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  • Weddings, preparations, bullies, and defenders. Kurt's dad and Finn's mom announce their engagement. Kurt insists on planning what will be a Glee wedding, also helping his dad and Finn prepare for their dances with the bride. Sue sends out invitations to her wedding to herself. Out of the blue, her mother Doris, a globe-trotting Nazi hunter and the family bully, shows up, wants to sing at the wedding, and generally makes Sue miserable. Karofsky continues to terrorize Kurt, so the Glee girls tell their boyfriends to make Korofsky stop. Finn ducks the challenge, but the others bring it on. Will the weddings go off with hitches and will the bullies back off?

  • Sue plans a wedding where her mom wants to sing; Kurt plans the wedding of his dad and Finn's mom. Will Finn face down Kurt's tormentor?


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  • Open with Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Finn's parents telling the kids they are engaged. Kurt is excited, Finn (Cory Monteith) looks stunned. Kurt tells them the Glee kids will perform at their wedding.

    Sue (Jane Lynch) has Becky mail out invitations for her. She flashes back to her former flame Rod getting engaged to his co-anchor. Based on this experience, Sue tried online dating and found out that her only true match is herself. She is therefore holding a wedding for herself.

    Sam (Chord Overstreet) tells Quinn (Dianna Agron) he loves her and wants them to be boyfriend/girlfriend. He gets down on a knee and offers her a promise ring. She says "maybe."

    Finn tells Kurt he wants to be involved in the wedding. Kurt suggests a dance with his mother. Karofsky (Max Adler) steals the wedding cake centerpiece from Kurt and this seems to shake him.

    Will (Matthew Morrison) brings Kurt to see Sue. Sue says if Karofsky "lays a finger on you" she will expel him, but until then can't do anything.

    Rachel (Lea Michele) tells the club about how hard Kurt is taking the bullying from Karofsky. She thinks they should help him somehow.

    After Sue fires a wedding planner, her mother Doris (Carol Burnett) walks. Sue hasn't heard from her in years, but Doris doesn't like the idea of her marrying herself. Doris accepts an invitation to the wedding and would like to walk her down the aisle. Sue says no and Doris counters with an offer to sing.

    Mike (Harry Shum Jr.), Artie (Kevin McHale) and Sam get in Karofsky's face about bullying Kurt. The result is Karofsky beating them down. Puck (Mark Salling) can't do anything because he's on probation.

    Doris tells Sue she wants to sing "Ohio" from the Broadway musical Wonderful Town (1958). The two perform the song while Doris tries to explain about leaving her children to be a famous Nazi hunter.

    Kurt gives Burt (Mike O'Malley) and Finn some dancing lessons. Karofsky spots them and makes a gesture. When Kurt tells Burt that Karofsky threatened to kill him, his father runs into the hallway and puts Karofsky up against a wall. This leads to Burt questioning why Finn hasn't been helping Kurt out.

    This leads to a conference with all parties including Karofsky's father. Sue ends up expelling Karofsky, who gives Kurt a dirty look as he leaves the office.

    Santana (Naya Rivera) tells Finn he needs a "coolness injection" and suggests he tell people they had sex. He say he can't do that because he's told Rachel he's a virgin. She thinks he should dump her anyway and even threatens to tell Rachel what happened. Rachel comes into the room but nothing is said.

    Carol and Burt's wedding starts and the kids sing. The wedding starts and the kids perform Bruno Mars's "Marry You." Burt apologizes to Kurt for how he acted after his first wife died and talks about the opportunity he was presented with Carol. Carol talks about how amazing Kurt is and how proud she is of Finn of becoming a brother to Kurt. The "I dos" go off without a hitch.

    Will performs Michael Bublé's "Sway" at the reception. The first Best Man speech comes from Finn. He has positive things to say about Kurt and promises to have his new brother's back. As a thank you to Kurt, Finn leads the Glee club in a performance of Bruno Mars' "Just The Way You Are" which brings everyone to the dance floor.

    Doris and Jean are the only witnesses of Sue's wedding to herself, which she also officiates. Doris can't stand it anymore and wants to have a special moment with them. Sue says she and Jean became their own family when their mother was gone. She tells Doris she is a bully and disinvites her from the wedding.

    Quinn says Sam sticking up for Kurt had an impact on her. She shows him that she's now wearing the ring. Sam is fired-up.

    We learn the school board has issued a verbal warning to Karofsky. Since nobody witnessed him threaten Kurt, there is nothing they can do. Sue will no longer be principal soon and says she will keep her eye out for Kurt.

    Kurt thanks the Glee club for what they've done for him, and then drops a bomb: He's transferring to Daulton Academy. His parents are using their honeymoon money to pay for tuition. The kids try and talk him out of it, but a weepy Kurt leaves.

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