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Plot Summary

  • Rick and his newfound friends return to their camp where he is reunited with this wife Lori and his son Carl. She's very happy to see her husband alive and well but is more than a bit angry at Shane Walsh, Rick's police partner, who told her he was dead. The returnees also have to tell Merle Dixon's brother Daryl that they had to leave him behind. Rick is feeling some guilt over that and decides he's going to return to Atlanta to rescue him. What they find when they get there is not what they expected. Back at the camp, Shane takes out his frustrations on one of the men who has been physically abusing his wife.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • Rick is finally reunited with his wife, Lori, and his son, Carl. But he feels guilty about leaving Merle, handcuffed, on the roof of the department store. He decides to go and rescue him, along with Glenn, T-Bone, and Merle's brother Daryl.

    - Written by Chris Green
  • Rick and the survivors return to the camp and he meets his wife Lori and his son Carl. Lori does not tell him about her affair with Shane and is upset and angry with Shane, since he told her that Rick was dead. The survivors have to face Merle's brother Daryl Dixon, who is also a violent man, to tell him that his brother was left behind. Rick decides to return to Atlanta to rescue Merle and his bag of arms and ammunition with Daryl, Glenn and T-Dog. However, when they reach the rooftop, they only find Merle's hand.

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Rick is reunited with Lori and Carl but soon decides - along with some of the other survivors - to return to the rooftop and rescue Merle. Meanwhile, tensions run high between the other survivors at the camp.

    - Written by David Rush


Welcome back to zombie land ... Merle, still chained to a rooftop in Atlanta, rants and raves almost incoherently...

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