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Supergirl returns...
Chalice_Of_Evil7 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I'm glad they gave Laura Vandervoort a 'special guest star' credit. It's only fair, given that Callum Blue got one last episode. Both of them have previously been regulars on the show, after all.

So happy to see Kara/Laura again. She's certainly a sight for sore eyes (even when slightly dirtied up). Also glad to see Oliver Queen: Tomb Raider share screen time with Kara, as we'd never watched them interact before. Though the pleasure of seeing Kara again didn't last long once it was revealed that she was trapped in a - to quote Oliver's words - "Death Ray from Hell". Kara showed her trust in Clark by believing that if he trusted Oliver, she could as well. Kara's certainly come quite a ways since her early days on the show, when she couldn't trust Clark as far as...well...a regular human could throw him.

While all I wanted was to spend time on Kara and Oliver's storyline, and was eager to get back to them, there were a few amusing moments during the Lois getting Clark's powers storyline - such as her mentioning that she used her "Freeze Breath" and him correcting her with "Arctic Breath." (really, Clark? That's what you call it?), her saying how she'd broken numerous high heels thanks to super-speeding everywhere, and clarifying that his "squinty head tilt" was a big part of him using his Super Hearing. Clark's deadpan "Apparently." was quite good.

I loved the scene between Kara and Oliver where they had to shoot the two symbols. The look she gave him/the look they exchanged - when they worked out they had to hit the symbols at the exact same time - was classic. I also loved him handing her his bow and informing her how "easy" it was to use, followed by the look she gave him and then it. I'm glad Oliver returned the faith Kara had had in him (and she looked mighty fine wielding that bow and arrow, I might add). I liked the bit where he complimented her on her shooting and her thanking him. They made a great team, not to mention Laura and Justin really seemed to work well with each other. I wish they'd got to spend more screen time together. Another missed opportunity, thanks to the show almost being over.

Kara's scene in the Fortress with Jor-El was...not quite what I was expecting, but it did make a certain kind of sense. I guess the writers had to explain why she could not help Clark take down all the things he has to face in the final. If she'd been around to aid him, it probably would have been "too easy" or some rubbish. I don't quite get how her helping him would have destroyed the world...but whatever. Crazy Jor-El logic does not resemble Earth logic. I really felt for her, when she said Clark was the only family she had left. Unlike Clark, Kara's never had any real friends or family (besides Clark) since she turned up on Earth. Poor Kara.

Lucky for Clark, Evil Lois was schooled in the art of tossing her enemy AWAY from her (like so many villains seem to do when they're supposedly intent on killing whoever). Tess telling Clark to hold on and stall Lois was kind of unintentionally hilarious, given that she looked about ready to actually do what she should have done to start with (ie. break his neck). Lucky he got his powers back when he did, otherwise he would have been minus a hand.

I was wondering if we were ever going to find out what became of Kara. So...she used the Legion ring to go into the future, huh? Well, hopefully she'll be better appreciated there. It's sad that Clark never even discovered that she'd returned and how hard it was for her to leave him behind. I guess their final goodbye remains their one in 'Supergirl'.

Thankyou, show, for not killing off Kara. I guess this was the most I could hope for. It's all I've ever really wanted from the show, actually - for Kara's character at least stay *alive* (and thereby stick it to all the haters who wanted her dead. HA!). Sadly, Kara was a victim of being under-used on a show that did not appreciate her. Laura Vandervoort really grew with the role and came to be a very fine actress that the show unfortunately didn't know how to utilize properly (she was much better used/more appreciated on V).

