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410 out of 520 people found the following review useful:

Today I learned that a big action movie can be boring

Author: nalandy from Philippines
23 June 2016

TL;DR: It was actually boring. There was a story here that had potential but it was let down by terrible acting, bad dialog, no story or character development at all and, ultimately, no soul to this one.

3 points for above average special effects, -7 for just an awful movie. Netflix this one.

Edition watched: 3D IMAX

In 1996's Independence Day, Bill Pullman's speech hit you emotionally somewhere. Even if that emotion was disgust, you had a reaction. All of Will Smith's one liners made you cringe or laugh. No matter how much you may deny it publicly, Randy Quaid's end put a lump in your throat the first time you saw it. There was soul to that movie, even though it was an ensemble cast, characters were developed, the story progressed and there were heroes you cheered for and aliens you despised.

None of that was present in 2016's Independence Day. All the new actors were either bad or terrible. I didn't care if the aliens won or lost. Not only were the new actors bad but some of the dialog they were forced to work with was just terrible. Jessie T. Usher's character has a few key lines that are supposed to hearken back to those emotional one liners from Will Smith in 1996, such as: "Welcome to Earth!". Yet Usher delivered those lines in such a deadpan, soulless way that made me wonder if he thought he was supposed to be playing an emotionless android. Then you have my favorite emotionless android actor Brent Spiner, who is someone I know to be a quality actor, yet the dialog and scenes with him were so bad I had to wonder for a second if all his previous work was done by a twin.

I could go on, but the acting and dialog were just parts of the problem. There was no character development at all. They simply tried to cram too much into this movie. From the constant pandering to a Mainland Chinese audience (unnecessary scenes that should have been used for any kind of plot or character development) to Vivica A. Fox's minuscule screen time, there was too much shoved into this 120 min movie which ended up making it a big mess that went nowhere. In the end, I formed no attachment to any of the new characters and was detached from old characters that I once cheered for.

The most damning thing though is, despite all the explosions and this alien invasion, there was no excitement. I was bored. There was a girl in front of me texting and using FB messenger and I found myself involuntarily lifting my 3D glasses and reading her text chain and messenger thread till I caught myself and put my glasses back on. Her inane chatter about how boring this movie was, her cat, the guy she was sitting next to and so forth were more interesting to me than the movie on the huge IMAX screen was.

As a huge fan of alien invasion movies, I walked out feeling like this was such a huge opportunity wasted. If you told me the basic story of this move yesterday, I would've been ecstatic to see a trilogy. Now I hope the 3rd one dies in production and they put the money to a Battle Los Angeles 2.

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408 out of 526 people found the following review useful:

Don't go to watch this at the cinema

Author: Pablo Martin Podhorzer ( from Buenos Aires, Argentina
23 June 2016

It has two good CGI scenes, which you can watch at home some months from now. The rest is garbage. The movie was cut in pieces that do not make any sense. But the complete edition is probably not better. It is BORING, and eminently stupid. Characters explain to the audience the basic plot five minutes after exposition time. It is an indictment of what film executives think about people. It is terrible. This movie needs to bomb, it needs to crash, it must be the point where the madness of the vapid blockbuster ends. Watch again any episode of "Game of Thrones" instead. Again, I repeat this point: it is not even fun in a dumb way. It treats you as a very slow person. You can feel the people responsible for this laughing at you. Make it stop. Don't go to the cinema.

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324 out of 434 people found the following review useful:

Not for the intelligent viewer

Author: randahl-935-28881 from Denmark
23 June 2016

This is one of those movies where the grown up audience knows after 5 minutes, that the target group is teenagers. Even in the middle of the movie's major crisis, the whole world pauses, as two young characters have to talk intimately, because it is just so important, for she's hot and he's so cute, so the less important end of our civilization will just have to wait.

Unlike many famous sci-fi movies, this movie is not true to science at all. If some young script writer thought that it would be "dope" for gravity to be "defeatable", then gravity is "defeatable", whatever that means. Small objects that are hidden can be monitored in detail by the good guys, while objects the size of a continent are completely undetectable. There are dozens of these examples where the movie makes no sense.

The humor in this movie has no finesse. Watching it is like being at dinner with the distant uncle who is not funny but keeps cracking jokes, though no one is really laughing but him.

Most of the time, the dialogues sound like a wacky parody, in the way Doc spoke with Martin in Back to the Future. They even copied the Doc character so directly, that there is an actual long haired, wacky old man in a lab coat talking in a nutty way while experimenting with sci-fi technology.

One thing does work, though, the computer graphics are impressive. Most of the time, the visual and audio effects really shine. It is just sad that an obviously huge gift budget was spent fully on the wrapping, and very, very little was spent on the gift inside.

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229 out of 272 people found the following review useful:

I'm sorry, but this movie is complete garbage!

Author: Henrik Norby Thuesen from Norway
4 July 2016

I was looking very much forward to it, since I'm a fan of the original (nostalgia based). 15 minutes into the movie I just knew it was going to be bad.

