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"You think a game of cricket's going to make everything better?"
skteosk30 April 2010
The interminable Toadie/Steph storyline continues to limp along, going nowhere fast.Callum is understandably confused that his happy family has been bust up to replaced with one full of secrets and tensions.It doesn't help that Lucas seems to manipulate him to get one up on Toadie. After having an apology dragged out of him, Callum is left overhearing a very curious conversation.

The other story lines are better.The Andrew/Summer/Harry triangle continues by way of such strange ideas as Summer painting Andrew's fingernails and Andrew and Harry seeing who can make the other run after a football the furthest so they can be alone with Summer.Donna's involvement seems a bit strange as well.Kate worries that she's neglecting Sophie and turns into a pushy mother, resulting in her and Declan getting a fabulous lecture from her precocious younger sister.
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