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Jackie chugs a Red Bull on the street outside O'Hara's new four-story town house. She announces her head is killing her and asks for something for it. O'Hara pauses. Jackie assures her she doesn't mean anything fancy.

O'Hara hands her a bottle of Advil and Jackie takes them -- all six. O'Hara demands a few back and Jackie downs them all.

At work, Sam tells Kelly about his AA bud, and Jackie's dealer, getting creamed by a truck. Zoey thinks Jackie looks sweaty; she claims she biked to work.

Eddie summons Kelly. He is not pleased. He tells Kelly he sent him up to oncology with 40 fentanyl patches and only 30 arrived. Kelly immediately gets the seriousness. The state counts schedule one narcotics. Kelly says he got lazy and handed them off. Eddie doesn't want to know -- he just tells him to fix it. Kelly gives him his word that he will.

Cooper comes in, super excited. He shows Eddie a picture of a girl and announces she's going to be his wife since his old family failed him. He dated her for a year in high school and just found her on Facebook.

Kelly runs into Mrs. Akalitus on the elevator on the way up to HR. Akalitus asks if he'd like a full time job, but Kelly says only that he goes where he is needed.

Cooper does tiny stitches on the forehead of a woman who came up from Boston to tag along on a bachelor party. The stripper kicked wide and clipped her with a four inch heel. He's accidentally charming her and they're getting along. Then Cooper tells her about missing out on things in life and announces he's going to propose. She's enthusiastic until he mentions it's to a woman he hasn't talked to in 20 years that he just found on Facebook. She can't believe she just let him stitch her up.

Kelly talks to someone in HR, defending Eddie. The guy tells him it's a fireable offense since it'd be on him. Kelly corrects him that he's due a probationary period first and is happy to take a urine test. He says it was only his first or second day and he's not sure who he handed them off to. He says it's a blur. He says it might have been a guy.

Jackie buys a cornucopia of Advil, Aleve and other over-the-counter meds. Kelly sees her.

Lenny comes over and starts to make chitchat with Jackie. She tells him she's saving it for the patients, which is when he raises his thumb to show her that he just stuck himself with an epinephrine pen. Now he has Jackie's attention. He calmly says hi to his girlfriend Zoey as Jackie puts him in a bed. His heart starts racing.

Lenny says Jackie's hands are clammy. Thor notices she's sweated through her scrubs. She says her kid is sick and asks him to get her a slew of antihistamines from the pharmacy. She changes.

Sam asks for permission to go to Bill's memorial. She says yes, as long as he picks her up No-Doze.

Cooper tells Thor about his plans to buy his future wife an engagement ring with money from fantasy football. Team Name: Cooper Duper. He giggles like a school girl who bumped her head when his phone alerts him that his intended just accepted his friend request.

Kevin calls Jackie to tell her he's taking the bar's pinball machine to sell it to someone in Montauk. Thor brings her her pills.

Jackie joins O'Hara to treat a father and son with dislocated shoulders. The dad is a jerk and has a meeting with his parole officer at 5 p.m. He curses at his daughter-in-law and Jackie tells her to watch himself. In the hall, she explains they went back to get their TV from the house they'd been staying in while he was in prison and he freaked out.

Back out in the hall, the daughter-in-law tells Jackie he broke her nose once and asks her to try to not piss him off.

Zoey stands over Lenny as he rests. She notices his heart monitor speeds up when she touches him. Lie detector. She quizzes him on any hidden debt or secrets and then who he voted for. His heart races. Jackie comes by. Zoey thinks he has a crush on her, but he admits he's scared of her.

Cooper tells Eddie he's already exchanged messages with the girl and is going to ask her out. His phone buzzes. The cute woman who got kicked by the stripper just sent him a friend request. He races over to accept in person. She apologizes for freaking out before and tell him not to worry if people think he's moving too fast. He's a big dork about it.

Kelly watches Sam bring Jackie No-doze. She asks Sam to check on the dislocated shoulder pair, but Kelly warns Sam the dad is a racist. Jackie says she'll go instead.

Jackie visits Lenny to borrow an epinephrine pen from him. She chugs a bottle of cough syrup.

Then she drops in on O'Hara and tells her she stuck the dad with the pen. "As a private citizen, I'm delighted. As a medical professional, I'm absolutely appalled. Well done, and shame on you," O'Hara says.

They go to treat him. O'Hara tries to keep him from having a heart attack. Jackie volunteers to call his parole officer, and pockets the number.

Cooper unhooks Lenny after his waiting time is up.

O'Hara pours herself champagne to celebrate the illegal detention of a bully. She offers Jackie some, but she declines. She tells O'Hara she's gone 37 hours with no Percocet, no oxy or Vicodin and she's miserable. She worries how to make it to 38.

O'Hara makes a call from the pharmacy to Tunie. She's still holding the parole officer's card. Eddie hears Jackie ask Tunie if she can watch the girls overnight. She claims she's working a double. She uses the card to spit her gum in and throws it away. Eddie knows she's not working a double. She claims she needs a night to herself.

Eddie offers her a ride, she declines. She tells him for the record that she's been clean for a week. She tells him she misses the rush.

Cut to Jackie walking down the middle of five lanes of traffic, feeling the rush.


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