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‘Lake Tomahawk’ DVD Review

Stars: Brando Eaton, Eileen Dietz, Peter O’Brien, Caroline Tudor, Brad Schmidt, Laura Niemi, Michael Shamus Wiles | Written by Stevie Jane Miller | Directed by Ben Milliken

Originally titled Lake Alice, this unassuming horror film is actually the latest in a long line of seasonal slashers set at that most festive of times… Christmas.

Lake Tomahawk – from former actor turned director Ben Milliken (Newcastle, Blue Crush 2) – follows Ryan Emerson (Schmidt) who, while meeting his girlfriend Sarah’s (Tudor) family for the first time, must prove his intentions and win the approval of her father, Greg (O’Brien), while he masks his jealousy for Sarah’s ex-fling, Tyler (Eaton). As the Thomas family settles in, things start to happen around the cabin; strange footprints by the windows, noises from outside, and a bitter animosity from the locals, including the law enforcement. As a blizzard descends on Lake Alice so does the evil…
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Another Couple of Fresh Stills from Home Invasion Thriller Youre Next

It's been a long time coming but at least as every day passes it gets us one day nearer to the release of Adam Wingard's new home invasion horror (with a twist) 'You're Next'. Lionsgate have revealed a couple of new stills from the feature which is expected on 23 August 2013. 'You're Next' stars Aj Bowen, Sharni Vinson ('Blue Crush 2', 'Bait 3D'), Nick Tucci, Wendy Glenn, Rob Moran, Amy Seimetz, Joe Swanberg ('V/H/S') and Barbara Crampton ('Die, Maniacs, Die!'). Check out the the new pics below....
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Shock Interview: Sharni Vinson of Bait 3D

There's a good chance Sharni Vinson could kick your ass.  No, I'm serious.  Although this Australian actress also starred in Step Up 3D, Shock Till You Drop was first introduced to her in You're Next, the festival darling that is not due to hit theaters until August 2012.  In that film, her character has a few surprises up her sleeve.  It turns out, she can hold her own against a handful of bad guys quite well.  The same could be said for her turn in Bait 3D, just swap out "bad guys" and toss in a great white shark or two and you'll find Vinson back in survivalist mode once again.  

But back to that ass kicking.  Her early days found her dancing and swimming - a real pro athelete growing up.  Then the acting bug hit and she began to use her physicality in films like the aforementioned Step Up
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Adam Wingards Youre Next Finally Set for an August 2013 Release

Last year when Lionsgate had acquired the rights to Adam Wingard's horror/thriller 'You're Next' we were all expecting an Autumn 2012 release. Of course with Halloween only a few weeks ago those original plans have obviously been shelved. However, today we see the reveal of an official release date and can finally put an entry in our diaries as to when we can catch sexy Aussie star Sharni Vinson -below ('Blue Crush 2', 'Bait 3D') in action once more. So drum roll please...the release date is 23 August 2013. Yes I know it's nearly still a year away but at least its locked in. Aj Bowen, Nick Tucci, Wendy Glenn, Rob Moran, Amy Seimetz Joe Swanberg, Barbara Crampton and 'The Innkeepers' helmer Ti West all co-star in the flick. Head below for the plot deets....
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Take a Bite of these New Bait 3D Stills Featuring Plenty of Wet Hotties

To peek our continued interest in Kimble Rendall's Australian shark flick thriller 'Bait' those thoughtful promotions people have decided to swarm my computer screen with gorgeous wet ladies that include homemade Aussie hotties Sharni Vinson ('Blue Crush 2') and Phoebe Tonkin ('The Secret Circle'). Thank you so very much. Theatrically speaking 'Bait 3D' is screening throughout this month via Tugg but if you're willing to wait just a little longer to sink your teeth into the new shark-based thriller then it'll be heading to 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download Combo Pack from 18 September courtesy of Anchor Bay. Julian McMahon ('Nip/Tuck'), Xavier Samuel ('The Twilight Saga: Eclipse') and Alice Parkinson ('Sanctum') all co-star. Head below for the new selection of pics....
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Bait Swims into Your Home and Arrives on DVD and Blu-ray this September

