, but slowly started to become hacks who took no advice, did everything their own way and thus produced shits instead of hits.
12 Jan. 2016
The Happening
The Nostalgia Critic and his friends are experiencing a very strange event: delivering stilted, monotonous dialogue, staring awkwardly at the camera and developing very vague and pointless character traits and quirks. What's happening? The Shyamalizing. It all came about when the Critic decided to review The Happening, a Shyamalan movie that contains all of the above and really blows.
19 Jan. 2016
Top 11 Funniest Shyamalan Moments
Oh, Shyamalan and your goofy twists. More often than not, they provide for a very good laugh. And to demonstrate, the Nostalgia Critic has compiled a Top 11 list of the funniest (intentional or not) moments in M. Night Shyamalan films. Why Top 11? Because, unlike M. Night, he knows how to go one step beyond.
26 Jan. 2016
Lady in the Water
Shyamalan Month closes out with a look at M. Night's most notoriously bad film of the new millennium. No, not The Village. It's Lady in the Water. If you thought The Happening was Shyamalan's most hilariously awful movie ever made - it still is, but this one is a runner up. Join the Nostalgia Critic as he dives in to a pool of madness, mayhem and wacky hijinks as only the Master can bring.
2 Feb. 2016
Tangled vs. Frozen
There are two types of people in this world: those who like Disney's Tangled, and those who like Disney's Frozen. The Nostalgia Critic intends to find out which side is more popular and why.
2 Feb. 2016
The 1986 film Labyrinth is an under-appreciated and little known movie that deserves more recognition. So, the Nostalgia Critic steps in to give us our dose of nightmare fuel for the week as we look back on this insane, preposterous, but incredibly creative gem.
16 Feb. 2016
Where's the Fair Use?
Enough is enough. The Nostalgia Critic takes a break from talking about movies and TV shows and joins other Internet reviewers who discuss a system that has long since been broken and continues to go unfixed. YouTube's bullshit copyright system that doesn't recognize Fair Use. The Critic and his band of rights-violated reviewers diagnose the problem, educate viewers on the situation, and propose a solution.
16 Feb. 2016
The Nostalgia Critic goes to Hell where he helps Satan learn how to be cool. Lesson 1 is to NOT be like the 1997 cinematic abomination Spawn. It's based on a really cool comic series but, like most cool comic series, it got turned into a horrific cash-in movie. They made every mistake in the not reading it first.
1 Mar. 2016
Is Goofy Secretly Badass?
Gawrsh, the Nostalgia Critic exposes a side of Goofy that most people today have never seen. While he's marketed as a lovable, clumsy, baggy-pants knucklehead, he was actually at one point very tough, aggressive, belligerent, violent, and partook in some very adult humor. Yes, Disney was for adults too at one point. The Critic looks back on the golden days of this bumbling man-dog hybrid to see just how brilliant he really was. Ha-yuk.
2 Mar. 2016
Cats & Dogs
The Nostalgia Critic is going to the dogs. Just look what the cat dragged in. Cliched sayings aside, the Critic looks at a family movie about cats and dogs who are undercover spies in a secret battle to stop the felines from global domination in a threadbare story with terrible CGI effects. Time for this film to be de-clawed and neutered.
15 Mar. 2016
Was the Mask Supposed to Be Gory?
This week, the Critic is sssssssssmokin' by sharing with us the gory roots of the 1994 Mask movie. No jokin'. The Jim Carrey movie may have been all fun and games, but the source material is bar none disturbingly and sadistically violent. Hold on to your stomachs as the Critic of Nostalgia draws comparisons between the comic and the film, and guarantees that you won't look at that wacky green guy the same way ever again.
15 Mar. 2016
The Phantom of the Opera
The Nostalgia Critic joins Shark Jumping to review a musical movie that definitely jumped the shark. What better way to present this insult to Broadway than for Team NC and Shark Jumping to recreate scenes of the movie and sing their own versions of the songs to show that internet reviewers can do better at recreating art than a whole big-budgeted movie studio can.
29 Mar. 2016
How Right Are Trailers?
Everybody loves movie trailers, and the Nostalgia Critic is no exception. Sometimes the trailer is better than the movie itself, as it warrants just as many reactions and emotions, if not more. Join the Critic as he examines recent film trailers, how they're put together, compares them with the movie they were advertising, and determines if our expectations are just or simply misled.
5 Apr. 2016
The Adventures of Pluto Nash
Against his better wishes, the Nostalgia Critic reluctantly reviews The Adventures of Pluto Nash. Big failure. Colossal atom bomb. And since nobody gives a crap about this movie now or ever, the Critic channels that feeling of non-caring by literally phoning in the review so he can gear up for an upcoming crossover. But what is Pluto Nash about? Nothing important. The Critic will give this bad movie a beatdown - sorry, wrong show.
12 Apr. 2016
Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain
Was That Real returns with a short-lived series many people wish was not real. The Critic looks at a loathed, unwanted network mandated crossover with Pinky and the Brain and Elmyra from Tiny Toons. Though it is crap, the Critic manages to point out a few things that did work. When that's done, he goes to prepare for Tuesday night. What's he going to do on Tuesday night? Same thing he does every Tuesday night: try and take down a movie loathed all over the world.
19 Apr. 2016
Batman vs. Superman
The Nostalgia Critic and Angry Joe team up to tear apart a long-awaited crossover movie event that was handled very poorly. Despite each having a different opinion of Batman vs. Superman, they still confront Zack Snyder and show him why the movie was weak, why none of it worked, and most of all, why Jesse Eisenberg was a terrible casting choice for Lex Luthor.
26 Apr. 2016
When Are Critics Wrong?
Sometimes audiences love a movie the critics hate, and visa versa. Some movies started out as failures and later became successes. On the flip side, a movie hated upon release later becomes a classic. What's the deal here? Well, there is no one better to analyze the minds of audiences and critics alike, being the best of both worlds, than the Nostalgia Critic himself.
3 May 2016
Comic book movies were hit or miss, especially in the late '90s. The Nostalgia Critic decides to look back on one of the more darker comic films from 1998: Blade. A dark, but very cheesily manufactured yarn about an anti-hero vampire who hunts other vampires.
10 May 2016
Is This the Best Batman Movie?
The Critic pays tribute to the lesser-known and horribly underrated Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, which he holds to be the definitive Batman movie. Everything about it works and it encompasses all of the Dark Knight's mythos and delves into the character like no screen adaptation did before. So then, why is it overlooked? It's a huge mystery, so this looks like a job for Batman. But he's not available, so the Nostalgia Critic will have to get to the bottom of this.
17 May 2016
Old vs. New: Cinderella
It's bippity-boppity-bogus as the Nostalgia Critic is forced to team up with the embodiment of psychotic infatuation herself: Hyper Fangirl, to compare and contrast both film versions of Disney's Cinderella. Critic leans more toward the animated film while Fangirl leans toward the live action. The battle of the sexes is on.
24 May 2016
Is White Washing Really Still a Thing?
The Critic tackles the sensitive subject of "white washing": such as, casting a white person in a different ethnic role. But he takes it a few steps further and addresses all the different combinations: tall people playing short people, black people playing white people, adults playing children, and so forth. It's an old trick, which people still get offended by - some times more than others. Why is that? Why are some instances okay but others go overlooked? Don't worry, the Nostalgia Critic will ski down this slippery slope to determine which wash works and why.

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