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When Dylan is showing Jamie the ocean, Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko's super yacht "A" can be seen in the background.
When Mila Kunis changes in the back seat of a taxi, the filmmakers felt the driver didn't sound like an authentic New York taxi driver. So they used Mila's father Marko Kunis to dub his voice. Marko worked as a taxi driver when he first arrived in the United States and still has a Ukrainian accent.
When playing basketball, Woody Harrelson is shown dunking. This is a nod to one of the subplots of White Men Can't Jump (1992).
Mila Kunis used a "butt double" for her character's full nude scene despite the fact that she appears semi-nude in side views in a handful of scenes.
Justin Timberlake's character has a lightning-bolt tattoo, and Mila Kunis' character wears a lightning-bolt necklace throughout the movie except in the photo-shoot scene when they are angry with each other.
"Bryce", the male lead in the fictional romantic comedy shown throughout the film is played by Jason Segel in an uncredited role. He also appeared as Mila Kunis' love interest in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) and as Justin Timberlake's romantic rival in Bad Teacher (2011), both romantic comedies.
Mila Kunis's character takes a sign from someone at the airport that says "O.Penderghast" - Emma Stone played this character the year before in Easy A (2009).
In the scene where Dylan is going to ask the woman on the stairs out, the musician in the plaza with the saxophone is playing "Just a Friend" by Biz Markie.
Ashton Kutcher who is in the movie No Strings Attached (2011) has a baby with and married Mila Kunis who stars in this movie. They attempted to originally have a 'no strings attached' relationship but eventually fell in love. Both movies have a very similar theme.
Director Will Gluck's previous film was Easy A (2010), which features Emma Stone and Patricia Clarkson as mother and daughter.
The scene that Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake's characters decide to break it off was originally scripted as them being naked whilst deciding to break up. The idea was then scrapped because the director, 'Will Gluck' said "It was just wrong."
When the character played by Mila Kunis is talking with her mom in a park, as soon as she talks about her prince charming not showing off in a carriage, a white carriage pulled by horses can be seen on the background.
The song that Dylan makes fun of and refers to as an "amiguously upbeat pop song that has nothing to do with the plot" at the end of the movie that him and Jamie watch together is called "Hey Soul Sister". Ironicaly, the song is played at the end of the film.
In the scene were Mila Kunis' character, Jamie, is speaking to Patricia Clarkson's character, Lorna (Jamie's mother), about the benefits of free love and how people behaved in the 1970s, you can clearly see the movie Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969) playing in the background. This is Paul Mazursky's cinematic homage to free love and ties in nicely to Lorna's character "free love" spirit.
Jason Segal and Rashida Jones previously worked together in the movie I Love You, Man (2009).
David Walton appears in a deleted scene as Aubrey, Lorna's own friend with benefits.
The book that Jamie is reading when Dylan comes into her bedroom, is "Japan's Modern Myths" written by Carol Gluck, the mother of the director, Will Gluck.
Andy Samberg, Justin Timberlake and Patricia Clarkson all previously appeared in the SNL Digital Short/music video for the song "Motherlover". Clarkson played Timberlake's mother in it. Emma Stone also previously appeared in an SNL Digital Short. SNL Digital Shorts are pre-taped skits made for Saturday Night Live (1975), which were created by Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer.
Catherine Reitman has a minor role in the movie. Her father Ivan Reitman directed No Strings Attached (2011), a movie with the same premise as Friends with Benefits (2011), which came out earlier in the year.
In the scene where Jamie is picking up Dylan from the airport, she takes a man's sign that says O. Penderghast on it. Emma Stone who plays a small role in this film plays a character called Olive Penderghast in the film Easy A (2009), and this is most likely a reference to it.
When Dylan is having an awkward date with the crazy girl who keeps sniffing his armpits, the song playing in the background is "Pumped-Up Kicks" by Foster The People, whose lyrics are : "You'd better run, better run..." This is a hint at the woman's craziness.
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Nolan Gould's character Sam is a budding magician. As Luke Dunphy in Modern Family, he proves to be an accomplished magician in "The Butler's Escape" (season 4 / episode 4)
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This movie stars Mila Kunis, who in real life was married to Ashton Kutcher. Ashton Kutcher starred in No Strings Attached (2011) which people say is exactly the same as this movie, in which Mila Kunis stars in. Natalie Portman, who also stars in No Strings Attached (2011), is also in the movie Black Swan (2010) with Mila Kunis.
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The film cast includes one Oscar winner: Emma Stone; and four Oscar nominees: Richard Jenkins, Patricia Clarkson, Justin Timberlake and Woody Harrelson.
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Justin Timberlake and Rashida Jones also starred in The Social Network (2010). However, they don't share scenes in both movies.
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One of three movies starring both Richard Jenkins and Woody Harrelson, with the other films being North Country (2005) and LBJ (2016).
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In one scene, Dylan and Jamie are discussing about a girl they see in the park carrying a book and they think she's reading Nicholas Sparks. Richard Jenkins, who plays Dylan's father, appeared in Dear John (2010), which was based on Sparks novel and in both films Jenkins plays the disabled father of the leading man.
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