Made by the same director that made the movie 2012, it has the same terrible drama and completely transparent storyline. I'm not even sure if there even is a storyline to this movie.

The worst part, aside from all the crying scenes based upon long distance relationships, unresolved father issues and what not, was in fact that the aliens are more primitive than us.

You would think that a race with such insane technology have evolved beyond petty and shortsighted impulse driven emotions. It's when you realize that the Queen of the aliens suddenly gets a personal vendetta against a yellow school bus while fighter planes are bombarding her, that the manuscript was written in half an hour in a coffee shop.

I really went into this with open eyes and was completely set for loving it, but no. The movie is just pure garbage. I'm sorry...

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208 out of 258 people found the following review useful:

ID4get This Insult

Author: thesar-2 from United States
23 June 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

No wonder Will Smith didn't return; he must've read the script. IF there ever was one.

I cannot recall a film I have seen in five years that I didn't think to myself: "I HATE THIS MOVIE" over and over throughout. And that started approximately five minutes in and all the way to the end.

Independence Day: Resurgence was one of the most horribly spliced together movies I think I've ever seen. Scenes just began and abruptly end and then back and forth to the point you have no clue where anyone was or cared who lived or died…including all the countless self- sacrifices. And apparently, I'm not alone as probably one billion people die in this film and yet, barely anyone blinks an eye and even continue on with their lazy jokes that never work.

The movie takes place in today's time, 20 years after the 1996 attack and believe me, if you didn't know the original took place in 1996, they'll remind you 12 times. The acquired alien technology changed the face of the Earth, but made everyone even dumber than before.

Sure enough, the aliens return and supposedly, humans are ready, but not really and things kind of, sort of fall into place to try and combat the returning aliens. (I wrote that sentence all over the place and if you're unfortunate enough to see this, you'll understand why.)

Gone was the heart of the original. Vanished were characters with depth. And worst of all, a coherent story was lost someplace – if it ever existed. The only two things that remained were some of the original's characters who didn't even seem to want to be there and the speeches in the most inopportune times with zero meaning or punch.

I did laugh out loud at more than a few scenes due to their absurd attempts to make us care and at other times, I flipped off the screen on how continuously angry I got. The movie was so ridiculous at times, I kept expecting Adam Sandler to show up with some of his just as lame jokes and fall-down pranks. But even he and his sordid career are, laughably, above this mess.

Not only should this movie be avoided, but it should be pulled from theatres immediately or, at least, come with a warning: If you loved the first one. Go home and watch that. Forget this ever existed.


Final thoughts: "We had twenty years to prepare. So did they" is the movie poster's tagline. I disagree. The real tagline should've been: "We had twenty minutes to both write a script and edit the film. We apologize."

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220 out of 288 people found the following review useful:

Alien tech means logic is no longer needed...

Author: majoreasy from Singapore
22 June 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

How stupid do the script writers think the viewing audience is?

If the movie were made for four year olds, it would be an insult to their intelligence....

Great first 10 minutes or so then we are expected to leave logic and believability behind...

Making no sense doesn't seem to bother the director and producers...

The sphere can set up a planet to teach all other civilizations how to defend against the bad aliens...and it's credentials for doing so? Their planet got wiped out by said aliens and even the lower intelligence earthlings, using replicated, imitated weapons ripped from the bad aliens can shoot it down over the moon...yeah...great teachers they'll be...

The Queen can survive a fusion bomb blast but her shield falls under minor weapon fires...

The Queen can control all the alien ships but yeah, let the two hero's craft shoot at her for fun before taking over control...

And having all her fighters surround her...I guess to offer her protection...but they just kept flying round and round like an amusement park ride when the two rogue fighters decide to attack her...

An ex president's daughter who no longer flies can just commandeer a fly alongside her father, who couldn't walk properly in the beginning of the film but can still fly a new age jet...all the air forces around the world obviously overdoing their pilot screening a tad...

The list goes on and on...I can't be bothered to write them all down or I might be writing an entire new script or story line...

I want my time and money well as compensation for ruining my fond memory of the first film...

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168 out of 229 people found the following review useful:

I cannot find ONE redeeming quality for this movie

Author: Lothar_gr from Athens, Greece
28 June 2016

It is true that when you are young, you see movies like the original "ID4" from a different perspective, most often you judge them better than what they really are, and this undeniably is a fact of life. It holds true for most people. Yet, the original movie, even when judged by my 41 years old brain now, without considering the nostalgia factor, and even in all its cheesiness ... still manages to be far far superior from this absolute garbage!

This sequel really is a let down of epic proportions, and I felt like I wasted my money. It manages to be what the first movie totally wasn't ...and that can be summed up in one word: BORING. The bad guys ( the aliens ) are laughably stupid - even more than the first time ... the main characters could all be replaced by cardboard cutouts of people and it wouldn't make any difference. Even the CGI is bad... Avoid it at all costs.