Anchor Bay Films are set to unleash Kimble Rendall's Australian shark flick 'Bait' into homes this coming September. Coming your way in all sorts of forms such as DVD, Blu-ray, DVD and Blu-ray Combo pack and of course on Blu-ray 3D the thriller with bite sadly has a notably lacklustre list of bonus features which don't appear to stretch much further than a gallery of storyboards. Hopefully more is planned for the release when it hits all of these modern day digitial discs on 18 September across the Us. No word just yet on a UK release but I would envisage this going straight to DVD as well probably around October time. Check out the new Blu-ray artwork below, which is actually identical to the recent one-sheet we posted. 'Bait' stars Julian McMahon ('Nip/Tuck'), Xavier Samuel ('The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'), Alice Parkinson ('
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Sink Your Teeth into Another Ferocious New Bait 3D One-Sheet

Kimble Rendall's 'Bait' has been circling our toes for what seems like an enternity. It will finally hit Us theatres from 14 September and to accompany this exciting development for the Australian horror project Bloody Disgusting have scored a peek at a new one-sheet which doesn't just hint at a shark infested supermarket but screams it! Those participating as shark food are Julian McMahon ('Nip/Tuck'), Xavier Samuel ('The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'), Alice Parkinson ('Sanctum'), Phoebe Tonkin ('The Secret Circle') and Sharni Vinson -below ('Blue Crush 2'). Check out the new one-sheet below....
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Teegarden Makes A Splash In "Beautiful Wave"

  • SneakPeek
The Anchor Bay Entertainment Blu-ray release of director David Mueller's 2011 surfing drama "Beautiful Wave" is now available, starring Aimee Teegarden ("Friday Night Lights").

The 'coming of age story' follows " teen’s journey in search of her future, herself and the healing power of a beautiful wave :

"...'Nicole', a shy New York City high school student still mourning the drowning death of her beloved dad, is sent to California to spend the summer with the free-spirited grandmother she barely knows. Now on a quest to Baja Mexico, Nicole will discover friendship, romance, the thrill of surfing, and a link to her late father that could change her life forever."

Also starring are Patricia Richardson ("Home Improvement"), Ben Milliken ("Blue Crush 2'), Alicia Ziegler ('Wildfire') and Lance Henriksen ("Aliens").

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Beautiful Wave"...
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Another New Shark Infested Trailer for Kimble Rendalls Aussie Thriller Bait

Sink your teeth into a new trailer for Aussie shark thriller 'Bait'. Kimble Rendall's new 3D feature will be swimming into Australian theatres this September. 'Bait' stars Julian McMahon ('Nip/Tuck'), Xavier Samuel ('The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'), Alice Parkinson ('Sanctum'), Phoebe Tonkin -below ('The Secret Circle') and the gorgeous Sharni Vinson -below ('Blue Crush 2'). Anchor Bay will be unleashing 'Bait' into theatres across the Us later this year. Check out the new international trailer below....
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Anchor Bay Acquire Us Distribution Rights to Australian Shark Thriller Bait

Anchor Bay have picked up Us distribution rights for Kimble Rendall's ('Cut') new Aussie-set tiger shark thriller 'Bait'. The 3D feature has been kicking around for a while now and is set for a domestic theatrical release in Australia on 6 September. No word currently on a UK release or indeed the Us date but we can imagine it'll be around a similar time for both. Russell Mulcahy ('Resident Evil: Extinction') and John Kim provided the script which has been touched up, tweaked and added to by the likes of Duncan Kennedy ('Deep Blue Sea'), Shayne Armstrong, Shane Krause and Justin Monjo. 'Bait' stars Julian McMahon ('Nip/Tuck'), Xavier Samuel ('The Twilight Saga: Eclipse') and a trio of Antipodean actresses; Alice Parkinson ('Sanctum'), Phoebe Tonkin ('The Secret Circle') and the gorgeous Sharni Vinson -below
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More 3D Shark Action Available in New Trailer for Australian Thriller Bait

