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"Bones" The Sin in the Sisterhood (2011)

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Camille (Tamara Taylor) waits at the hospital for boyfriend Dr. Paul (Elon Gold), who is busy delivering a baby. "She's six-and-a-half centimeters," a frantic Paul says. "It should be any minute!" Camille's cell phone rings -- and she explains she can't wait any longer. "Death is calling on the other line," she says before exiting. Dating is so hard. Bones (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz), meanwhile, push their way through a cornfield and arrive at the crime scene, where Camille awaits. A dead body has been disguised as a scarecrow. Storm clouds hover. "Let's cover him up before he's soup," Camille quips. Good idea.

Back at the Jeffersonian, Wendell (Michael Grant Terry) notices something has been chewing on the skeleton. "Muskrats," Camille explains. There is a bullet wound, but no one has yet to find the actual bullet. "They're changing the expression from 'needle in the haystack' to 'bullet in the cornfield,'" Booth jokes. Camille then asks Booth for a bit of love-related advice. Should she remain patient with her super-busy beau? Booth advises she should. It will be worth the wait. Later, Booth calls with news: the victim has been identified as a middle-aged man with the last name Samuel. B&B head out to interview the man's wife, Maryann (Michelle Joyner). She introduces the partners to her sisters, Beth (Kiersten Lyons) and Carol (Laura Regan), before revealing the dead man and his wife had an amazing 11 children.

The math doesn't quite work as none of the children were twins or triplets. "They're statistically impossible," Bones notes. "They have three different mothers." The good doctor quickly deduces the victim had three wives. "These women aren't just sisters," explains Bones, referring to Maryann, Beth and Carol. "They're sister-wives." Later, Sweets says (John Francis Daley) jealousy among the wives could have led to murder.

Meanwhile, Dr. Paul calls Camille with bad news: he has to cancel their date due to work -- again. "You do what you got to do," she says. "We all have responsibilities." It's not altogether convincing. Cut back to Booth, who interviews the wives' father, Dan (George Gerdes). Dan explains a neighbor, Peter (Christopher Douglas Reed), has been open about his dislike for polygamy. In fact, Peter is suspected of having vandalized Beth's car. Back at the Jeffersonian, Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) examines the victim and finds evidence of bugs from a pecan tree. And wouldn't you know it? Polygamy hater Peter owns a pecan farm. Peter is brought in for questioning. "He was defying the laws of nature," Peter says of the victim. "I believe in family values." Sweets asks if the man owns any guns. Turns out Peter owns an arsenal.

Later, Booth eats lunch at the diner with Bones. He gets a call: Maryann filed for divorce six weeks ago. Before you can say "plot twist," she is brought in for questioning. Maryann admits her husband was having an affair. Bones, meanwhile, explains "blowback" is present, indicating the victim was shot close to a wall -- or perhaps while lying down on a hard surface. Camille, dodging Dr. Paul's calls, enters with news: test results show someone had also been trying to slowly poison the victim. "That's the number one way wives off their husbands," Booth says. But who had access to such poison -- radium salt, in this case? Booth has an idea: Heather, a grad student sleeping with the victim. Later, Sweets questions the 20-something girl, who admits she was confronted by all three sister-wives. She also explains, yes, she had access to radium salt, but it recently went mysteriously missing from her lab.

B&B quickly find the box of radium salt in the sister-wives' home. Carol admits the box belongs to her. "Believe me, agent Booth, I did this alone," says Carol, who explains. She took the radium salt when she and her sisters confronted Heather. Carol then claims she wasn't trying to kill her shared husband, but only spend more time with him. "We all have different responsibilities," Carol says. "When Ed was sick, he stayed with me. I went to nursing school." Booth announces Carol will be booked with attempted murder. All the ladies GASP. Later, Dr. Paul shows up at the Jeffersonian. "I care about my job, but I'm starting to realize that I care more about you," he says. "I think about you all the time." Paul says has made dinner reservations for 8 p.m. Camille explains she has "a murder to solve." Paul says he'll be at the restaurant anyway.

Sure enough, Camille decides the murder case can wait. She announces to Bones she is going home to "get ready for a date." Good for you, Camille. Bones quickly moves on, asking Wendell to lie down on the ground and stand in for the victim. Who would be powerful enough hold a man down and then shoot him? Only another man -- NOT sister-wives. "A man who feeds turkeys," adds Hodgins, explaining the pecan particulates had been digested by a common turkey. So who feeds turkeys in the area? Answer: Dan Lambert, the victim's father in law. Later, the team finds the bullet in Dan's barn as well as a matching gun in the septic tank. "How can he do that to my girls?" Dan asks Booth. "He was having an affair ... weren't three wives enough?" Case closed.

CUT to Dr. Paul, who sits by himself at a restaurant. Camille enters and joins the man. Booth and Bones, in the meantime, have a drink together. Booth explains the victim was supposed to spend Sunday nights alone, but always went back to his first wife, Maryann. "You can love a lot of people in this world, but there's only one person you love the most," Booth says to his partner. It's a loaded comment -- and Bones knows it and says, ''What if you let that person getaway?" to which Booth replies "that PERSON is not going anywhere,''-- further selling the idea that both still have deep feelings for each other.


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