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168 out of 237 people found the following review useful:

You're gonna need a bigger movie

Author: dvc5159 from Penang, Malaysia / Chicago, USA
21 June 2016

I recently re-watched the first film and was surprised at how robust its shelf life is. Again, it is undeniably cheesy and jingoistic, but done suitably well, I can have a ball with any material. In "Independence Day: Resurgence", set and finally released 20 years after the events of the first film, the aliens get medieval on us with an even bigger mothership.

There's a lot of heroics here by many a character who do their equal part to stop this new alien menace, having already made a stuffed calzone of the Earth's crust comprising from London all the way to Singapore. There's also a refreshingly silly undertone which sets it apart from the grim and serious blockbusters of today, and with added Jeff Goldblum and Judd Hirsch who return as the Levinsons, and "Star Trek" alumnus Brent Spiner as the eccentric Dr. Okun, Emmerich and his co-writers, including returning scribe Dean Devlin, certainly did not skimp out on the comic silliness.

Unfortunately, that is where the similarities end. The sins of sequelitis has been bestowed upon this sequel to his 1996 smash hit, and Emmerich is to blame, either for his laziness to phone it in out of frustration to fulfill the fans; or bucking in to studio demand to condense the film into a mere 2 hours. Sure, lots of things happen in the film, including stuff and cities going kablooey in high style, and high-tech aerial dogfights to give "Star Wars" a run for its money. Even Liam Hemsworth as the new hero Jake Morrison did not annoy me as much as I expected, though Hemsworth is still a far cry from Will Smith's "Elvis has left the building!" persona.

However, as slick as the modern CGI is, giving a sleeker look to the tech shown in the original film, it never quite gels together as a cohesive film - no momentum, no suspense, no catharsis when it does end. Bill Pullman's returning ex-President Thomas Whitmore is utterly wasted, as per his daughter Patricia (Maika Monroe, not doing her rep from "It Follows" any favours). It is not their fault; I feel that there is a lot of footage Emmerich was forced to excise by the Fox bigwigs to get more butts into cinema seats. Perhaps an extra half- hour of more cataclysmic destruction and character motives, but I may be asking for a bit too much at this point.

Things are very rushed indeed, with no payoff even when there's lots of characters doing their fair share to save the day. Goldblum and Hirsch, however, are still naturals, and they steal every scene they're in, and lift the movie up from near tediousness. Nevertheless, the special effects are fantastic, and are most certainly worth the price of admission alone.

It's kind of sad. This new one promotes global equality, with a female U.S. President (Sela Ward) celebrating world peace, and with everyone from across the globe giving it their all to kick E.T.'s ass. The action is fine and dandy without any of those annoying shaky-cam and quick-cut edits. And yet, the film suffers from awkward pacing, rushed dynamics, and especially a lack of cities exploding into fireballs. It even has sequel-teasing in the laziest manner possible in its final moments.

To quote Marvin the Martian, "Where's the kaboom? There's supposed to be an Earth-Shattering Kaboom!"

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178 out of 258 people found the following review useful:

Poorly Scripted, Senseless Plotting, Badly Dated, Cookie-Cutter Characterizations

Author: ken558 from Singapore
23 June 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If this sequel had appeared in 1997 or 98, it would have been averagely interesting. But in the past twenty years hence, the audience has had the delight to savor so many other much more superior movies of its genre (which were ironically spawned by the first Independence Day's success) - something which the direction of this movie did not bother to account for, hence we are in for a very badly dated why-bother sci-fi flick. The original was passably good for its time, and this sequel is but almost a poor spoof of itself.

Everything from the plot to the mundane cheesy dialogue, un-laughable jokes, and empty characters, and OK-ish CGI … all cookie-cutter mishmash from other passé movies. Situations make no sense, neither do the illogical reaction of the characters, including our supposedly 'super-intelligent' big mother-monster chasing after a school bus for no real reason apart from the fact its there, like a playful kitten after a spot of light on the floor. And of course the 'saviour' alienship with all its bombastic intellect and scientific pizazz comes right up face-on to be blown to smithereens without doing the obvious thing of announcing the altruistic reason for its presence … when apparently it does speak English at that too! Anyway, so so so many nonsensical senseless situations here, don't even bother to care two hoots after a while.

None of the characters nor actors have any lasting impression nor charisma … and the two 'romantic' couples …. totally plastic with inert chemistry. I can almost hear Jeff Goldblum whispering to Judd Hirsch, "Geez, this movie is just so bad we need to wind-up our exaggerated gestures and jaw-drops to save it!"

The original TV Star Trek would be more interesting.

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124 out of 170 people found the following review useful:

In the words of Kristian Harloff, its "GAAAARBAGE"!!!!!

Author: Rasmus Nielsen from Denmark
23 June 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Same plot as the first, just bigger monsters, extreme CGI and bad acting... Why does Liam Hemsworth have a career??? Only positive thing in this epic t u r d is Jeff Goldblum. He just rocks!

To sum up... Its a disaster and I have never had the urge to consider demanding a refund, until now. This is just pure cash cow, because they know is box office due to the franchise.

The thing that is even more terrific is that they cliff hanged it, so if its a financial success, then rest assure, there will be a third... God Help Us. God Help Hollywood.

have a nice day!

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