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Coming From A Fan Since Day 1

Author: RJay Molina ( from United States
15 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Smallville has certainly had its ups and downs. From the soap opera drama of Season Six, to the convoluted subplots of Season 7. The list can go on about what has disappointed me about the series. But the fact is I have been a fan since the Pilot. Smallville has been that one show that I just cannot get enough of. I grew up with it, from the 5th grade right up to my sophomore year of college. And despite all the talk about Season 10 being the last, it never really hit me until I saw the show's second milestone, "Homecoming." It brought back so many memories in the most subtle ways. The Torch, Smallville High, and even the bug boy. The future scenes cleared up a lot of questions like Lois & Clark's working situation. Bye bye basement, hello glasses. It was so well done. My only gripe with the episode was the crazy guidance counselor at the beginning. But thank goodness Brainiac fixed that problem. Anyway I should probably cut this short before I go all biased and bring back old memories. It truly was a great episode. The best in the series. From here Smallville has nowhere else to go except up, up, and away. I'll be watching until the end.


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Author: Colcatron from Canada
5 May 2011

During the season 5, Smallville aired it's 100th episode "Reckoning" which was one of the most serious and epic stories, if not THE most epic story in the show's ten year history. It had drama, action and tragedy. Many people still believe "Reckoning" was the greatest of all Smallville episodes. It may have been possible to top it for the 200th episode, but in the end the producers chose not to try and compete. Instead we have "Homecoming", which is a fun throwback to the early seasons of Smallville.

Two major characters from the past return, Brainiac and Greg the bug boy, who appeared all the way back in the 2nd episode of the series "Metamorphosis". Brainiac takes Clark on an It's a Wonderful Life journey to reflect on his past, present and future. There are moments where the tone is heavy, but for the most part this is a light hearted story with many nods to past seasons. It was great to see the Smallville High set again, and the twist with the bug boy was a refreshing surprise.

Even though I've been watching Smallville since the beginning, and continue to go back and watch old episodes, it's easy to forget how far this show has come, and how much it's changed over the years. "Homecoming" is a nice reminder of the simpler show from classic seasons.

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Excellent: All this time I struggled to figure out exactly how Clark would change his identity, except the mistake made was the 'change'.

Author: Elizabeth from Chicago
16 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Nearing the end of a series, where an abundance of fans have followed since the beginning, writers often slip with the quality or step up their game. "Homecoming" was proof that not only these writers improved on the material, but gave meaning to the story of Smallville; a boy's journey to become the man he was destined to be. Ten years of Smallville clubs, shippers from videos on 'Youtube' and incredible reflections on the image previous writers played on the Superman image, created this milestone. What other meaning could this Superman be to us; the dream that gives every individual hope of life, that people beyond our imaginings hold our best interest at heart.

This episode was filled with such debt. Others have put strain on the pressure placed on Clark to become the hero he was already, but did not take into consideration the strain he placed on himself that held him back. Our minds were focused on the possible threats that Clark would have to battle on this journey, that no one paid attention to his destination. This trip down memory lane was for his own good, despite our resentments. Clark had to face his past; a past he dreams he could redo, correct the wrongs he made and save the people he hurt. He finds so many ways to hurt his already bruised heart from the suffering he had endured. Instead of learning from his mistakes, he transforms the pain into another load.

All this time I struggled to figure out exactly how Clark would change his identity, except the mistake made was the 'change'. There is no way Clark could change the person he spent years building. He once tried to erase himself completely for the betterment of others, rather than realizing the strength he already had to realize his humanity and his destiny. In fact, with a trip to the future, 2017 to be exact, Superman was already born, he was in love and he was on his prophesied path.

The future as painted in "Pandora" has changed drastically. Moreover since Zod was defeated. It can also prove that the future Clark was exposed to may be cause for changed and it would only be up to Clark to create his own future. I spent a while on this review, re watching clips of my favorite moments throughout this episode, which meant I had to watch the episode over to its entirety. Thumbs up to everyone who made 'Homecoming' possible. I applaud each and everyone to keep it up, the journey was a long one and fans are still traveling down the road you constructed for us.


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Smallville: Season 10, Episode 4 "Homecoming" Review


Five Stars

Grade A+


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The best episode.

Author: eltonroger5 from United Arab Emirates
16 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let me start by saying great job to the writers who are doing an amazing job since season 9, the dialogs , characters the script per episode has just been awesome. Season 10 especially is like a punch in the face for all those critics who are against Smallville, agreed the show started to suck season 6 onwards, and especially season 8 which seemed like "THE DA VINCI CODE" rip off. I have been watching Smallville for the last 10 years and have been a huge fan ever since, and this week's episode was just a mixture of past memories of the good times and bad times Clark had to face and how he was figuring out himself as a teenager with super-human abilities and also sweet/amazing peek into the future of our favorite super hero.............HANDS DOWN GREAT EPISODE AND A REALLY GOOD ADDITION TO THE SEASON 10.

