Courageous (2011) Poster



Boom mic visible 

When the thug is put into the back of the squad car with Javier, the boom mic is reflected in the car's rear window.


The uniforms and patrol cars that the guys have say "Dougherty County Sheriff's Office", but when David is typing the letter on his laptop to his ex-girlfriend he states that he works for "Albany Sheriff's Office."

Crew or equipment visible 

When Nathan falls off the truck while the thug crashes the truck in the tree, a stunt double is seen in the truck (wearing a green shirt/goatee) instead of the thug.

Factual errors 

The scene where Javier is in the police car with the thug shouldn't happen. It is against the law to have an innocent civilian in the back of a police car with a criminal.

Revealing mistakes 

The worksite where Javier went to for the new job is the same construction site that he was fired from.
During the carjack scene there are several shots of the interior of the truck, and the gear select lever is obviously in the Park position even though they are "driving".

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