If last years 'Shark Night 3D' wasn't enough to feed your underwater three-dimensional requirements you greedy bastards then look no further because Australian thrills can be had in new creature feature 'Bait'. Helmed by 'Cut' director Kimble Rendall and penned by Russell Mulcahy ('Resident Evil: Extinction') the new thriller has a thrilling new trailer (sort of). 'Bait' stars Julian McMahon ('Nip/Tuck'), Xavier Samuel ('The Twilight Saga: Eclipse') along with a whole host of Aussie hotties such as Alice Parkinson ('Sanctum'), Phoebe Tonkin ('The Secret Circle') and Sharni Vinson ('You're Next', 'Blue Crush 2'). Check out the synopsis, trailer and a peek at our lovely 3-way of ladies all below....
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Go Behind-the-Scenes of Bait 3D and Check Out a First Look Trailer

We started talking about Bait 3D around the same time we first mentioned what would come to be known as Shark Night, and while the latter is already on home video, we're still waiting patiently for a shark film hopefully done right.

A slew of behind-the-scenes images from Bait 3D showed up online recently, and you can check out what's really the only good one below, but if your curiosity isn't satisfied, you can dig on the others here and here. Also check out the first look trailer and a behind-the-scenes video from Aussie morning show "Sunrise" below. Thanks to Avery for the heads-up!

Xavier Samuel (Twilight: Eclipse, The Loved Ones), Julian McMahon (Red, Fantastic Four, Faces in the Crowd), Sharni Vinson (Step Up 3D, Blue Crush 2), Phoebe Tonkin (Tomorrow When the War Began), Martin Sacks, Alice Parkinson (Sanctum), Alexander Russell (Wasted on the Young), Qi Yuwu, Adrian Pang,
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Tribeca Top 10: Mark Sikes

Top 10 Movies of 2011 from's Web Producer. He imagined an all-Gosling movie landscape. Can you blame him? Mark Sikes Web Producer, 1. Drive (Nicolas Winding Refn) In a tour de force performance, Ryan Gosling smashes his pretty-boy type cast to reinvent himself as a hollywood badass. The performance was so good I split up with my wife two weeks after seeing it partly due to the fact that she didn't think I had the capacity to stomp someone's skull into jagged little pieces to protect her. 2. The Tiniest Place / El Lugar Mas Pequeno (hypothetically starring Ryan Gosling) If this were a documentary about Ryan Gosling backpacking through El Salvador instead of a war movie, it would have totally been number 2 on my list. 3. Hugo (hypothetically starring Ryan Gosling) Because the only thing better than Ryan Gosling would be an animated 3D Ryan Gosling. 4. Blue Crush 2 (hypothetically starring
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Sharni Vinson To Become Sexy Nurse In Remake Of Australian Horror Patrick

The delectable Australian actress Sharni Vinson who rocked the bikini look in direct to DVD drama sequel 'Blue Crush 2' has added another upcoming horror title to her list of upcoming projects. Vinson (below) who'll be appearing in both Adam Wingard's new horror 'You're Next' plus Kimble Rendall's shark thriller 'Bait' (where no doubt bikini's will be high on the list of the costume department once again for Miss Vinson) will appear in 'Patrick'. The new thriller is a remake of the Richard Franklin's 1978 Australian movie of the same name which dealt with a comatosed killer with psychic powers. Vinson will play a nurse (yay!) whom finds herself the target of the unconscious killer. Mark Hartley is set to direct and Brit star Richard E. Grant and 'Six Feet Under' actress Rachel Griffiths are set to co-star. Check out the
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Lionsgate Acquire And Line Up Adam Wingards Youre Next For Next Year

Adam Wingard's new horror/thriller has been picked up by Lionsgate and will even be treated to a nationwide release. However, we won't likely see it hit our screens until next Autumn time. Still it's worth the wait just to see the delightfully hot Aussie actress Sharni Vinson -below ('Blue Crush 2', 'Step Up 3D ') back in big screen action. You'll also be able to 'catch' Miss Vinson in Russell Mulcahy's new shark thriller 'Bait'. Nick Tucci, Wendy Glenn, Rob Moran, Amy Seimetz, Aj Bowen, Joe Swanberg, Barbara Crampton and 'The Innkeepers' helmer Ti West all co-star in the flick penned by Simon Barrett. Check out the plot info below and a quick peek at Sharni....
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What to Buy this Week: DVD and Blu-ray releases for July 18th

It’s another jam-packed week of DVD and Blu-ray releases, here’s the rundown of what’s available to buy from today, July 18th 2011.

