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People LISTEN to the host - it is REPLICAS that fall over, not real prizes.

Author: vivasuzi
13 July 2010

Downfall has contestants answering trivia questions to try and save their prizes, their loved ones and themselves from going over the side of a building and crashing down below. The people don't get hurt (they basically bungy jump) and the hosts clearly states over and over that these items are REPLICAS. They are not sending a real expensive TV over the side of a building.

Overall - Interesting show, interesting concept, but I think most of the categories are things I know nothing about. Usually when I watch a trivia show I like to at least have some idea about the answers b/c I'm at home trying to answer too.

The ultimate prize is a million dollars but because some of the categories are so hard I mostly have seen people leave with less than that, or nothing at all. Just like Who Wants to be a Millionaire, contestants can stop at different times and take home a smaller prize - or continue to risk it for a higher prize.

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Fun variation on "Pyramid"

Author: Tresix from Chicago, Illinois
30 July 2010

This show looks like it's a lot of fun. I'm a trivia geek and seem to do quite well while watching at home. I don't know how I'd do with the actual game on the line. For those of you not up to date on "Downfall": a contestant is attached to a harness that is attached to a crane. The contestant stands next to a conveyor belt with a variety of prizes and cash on it. As the contestant has to list some items in a given category (similar to "The $20,000 Pyramid"), the belt moves, sending the prizes over the edge of the building that the contestant is standing on. A panic button sits on a podium in front of the contestant that can be hit twice to stop the belt. The contestant can also put a personal item on the belt or a "panic buddy" on the belt if they hit the button. However, if the money goes over the edge, the contestant gets dumped over the edge.

The host is wrestler Chris Jericho and he actually comes across as likable, a complete 180° from his wrestling persona. Also, as has been stated here and on the show, replicas representing the actual prizes (except the contestants' personal items) are sent over the edge of the building. Thus, no need to get upset about expensive items being destroyed for entertainment purposes. I hope this lasts a while, it looks enjoyable.

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Come on, people! This is a great show!!!

Author: denysgh from Serbia
18 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't get why do lots of people state that Downfall is the downfall of ABC. Many of them say that this show is the worst trivia show ever produced. Come on! This is not a bad show. Actually, this is one of the best quiz/game shows I have ever seen. The plot: Contestants play on the top of a 100 foot skyscraper (or let it be a building). In front of them, there's a conveyor belt that is loaded with prizes - Not real prizes, but replicas!!! and at the end of the belt, there's money (from $5 000 to $1 000 000). When a round starts, so does the belt. While contestants try to answer trivia questions, it carries the prizes, and if people aren't fast, the prizes fall down. This definitely gives the show some excitement and adrenaline, and sometimes there are really funny moments. (e.g. in the 3rd episode, a woman came to play and she always shouted and laughed in joy and excitement. She also said some funny sentences.) We need these kind of shows, not those "What's the capital of Australia? A: Sydney, B: Melbourne, C: Canberra or D: Adelaide" kinds. They're boring!!! Just give Downfall a chance, because it is an excellent show!

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A New Low For American "Entertainment"

Author: univ_mama from California, USA
21 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Is this seriously a show about destroying food and prizes? Unless I learn that every item going off that conveyor belt is made of blown sugar and corn starch, I will remain horrified with America's level of consumerism. This is a new low, even for a game show. Mindless. Gross. Greedy. Destructive. Not only are we supposed to be anguishing over the demolition of material items that allegedly symbolize our own dreams and goals, justifying this as a form of entertainment, we're watching ABC flagrantly waste resources that could be used to fund non-profits and organizations in need. With recent disasters like Katrina, Haiti, the BP oil spill, how can we ignore the benefit that could come from the monetary value of these squandered "prizes?" Not to mention the effect on the environment - does all that "stuff" just go straight to land fill at the end of the show? I'm sorry, but how could this be justified, even as the cost of entertainment? ABC executives - what's wrong with you? American viewers - surely we're better than this.

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