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low of the season

Author: samuel_morton from Australia
30 October 2010

I think I understand the premise of this episode: Clarke without powers in the episode after he proclaims his ability to Lois. What will happen? Although there is something quaint with such a premise, is seemed rather unnecessary. I didn't need a Amish cult to prove that Clarke and Lois love one another sacrificially with or without powers; it has been proved throughout the last two seasons.

The sub plot involving Tess Mercer and young Lex was less compelling than it was confusing. In a series which seems to veer away from fatalism (Clake), the writers seemed quite keen for other characters always to be evil.

In the overall arch of the season so far I felt this was a somewhat an ebb. This is season 10; it is no time for plateau episodes, nor recapping what we already know. Get on with it!

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Author: Colcatron from Canada
7 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Lois and Clark find themselves trapped in a village that time forgot. Since M. Night Shyamalan was nowhere near the script during writing, or set during filming, this episode doesn't fail nearly as colossally as the movie The Village did. That's not to say that it works on every level either.

After revealing his identity as The Blur to Lois in the previous episode, and spending the opening scene catching her up on the real history behind many of their encounters with Kryptonians, Clark is suddenly stuck in village where his powers are obsolete. This obviously isn't the first time the show has told a story where Clark was without his abilities. It's been done countless times before, and it usually makes for good TV, but this episode itself isn't nearly interesting enough on its own merits. I actually kind of liked the premise, and the looks of the village was interesting. Even the story isn't all that bad. The best way to explain my issue is by comparing this episode to the previous one, Isis. Both are far fetched, cheesy, and over the top in concept. The difference is "Isis" knew it was B-Grade entertainment, and never treated it as anything other, while this one "Harvest" takes itself far too seriously. If the director had shot this with more of a sense of humour it would have come out better.

The second half of the episode deals with Tess and the young Lex clone. I usually have problems with episode like this that tell two completely unrelated stories, and this is no exception. There is a way to do it right, but it involves at least a similar tone or theme to tie the two stories together. The Tess and Lex footage has zero relation to the Crucible style Village plot. It was almost like it was directed by two different people. I actually loved the story between Tess and the young Lex clone, and as its own episode it may have been able to carry the story, but pairing it up with the other plot was a mistake.

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Well balanced smart writing, refreshing Lois & Clark arc, rock solid production, dual "Tex" story, stellar acting, ambivalent ending and jaw dislocating cliffhanger

Author: igoatabase from France
30 October 2010

A Zod is bugging your mum ? Who you gonna call ? Al Septien and Turi Meyer of course ! They ain't 'fraid of no Zod(s) and the only masters who have the talent to overwrite such a pesky mumbling creature. Indeed even if Callum Blue was convincing as the General in season 9 I still haven't digested half the dialogs he pronounced. Seriously he wasn't back for an encore, like Chloe used to say, but the writers of the excellent Kandor, Conspiracy and Salvation were.

Since Hostage the audience has no doubt about Lois capacity to take care of herself and save the day. She's superb and definitely a role model we can count on. But when your boyfriend is Clark Kent it's not easy to affirm yourself and become who you are. Harvest was about settling things once and for all. Of course a couple is like a living organism and its redefinition is inevitable but sometimes it's wiser to be satisfied of what you have. Like in Escape our two love birds had planned a trip out of Metropolis but it quickly turned into a survival tournament. At the beginning while they were driving I couldn't help noticing the awkward close-ups to hide the fake background. But it was a minor issue considering the production was rock solid and even surprising. Indeed half the scenes occurred outdoor or in brand new sets. Moreover Lois & Clark skills were brilliantly used and their little adventure should make them grow on you even more. Their arc wasn't original nor scary but intense enough and as refreshing as a cold lemonade. And as expected it was filled with irresistible Lois moments. Her usual funny dialogs were used in the most uncommon situations and Erica Durance also managed to hot burn some scenes with her stellar acting. As for Clark what happened to him wasn't a first but definitely the perfect excuse to strike an other episodic home run !

After watching Isis I only had one name on my lips : Tess Mercer. As much as I love Lois & Clark I just couldn't resist her. Cassidy Freeman perfectly portrayed the mother in distress for her beloved child. It's specially disturbing and intriguing considering he's Lex Luthor's clone. In Harvest her role wasn't anecdotic, it was probably as much important as the others. From the acting to the dark ambiance their arc was captivating. I was specially impressed by their dialogs and the way they unveiled the dual nature of Tess. She's almost like a female vampire, mesmerizingly beautiful but so dangerous. However after Isis it's obvious it's not about turning her into an other Lex but develop a new character able to puzzle the viewers and twist the story in the most unpredictable ways. It's exactly what happened in this sixth installment and the performers can only be praised for their acting. The more we see them, the more demanding we become. Captain Freeman and her crew know it, that's why they keep delivering !

Two perfectly balanced arcs but one fascinating universe to bind them all. Six episodes aired, sixteen to go ! After Harvest you'll be certain of one thing, that the best is yet to come. The ambivalent ending could have been better but overall it successfully opened the gate of what should be the main plot of the upcoming episodes, if not of the whole season. In the one hand the last minute featured the brightest moment of the season and in the other a new nemesis rose. I couldn't help being slightly disappointed by the last because my expectations were probably too high. But I'm a dreamer so I still have high hopes that my wish will be granted ! Until then, pick up some bloody popcorn because even if Lois & Clark are no Buffy & Spike the harvest is upon us so you better be ready for it ! Show no mercy !

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