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Open with Will asking Emma to join the team at the upcoming sectional competition as his plus-1. She says yes, then correctly guesses that Will is going to do the same thing he always does at competition: have Rachel and Finn start with a ballad and finish with Mercedes singing the final note. She reminds him that there is talent beyond Rachel and Finn.

Will tells the team hes like to feature Mike and Brittany's dancing and plans to give the solo to Quinn and Sam. This causes a huge debate among the kids, resulting in Santana spilling the beans about sleeping with Finn and his lying to Rachel about being a virgin.

We see that Kurt has joined the Warblers at Dalton. His initiation process involves taking care of an actual warbler. Kurt is disappointed to learn he will have no say over their section set list.

Rachel and Finn have a counseling session with Emma. It doesn't go well.

Brittany tells Artie shes terrified by the pressure of being featured at sectionals. He tells her about a magic comb he has which prevents the user from failing. She buys it.

Will asks Puck to use his popularity to recruit a replacement 12th member for Glee.

Blaine tells Kurt hes been invited to audition for one of the solos at sectionals. Puck asks the football team if anybody is interested, telling them the story of Bruce Springsteen. This leads to Puck being locked in a porta-john for 24 hours.

Rachel shows up to practice with duct tape across her mouth in protest of her being silenced. Will explodes, ripping her a new one for having such a terrible attitude. Puck arrives with Lauren, a heavy-set girl who saved him from the porta-john and has agreed to join Glee club.

Santana is continuing to rub her hook-up with Finn in Rachel's face. Surprisingly Puck provides some support.

Tina tells Artie she thinks Mike is having an affair with Brittany.

Kurt comes to see Rachel and asks her for help with his solo. She starts prattling on about nobody appreciating her and sings a version of "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina" (from Evita), which we see spliced with Kurt's tryout for the Warblers. Kurt doesn't make it beyond first cuts. Blaine tells him he needs to be more of a team player.

Artie asks Brittany to go out with him but she hurriedly turns him down.

Just before getting on the bus for sectionals Will tells Emma hes worried his team is in a state of disarray. Emma then says shes made up with Carl and wont be attending.

Kurt tells Rachel he didn't get the solo and it hasn't made him question himself. Kurt says he misses New Directions and they share a moment. She tells him about the fight with Finn.

The Hipsters, an elderly GED show choir, opens sectionals with Mike + The Mechanics's "The Living Years". The Warblers, led by Blaine, perform Train's "Hey, Soul Sister" and gets a standing ovation led by New Directions.

Prior to going on stage the team is falling apart. Brittany apologizes to Artie for her adultery and Rachel learns that everyone knows about Santana. Half the club says they won't go on stage and Will has to come in and talk them down.

Just before the curtain goes up Brittany tells Artie she doesn't know what adultery means and has not been cheating on him. She's been acting weird because she lost his comb. He tells her she doesn't need a comb, that she is magic herself. They kiss and she says she'll be dancing for him. Lauren tells Puck she thinks Glee is stupid. Sam tells Quinn she looks beautiful.

Led by Sam and Quinn the kids perform Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes' "(I've Had) The Time Of My Life." This is followed by an up-tempo dance performance of Amy Winehouse's "Valerie" led by Santana. The crowd goes crazy and Will looks stunned at how well things went.

New Directions and the Warblers tie, meaning both advance the sectionals and will compete at regionals.

When Will gets back to school, Emma tells him she and Carl went to Vegas for a quickie wedding. He makes an awkward exit.

Rachel seems to have found a better outlook for the club and she and Finn seem to be on the mend. She tells him that last week when they were fighting, she tried to fool around with Puck and he stopped it out of respect for Finn. Finn is furious and tells her they are no longer a couple.

Kurt seems to be developing feelings for Blaine.

Will asks Rachel if she'd like to sing a solo to celebrate the sectional win. She defers to Mercedes and Tina who perform Florence and the Machine's "Dog Days Are Over."


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