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"United States of Tara" Train Wreck (2011)

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Open with Tara and Charmaine up early waiting for Max and Marshall to return from New York. Charmaine says Neil return home soon and tells Tara she lost her virginity at 11. When Kate walks in they ask Tara about telling Max about Bryce. She didn't want to ruin his big New York trip and says she "has it under control." Tara has begun to snort her medication to prevent Bryce from throwing up the pills.

Kate tells Evan about Tara's new alter almost killing Hattarras the other night. He seems a little shocked by the news.

Tara notices the riff between Max and Marshall. She tells him there is a new alter. Max is furious when he hears the name but he has to leave.

Neil is back and couldn't be more excited to be reunited with Wheels. He hears about her new facial expressions.

Marshall tells the kids at school that the movies at the festival didn't blow him away and gives out some souvenirs to his buddies. The kids learn that the night before Lionel was killed in a car accident.

Max and Marshall return home to a druggy Tara and isn't happy. Max and Kate comfort him on his loss.

Neil asks Max about Tara and the new alter. He helps Neil change Wheels and tells him Marshall is the focus right now.

Tara skips a line of meds and goes to check on Marshall. She brings him a picture of him with Lionel. She talks about watching the couple together. Marshall doesn't think they were in love, but Tara tells him it was still pretty special. She offers whatever help he might need from her. He asks her to come with him to the funeral.

Evan apologizes to Kate for shoving his hyperactive son down her throat. They both seem to want the relationship to be super-casual, though neither seems to want to date other people. They seem confused as to exactly what the relationship is.

Lying in bed with Max, Tara talks about noticing how fragile life really is. She is worried that if she can't mother him at this point "what am I?"

The day of Lionel's funeral arrives. With everybody downstairs ready to go Bryce comes the stairs instead of Tara. He tells everybody to "put the 'fun' back in funeral," telling them he wont' be attending.

With everyone gone Bryce fired ups some rock music and destroys Marshall's room. He then destroys all of Tara's pills.

Everybody else returns from the funeral -- Neil calls it "nice and flamboyant." Marshall's makes reference to a poorly constructed newspaper headline and everybody is able to get a much-needed laugh. Bryce walks in and reads a letter from Lionel he found in Marshall's room. Bryce calls it "retarded," which angers everyone. Marshall says Bryce's appearance means nobody is allowed to have problems than Tara and Max grabs the phone to call Hattarras. At this point Max is told about Hattarras being poisoned and that the doctor is out of the picture. Max is angry that nobody is helping Tara. Then Bryce makes reference to his trip on the bus with Wheels. Neither Charmaine or Neil know what he's talking about and both are stunned. Neil goes after Bryce, with Max stepping in front. Marshall asks Max who, exactly, he is protecting. Max agrees and demands Bryce leave their family alone.

Kate helps Marshall cleans up his room. Marshall says that if Tara can't cope how can she help him cope. Kate makes him promise to leave the house.

Neil tells Charmaine he doesn't want her to have any more contact with Tara. "That person took our baby," he says.

One her day off Kate finds Evan on one of his flight. She says she's tired of using her mother as an excuse for her problems and "I choose you." She want them to be serious and he loves it.

Marshall weeps while watching a video of Lionel talking about his dreams for the future. Max comes down the stairs saying he needs help. Marshall says he thinks it's better if he doesn't hang around the house. Max basically gives him permission to take off, telling him his parents aren't his problem anymore. Max gives Marshall a hug.

Upstairs Max asks Bryce when Tara is coming back. He says "don't you get it? She's not" and begins cutting off Tara's hair.
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