10 OUT 10:)

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Very Intense, but with a little mistake

Author: zakariyyahzakiyyah from France
18 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

One of the most romantic episode, yet it contains a literature mistake, a kind that we are not used to from the script writers. In the end of the episode "The Green Arrow" aka Oliver Queen quote John F Kennedy saying : "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." And builds up the following discussion on this point, while in fact this famous Sentence is well known to be first said by the famous Lebanese writer "Khalil Gibran" (author of "The Prophet") addressed to his Lebanese country men, and JFK was quoting him in an era that was under the influence of Gibran's "Prophet". The remainder of the episode is classical saga, where the villains try to leave the show as heroes, and here Brainiac is classified as a member of the Legion, which is not a classical from the written comics. One thing to mentions is that the episodes seem to be lacking the presence of "Chloe" which indeed made the difference between the classical comics and the series, especially in this episode where the "torch" should have taken a wider space of discussion.

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Insulting but gutsy story, uniquely bad, questionable Clark & Lois, awkward writing, some fun, sweet nostalgia and memorable ending

Author: igoatabase from France
17 October 2010

Lost had the rotten Across the Sea, now Smallville has Homecoming. There're writing dream teams like Don Whitehead and Holly Henderson that can produce masterpieces like Metallo and Charade. Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders, executive producers, is not one of them. As much as I respect their work I can't possibly excuse such an outrageous story and lazy fanservice.

First let's summarize what the show is all about. Basically the concept is to cover the first steps of Clark Kent before he becomes the superhero we all know and admire, Superman. Like the average human he grows up and learns life thanks to the people who revolve around him. From his charismatic father Jonathan to Lex Luthor without forgetting Lois Lane all these characters, good or evil, contributed to shape his destiny and turn into Metropolis most famous vigilante, the Blur. This installment tainted most past efforts to make that idea grow in our soul, thanks to Lois and Oliver inspiring quests for example. In my humble opinion Homecoming is an insult to the devoted fans and a clear demonstration that Peterson and Souders have lost track of what's going on.

I can't help comparing this installment to the unique Warrior, directed by Allison Mack and written by Bryan Miller. A Clark driven story featuring Brainiac first seemed like a refreshing surprise but it quickly mutated into a nightmare. James Marsters is a wicked actor, I mean how can you forget Spike, but here his talent was under exploited. I waited for a twist but it never happened. As for an other guest his role was anecdotic. It's like if the writers intention was to make us believe in pathetic happy endings. What a naive thought, specially when it comes to Superman ! An other issue were the dialogs. I still have in my mind the inspiring words Lois said about the Blur in Idol. Here because of inappropriate lines Erica Durance's acting was over the top. Last but not least the few cultural references to comics weren't subtle enough and even the elevator encounter wasn't flawless when it should have been. It's specially true if you compare these scenes to the one at the convention with the Blur cosplayer.

Now let's decrypt the mumbo jumbo story. As I already mentioned it just jarred with past events and in the end didn't make sense. I mean how can we relate to CK anymore ? What about Lois ? They had a few funny scenes but not as hilarious as in Persuasion. Moreover trust should be love's foundation. She's the only woman who can help Clark become the Man of Steel. Of course we can't ignore how much other characters contributed to boost his skills but in the end it's mostly about Lois & Clark. If you add the inevitable inaccuracies, due to the controversial and overused context, well the bottom of the barrel is not so far… It gets even worse if you consider Jonathan's emotional come back in Lazarus. Clark didn't need to be remembered again about what his spirit told him. He already knew what it takes to let go !

Of course as the 200th episode Homecoming was fueled with flashbacks and references to past installments. It could have been a blessing but instead it revealed how much the writing was inconsistent. However these elements were well mixed and should brought you many sweet memories. I also loved CK's outfit but still can bare the "new" Blur one. As for Oliver his role was anecdotic and nearly misplaced. Still his interview should move and inspire you. Justin Hartley is the man and we all have the seeds of a Green Arrow within us ! Otherwise they should have saved him for an other time.

To sum things up Peterson and Souders don't have to be ashamed as much as Lost's Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof but your opinion should definitely be mixed. However I have to admit that they at least had the courage to write something original. The end was also beautiful, pivotal and should touch your long time fan heart. But don't get me wrong, Homecoming is an abomination. Even an enigmatic SMS wasn't that intriguing and it was by far the most disappointing episode since… last time we saw leather Lana flying and kicking around like a crazy monkey !

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