Pick Of The Week

Psych: Season 4 (DVD)

Smart. Scientific. Psychic? The decidedly distinctive team of Shawn Spencer (James Roday) and Burton Guster (Dulé Hill) From Psych P.I. are back for more laughs, more mystery, and more highly unusual cases in every wildly entertaining episode of Season Four. They might disagree, but they can always depend on each other. In this captivating season of whimsical and wonderful whodunits, their friendship and their business will be put to the test by a slew of potential culprits that include werewolves, ghosts, a shark, and those they trust the most. Guest-starring Sendhil Ramamurthy (Heroes), James Brolin (Catch Me If You Can), Rachael Leigh Cook (She’s All That) and Ally Sheedy (The Breakfast Club), Psych continues to captivate viewers
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Newish on DVD. Reader's Choice?

Last time we did this you chose The Other Woman -- curse you!!! -- but we'll do this bi-weekly because I aim to please. The following films debuted on DVD yesterday or last week. Which are you planning to watch? Which would you have me watch/write up?

Biutiful -in which Javier Bardem gives Job a run for his money in the personal misery department. Sounds like a laugh riot. Blue Crush 2 -in which... well, surfer girls! Three of them. The Company Men - in which rich famous-looking guys lose their jobs and must rebuild their lives. It's hard being super rich and then not quite as rich, okay !?! Drive Angry - in which Nicolas Cage and Amber Heard put medal to the pedal and chase after a cult leader in some sort of exploitation movie. 3D only obviously not now that it's for home viewing. Just Go With It
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Exclusive: Elizabeth Mathis Talks Blue Crush 2

  • MovieWeb
Exclusive: Elizabeth Mathis Talks Blue Crush 2
Actress Elizabeth Mathis discusses playing Pushy in Blue Crush 2, learning how to surf, shooting in South Africa, and more.

Elizabeth Mathis is an actress you may have seen pop up in big moves over the past few years. She portrayed Tess in Enchanted, Nicole in Unstoppable, and one of the "sirens" in the sci-fi hit Tron: Legacy. The actress will surely get a big push from her latest project, Blue Crush 2, where she plays, ironically, a character named Pushy. The story follows a young surfer named Dana (Sasha Jackson) who journeys to South Africa to fulfill her recently-deceased mother's dream: to surf the legendary waves of Jeffrey Bay. Elizabeth Mathis' Pushy is one of the South African surf locals Dana gets into adventures with along the way.

Blue Crush 2 will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on June 7, and I recently had the chance to speak
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‘Superman’ and Other New Blu-Ray Releases

‘Superman’ and Other New Blu-Ray Releases
Everett Christopher Reeve as the original Superman

As the summer’s first franchise reboot, “X-Men: First Class” failed to fully invigorate the movie season. But on home video, studios are redoubling their efforts to find way to breathe new life into older film series, starting with high-definition upgrades, and continuing with new extras and extended editions. Take a look at our choices for this week’s top releases on Blu-ray.

Billy Madison & Happy Gilmore (Universal Studios Home Entertainment) – Adam Sandler
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This Week On DVD and Blu-ray: June 7, 2011

DVD Links: DVD News | Release Dates | New Dvds | Reviews | RSS Feed

Deal Alert: I don't catch the deals at Amazon all that often, but when I do I like to share them and I noticed that right now you can buy the Alien Anthology (Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection) on Blu-ray for only $52.99 (list price $139.99) and for anyone that read my review you already know I consider this one of the best Blu-ray sets ever released. Click here to purchase.

Additionally, the Back to the Future Blu-ray trilogy is on sale for just $24.99 (list price $79.98) and it's another one where I reviewed it and was thoroughly impressed with the transfers. You can click here to purchase that one.

That said, the deals are done, though one thing I point out below is that with this week's releases all of the ten films in my top ten movies of 2010 are now available to own.
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