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  • Sue Sylvester revives the school newspaper and decides to print a few inflammatory blind items. The glee club gains a whole new respect for Sam when they discover some interesting new information about his family life. Meanwhile, April Rhodes returns to Lima and tries to convince Mr. Schuester to hit the road with her.

  • Brittany's new internet talk show spreads like wildfire around the school. April returns to McKinley High after an unsuccessful attempt on Broadway.


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  • Open with Brittany's new internet talk show: Fondue for Two. After gossiping with Mercedes (Amber Riley) and Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) for a few minutes, she seems to out Santana (Naya Rivera) by saying she is playing for another team. We see the show is posted on YouTube.

    Rachel (Lea Michele) asks Sam (Chord Overstreet) to prom. He awkwardly says he's not sure he's going, then says "you're not my type."

    Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig) runs into Sue (Jane Lynch) at a coffee shop. She's "deep under cover" and is dressed like David Bowie. She tells Terri she's resuscitated the school newspaper - The Muckraker - and the publication will now be ignoring facts. Terri's goal is to get Will (Matthew Morrison) out of the Glee club. She has an idea.

    April (Kristin Chenoweth) returns to McKinley after a failed attempt to make it on Broadway. She asks Will for help getting back there by helping work on a new musical.

    The first copy of the Muckraker is out and it contains the rumor Sam and Quinn (Dianna Agron) are seeing each other on the side at a motel, as well as Brittany's comments about Santana "playing for the other team." Brittany wasn't referring to Santana being gay but Santana is still pissed. So is Finn (Cory Monteith), who storms out.

    Will tells April about the drama in the Glee club. She talks about how Fleetwood Mac used their issues to help make great music. Will grabs a copy of "Rumours" and says he's wanted to do a lesson based on one album for a long time.

    We see Will and April perform "Dreams" for the kids. Afterwards, he tells them Rumours was written to keep Fleetwood Mac together during a tough time. He tells them to put their own spin on a song from the album.

    Artie (Kevin McHale) warns Brittany about Santana manipulating her. He thinks she's trying to break them up. He also accidentally calls Brittany stupid.

    Artie performs a version of "Never Going Back Again" with Puck (Mark Salling) backing him up on guitar.

    Rachel accompanies Finn while he spies on the motel from his car. He's not sure why he's with someone he can't trust. He asks Rachel to explain karma to him. They see Kurt (Chris Colfer) leaving Sam at the motel. A camera-wielding Jacob (Josh Sussman) sees all of this.

    The gang talks bout the possibility of Kurt cheating on Blaine with Sam. Quinn mysteriously says "Sam's not gay."

    Santana brings a devastated Brittany to the choir room and says she's found a song which captures her feelings. Santana sings "Songbird" with only the two of them in the room. Brittany wants her to come on Fondue for Two so she can tell Santana how she feels and then ask her to prom. Santana agrees.

    Rachel confronts Kurt about Sam. Kurt says only talking about gossip is a waste of time.

    Finn and Rachel spy on Sam again. Finn talks about Quinn's comment regarding Sam just before they see Quinn leave Sam at the motel, giving him a big hug on her way out. Finn looks devastated.

    Brittany interviews Will, asking primarily gossipy inappropriate questions. She asks questions given to her by Sue, including one about Will leaving Glee.

    Cut to Sue teaching the Muckraker staff about the importance of "making stuff up." Will comes to see her and Sue asks him about why, exactly, he's helping April.

    The newest Muckraker leads with a story about Finn and Rachel being together. Finn says he was just talking to Rachel about a duet while they were staking them out. She assures him she wasn't cheating on him. Neither seems to trust the other one.

    Finn and Quinn perform "I Don't Want to Know." Rachel makes a comment. It makes more sense for her to be paired with Finn for nationals. Quinn responds she doesn't trust Rachel. Furthermore, the only way she'll stay with Finn is if he doesn't sing with Rachel.

    We see Will and April working on a song from her upcoming show while Emma (Jayma Mays) watches. April wants Will to go with her to Broadway but he says he needs to be with the kids at nationals. She tells him nationals is the kids' dream, not his.

    Santana doesn't show for the Fondue for Two episode.

    Emma is making progress with her OCD. She says Will was the one who inspired her. She thinks Will has a gift and April's offer is one he shouldn't turn down. She thinks Will should at least give it a shot, but he says "I can't do that to the kids." He begins to cry as he talks about the fact Emma and the kids saved his life but he wants to go "so badly."

    Rachel sings "Go Your Own Way" with Finn on drums. Afterwards, Quinn rips Rachel for singing a love song to her boyfriend. Everybody begins to blame Sam for this whole situation. He says he isn't doing anything inappropriate with either Quinn or Kurt. The truth is that his father lost his job - his family now has to live in a motel. He angrily storms out.

    April has drinks with Sue and Terri. April says she doesn't think Will will leave the school, but Sue says is going to print a lie saying exactly that. Sue thinks printing the false story will help get the ball rolling for him to actually leave . Terri's motivation seems to be that she wants her old apartment back.

    Rachel and Finn go to see Sam in the motel. His father has been laid off and they were evicted from their new home. Finn brings Sam some clothes. Sam said Quinn found out because they go to the same church. Sam thinks he might have to leave Glee club. At this point, Finn pulls out Sam's old guitar, which he had to pawn. Sam cries and his little sister comforts him.

    Jacob grills Santana about her relationship with Karofsky as Brittany watches. Santana assures him the relationship is strong.

    The kids ask Will if the Muckraker story about him leaving is true. He tells them he is going to nationals with them. Sam brings his younger siblings into the choir room. Sam sings "Don't Stop" with the rest of the gang backing him up. Will watches from the seats with April with a worried look on his face.

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