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Bye, Bye, Crowley
Claudio Carvalho25 November 2012
Dean and Sam are captured by Meg that wants to know Crowley's hideout. Sam proposes to show where Crowley is provided she gets his soul back. The Winchester brothers asks the reluctant Samuel that has made a deal with Crowley to have his daughter Mary back but he finally points out the spot.

Dean and Sam break in an old prison with Castiel, Meg and two other demons to seek out Crowley, but they are betrayed by Samuel. Castiel escapes, but Sam and Dean are arrested and Meg is tortured by Christian. Will that be the end of the quest of the Winchester brothers for Sam's soul?

"Caged Heat" is the end of hope of using Crowley to retrieve Sam's soul that might be damaged in Hell by Lucifer. Meg returns and she is excellent in this episode. The weird Samuel betrays his grandsons and Dean promises to kill him. Let's see what happens. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Fogo Enjaulado" ("Caged Fire")
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The enemy of my enemy is my friend
zombiehigh1817 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
After a decent comic episode the heat is again going up when Dean gets fed up with helping Crowley with no leads on getting his brother's soul back. However when the boys are captured by their long time rival Meg (I still miss Nicki Aycox) She wants to know where Crowley is and threatens Dean, However Sam catches her bluff and reveals she is in fact scared and running from The King of Hell as the latter seems to avenge all the Lucifer loyals (Which is what exactly Sam would do as he referred) Sam offers to help Meg find Crowley if she helps the brothers get what they want of him, aka Sam's soul. Sam tricks Castiel to come for their help even goes as far to threaten him. Later, Cas declares to Dean that getting Sam's soul back would not be a good idea considering the catastrophic side effects it would have on Sam but Dean says they would handle each problem at a time, However the camera catches Sam overhearing the whole conversation. When the boys go to Samuel for a lead on Crowley, Samuel reveals to them the real reason he has been working or him, Simply because Crowley promised to bring Mary back, which Dean finds as stupid because that is their forever Achilles heal which gets the bad guys to use them time after the other. Later on, Samuel goes to the boys with Intel on Crowley whereabouts, Only to find that it was a trap and that Samuel has sold them out. As the boys manage to escape their inevitable deaths and manage to trap Crowley, he tells them he can't get the soul back and tells Sam he is better off without it and Meg agrees on that. Cas shows up to save the boys in a nick of time and burns Crowley's bones killing him. Cas confesses to the boys that things are not going too well for him in Heaven and Leaves them promising they would find another way. The episode closes of with Sam telling Dean that he doesn't want the soul back because when Angels and Daemons agree on something he pays attention and they both told him the results won't be good.

Bits and pieces:

  • Two major daemon deaths took place. First, Dean killed Christian and I'm grateful for that. Then it's the shocking death of the King of Hell, But I assure you the Crowley storyline ain't over yet.

  • Rachel Miner is getting better as Meg, But I find the torture scene completely pointless and unnecessary and not very different from the previous torture scene of Ruby on "Heaven and Hell"

  • I didn't like Samuel and still don't, But I kinda understand why is acting this way now that he wants his daughter back. He might not be that different from the Winchester brothers after all, But how would he justify to his daughter selling out her sons to get her back, she certainly won't be happy about it. I strongly sense that Samuel will be next on the Supernatural death train and it would be ugly for him unless he redeems himself somehow.

  • I freaked out at the sight of Sam biting his wrest, the scene strongly reminded me of the time he was addicted to daemon blood. The boy certainly needs his soul back, though I found it very satisfying to see him rush to his brother's rescue.

  • Nice character development for Dean as he matured up actually telling Grandpa that daemon deals are not good and I enjoyed that he actually listened to Robo-Sam's plan about working with daemons without his usual angry behaviour.
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