Kara was just too awesome for Smallville. She wasn't a whiner about her destiny or whatever, she saved people (a lot) without the angst Clark always displayed, and was just much more fun/less of a jerk than he often was. It's a crime that she didn't get her own show, as I totally would have watched it (and LV deserved it). I can only hope at some point in the future someone who's willing to give Kara/Supergirl the respect she deserves creates a show about her. Until then, you will be missed, Kara/LV. You were truly Supergirl.
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Only one more to go, finally ....
mail-shadow8 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Well, what can i say, i would have stopped watching Smallville years ago if i didn't have the urge to see everything through till the end, given that it hooks me in the beginning. With Smallville, that's the case, i like superman, i like comic series and i liked this one, the back and forth in Highschool began to be awful after some seasons, i was almost there to quit the show, but then Lois Lane saves the day and the bad teen romance seems to be over, but some seasons later the plots have gotten really ridiculous, some never ending stories never end, i just watched smallville while surfing the internet. Coming to today, that's what i did: Watching or more listening to smallville while surfing the net for 45 minutes, boring plot twists that makes you think you're back in high school. Square One after 10 Seasons ... I'm just glad when it's over next week.
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The almighty and double-edged Semi-Finale the show was destined to have
igoatabase7 May 2011
Jor-El says write a bad review.

So as expected Prophecy was as ridiculous as all past episodes but Collateral, The One exception. Viewers who have endured Smallville so far deserve a gold medal considering how the show managed to trench a 10th season will remain a mystery for future generations. The very beginning I just knew it would go wrong, as always. First during the opening credits Mike Rohl as the director didn't ring a bell and as for the two writers, Emile Brian and Shaundy Kaufmann if I remember correctly, I suppose they were hired in a hurry as I heard most people behind the show were fired because of budget cuts. Lucky for them the desperate performers had no choice but to stick until the finale – Zod bless. As for the story it started with the usual boring twist, right before the tiresome title sequence. They couldn't have been more predictable ! The audience still in love with season 1 should be in heaven because in term of skills Tom Welling and Erica Durance were back to square one. The second actually reminded me of Kristin Kreuk, Lana Lang in case you have already forgot, in her worst days and this is an euphemism. As special agent Sterling Malory Archer said to her secretary : « Please don't cry, you're so ugly ». Durance's onion acting was painful to watch and in fact I had to look away. As for Welling his charisma has reached the bottom of TV abyss. Like if it wasn't enough their arc was dry and didn't develop their relationship in anyway. In fact it tasted like a cold plate of mashed potatoes, like the ones Martha Kent cooked us in season 9's Hostage – an other Better Dead Than Alien semi-finale. And as for the naive ending I let you appreciate it because it should even turn your delicious popcorn caramel into Salt Kryptonite™ !

It leads us to Justin Hartley who was back again when I thought he had decided not to go for an encore. @#C!%Ω$S?¶& – Sorry for this minor glitch in my prose but it seems I have just been hacked – Now that I have restarted my brain, and fried its remaining neurons, let's go back to Oliver Queen. How arrogant to unveil an arc inspired by Indiana Jones and Louis Febre's music was just a noisy sumphōnia (from Ancient Greek) ! Hartley is not Harrison Ford and this time he didn't even take the time to remove his shirt to reveal his hairy and skinny bust. Things became unbearable when he was joined by the weakest link in the chain. I would rather raid my own tomb in the dark than believe Green Arrow could represent the hero within all of us. Bow before me my queen because I guard a pot of gold right at the rainbow tail. That's for you Cassidy Freeman because undertaking Oliver's sidekick was as painful as seeing her as Tess "Lara Croft" Mercer in season 9's Echo. The only juicy strawberry in that rotten bowl was her nearly absence as we only had to endure her hideous face and despicable talent for some seconds. Freeman if you hear me, I haet you !

To sum things up it was an other rabid walk in the park. A tainted ice fortress full of fake emotions, empty character development and dead boring entertainment. And with such a pathetic cliffhanger I can't see how the ultimate finale could redeemed the 215 episodes – oh my Zod ! – we had to put up with so far.

Now Jor-El said it was our last trial before The Finale so let's embrace our destiny and be the viewer Smallville needs us to be ! Lois & Clark ? My idols.

Note : I dedicate this upside down review to all people in the world who hate the show and will sadly never understand why it's so super and inspiring. But you're still welcome to join us anytime so just tune in Zod damni !
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