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"In The Flow" is an inappropriate title
ccole-730 August 2011
Aside from a couple promising skits, this would have been a 1 star for me. "In The Flow" gives the impression that things progress without being forced and just have a kind of organic appeal to them. But this show is anything but. The jokes come across as forced, and the impressions just aren't done well for the most part. I don't know if the blame should go to the writers or the execution, but this is a show that tries way too hard to be funny, and it falls flat more than it succeeds. I don't expect that it will last more than a few episodes. Perhaps Affion needs to go back to the internet where he was initially discovered. I honestly don't know. It's been mentioned before that this is Chapelle Show lite. That may be too generous a description. Whatever problems may have existed initially with Chapelle Show, the charisma of Dave Chapelle carried it until the problems were worked out. I don't think Affion has it in him to be that likable.
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Did not come close to meeting my expectations...
Jade11 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Having been a fan of Affion Crockett as well as sketch comedy, I expected "In the flow" to be HILARIOUS!!! Unfortunately, I was wrong. I forced myself to watch 2-3 full episodes hoping my opinion would change; but, it only got worse. The team behind this project needs an entire new blueprint because the only thing memorable about this show is how disappointing it is. I've heard that all comedians have a bad night, and in Crockett's case, this show is his. The "skit" (NOT episode) "2 kings of pop" was entertaining, as well as Sam Jackson's appearance in the 1st episode; but as another commentator stated, it takes more than a few celebrity appearances to make a show great!Hopefully Crockett can recover from this and prove to everyone that his show can be great! Good luck in the future!!
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One of the worst shows in a while
oldgoatmon21 August 2011
The show is a terrible Chappelle show wannabe. He tries to make social commentary 'skits' without actually making commentary. It also has the mad TV disease of assuming that simply putting a famous person on the screen is funny. The person is the premise, you then need jokes. Then, to top it all off, the actual imitations he clumsily attempts aren't very good. Having actual celebrity cameos aren't a substitute for entertainment.

There are many bad shows every season that come and go, but this one is offensively and memorably bad. If we needed extra reason to remember that promos are created by advertisers and not to announce a quality product this is it.

I hope this show is canceled almost immediately.
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Try Again Affion
jawoodsidejr1 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
After watching all of the released Episodes, first of all, aside from his Jay Z and Russel Simmons impersonations, most of the skits are just not funny or entertaining. I personally believe that the Chappelle show has put to bed sketch comedy so if your coming after that you need to come better than this. I too thought he was a funny guy from his previous work, but with his own show, its just disappointing. I expected more with Jamie Foxx being involved, he's a funny guy himself. Even the celebrity cameos are horrible! Their acting is horrible! It's like they know he's not going to make it and their just doing it for charity, to say they tried. That said, I'd still recommend people to watch, one or two of the skits are acceptable and original. His impersonations are hit or miss, but you can tell he takes time to add character mannerisms, or at least attempt to in a comedic way. Keep watching, maybe it will get better... maybe
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Another "original" show by fox
bernardverna29 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, so I have decided to watch the first three episodes before reviewing just because I thought it would get better (Like the Dave Chappelle show did), but I have to say... IT DIDN'T! Just like everyone else said, it is like a dumber version of Chappelle show. His impersonations aren't really good either, I guess it's his face that makes it unbelievable. There were some skits that made me chuckle, like the hotel skit. It's another mediocre show that Fox is trying to put on us. Overall, it is a good show to watch in bed... when you're trying to go to sleep at night. But I would prefer Dave's show more. (I did think he was funny at first, but after this show I don't even know anymore.)
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Closet thing to the Chappelle Show
jtflytech9 September 2011
This show is real close to a David Chappelle show and this actor is very talented. He does a lot of funny skits on this show and a lot of dancing. Not to many can dance like him but that is not the part of the show that I find interesting it is the comedy of it. He touches some topics that needs to be touched along with celebrities appearing on the show. Jamie Foxx produces the show. Not to much can go wrong when you have a talented actor/comedian and Jamie Foxx producing. Do you remember how funny the Jamie Foxx show was? Do you remember how funny Affion Crockett is impersonating people and being funny? Together this makes a good hilarious show.
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